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The first nineteen years of my life,
nothing happened. And then I met
a man called the Doctor.

I’m setting up some prints on my Etsy store! These Rose Tyler prints are now available, go check out the link for more info. 


Examples of some of the scarves I’ve made, all of which are on sale now on my etsy page; Hazelknit.

@angry-muggle-lord’s commission of a Doctor Watson scarf from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, a 12’ Doctor Who Scarf, and a personal project of a Newt Scamander Hufflepuff scarf (though extra long).


Scary handsome genius is now a scary handsome shirt. It’s all about the details here, so I would advise a fullview the last image to get a better idea of what’s going on with the printing here.

Comes in White or Heather Grey (pictured) in both unisex and women’s sizes.

Check this (and loads more) out here on my Etsy!

Help Your Artist Out?

The end of the month is rushing up like a freight train and money is SUPER tight right now for various reasons.

If you’ve got an extra $6 could you check out my Etsy shop and see if there’s something there that could brighten up your home, or a friend’s mailbox?

I mean, feel free to buy a $49 print while you’re there, but I’ve got a ton of stuff for $6 like Doctor Who greeting cards, Kingsman bookmarks, and even an experimental printable good for scrapbooking or giftwrap or whatever.

Thanks in advance!

Vortex Manipulator Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for my vortex manipulator for my Jack Harkness cosplay. I’ve made a pattern for it which is available on my Etsy store (LadyMarCosplay). Check it out if you like the tutorial.

I used fake leather and thin craft foam for most of the built. I bought a replacement watch band to use as the strap. I used a self contained LED for the light. 

The rest of the tutorial is below the cut. 

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Three years ago someone was like “hey you should sell prints” and I was like yeah sure let’s do it wait what am I doing.

It’s been a weird three years but I’m still here, and that’s pretty good don’t you think?

Now through August 2nd save 10% off your order at my shop with the coupon code “3YEARSHOORAY”. This is good towards anything! The now-PCap-certified “Thank God and Scotland for Peter Capaldi” shirts, artbooks you may have missed, charms, buttons, bookmarks, even more shirts, and of course, prints. It’s better if you just check out the shop.

Big ups and thanks to everyone for your support throughout the years! I do ship all over the world and if you have any custom print requests, please feel free to ask!

Once more with the shop link!


The challenge: How many of you have seen the pieces in that first picture?
The prize: Nothing, I was just wondering.

Do you like prints? Do you like 12 and Clara? Do you like prints OF 12 and Clara and you’re in a grab-bag kind of mood except you can actually see what you’re getting in this grab bag? You’re in luck! 

The sets above are available for $7 or $9 (depending on the numbers of prints), but since they’re based on my inventory, once they’re gone, this set deal is GONE. All prints sized 5x7.

Get one or all of these here on my Etsy!


I just finished the Firefly one, so I thought I’d make a post compiling 10 of my cross-stitch patterns that I’ve finished myself - some were commisions and others are just for me :)

Just click on the links if you’d like to purchase any of the patterns!

  1. Avengers / Doctor Who / The Starks / “No Admittance” sign / Frozen / Firefly / Supernatural / The Dark Knight Rises / Disney Princesses / Disney Villains