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What I Want from S3 of Young Justice

1. Megan & Connor better be dating each other again and end up engaged or married.

2. Jason Todd, I want him to appear as Red Hood.

3. More appearances & plotting by the Light.

4. Swamp Thing and/or Constantine appearing. We need more Constantine.

5. You know how there was an Muhammad Ali vs. Superman comic published a long time ago. Well, I want something like that, except with WWE Wrestlers.

6. Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy to wreck havoc. 

7. The team being trapped in Arkham Asylum.

8. Appearance by Supergirl with some cousin/sibling rivalry with Superboy.

9. Crossover with something (doubt it will happen but cool idea). (It can be within DC Comics, or intercompany, we had an Doctor Who easter egg in one episode disguised as a Zeta Tube. They can start there.)

10. Catwoman, a friend of mine wants her to appear in the show so bad.

11. Have new heroes/villains made up for the show. It would help introduce heroes/villains we could love like how Batman: The Animated Series introduced us to Harley Quinn.


A Place Beyond the Sun [9xRose AU]

[a fully illustrated fanfiction by ruebella-b]

Chapter One | Part One: After quite a bit of nagging from Jackie, Rose agrees to go shopping in the city but their day trip takes a turn when Rose notices an unusual call for help.


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Two)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #370

[filming the Cybermen breaking through the glass windows]
   David, Shaun, and I position ourselves behind an antique table, several feet in front of the glass.  As the window is carefully examined, there’s the somewhat postmodern spectacle of the Doctor Who Confidential cameras filming David, who in turn films the action with his camcorder.  CRASSSSSSSSSH!  Perhaps because we’re closer, this one seems the loudest of all.
     "Jesus!“ gasps Shaun, as shards fly across the table.
     "I got a couple of glass bits,” cackles David, standing up.  "Probably shouldn’t have been here.“
     Did the bits strike your camera, for maximum effect?
     "I don’t know,” he ponders.  "Let’s see.“  He winds the footage back, revealing a truly impressive shot.  The campaign to get it on DVD starts here.

[Filming one of the party scenes]
    In this scene, before the Cybermen’s dramatic entrance, the Doctor dodges his way through the crowd to reach Rose.  David’s unhappy with Take One.  "Bad acting,” he apologetically says of his performance.

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The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

Well that was a nice, if unremarkable, bit of old school Who, which I thin is exactly what was needed after the mess Whithouse made last week. 

Sherlock (TV series) + Doctor Who (TV series) - Sherlock and John at falls in Doctor Who

In Doctor Who’s The Bells of Saint John, written by Moffat, a book called Summer Falls by Amelia Williams (née Pond) makes an appearance.

In the cover there are two boys physically resembling Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from BBC Sherlock.

There are some other associations with them as:

  • Holmes and Watson are related to the Reichenbach Falls, in different ways depending on the adaptation.
    The book is called Summer Falls and there are falls on the cover.
  • Holmes and Watson are related to dogs, in different ways depending on the adaptation. In some they even keep one.
    The book depicts the boys in the company of a dog.

The other kid could possibly represent another character from Sherlock, like Eurus Holmes or Emelia Ricoletti.
The dog could represent Victor Trevor, whom Sherlock misremembered as a his childhood pet.

Here’s the dialogue the scene comes with:

CLARA: What chapter are you on?
ARTIE: 10.
CLARA: 11 is the best. You’ll cry your eyes out.

This could be a simple reference to the then Doctor, Eleven, but it could also be related to the use of number 11 in Sherlock.
Here’s some meta on the matter:

Billy, Holmes’ page and possibly kind of an adopted son, dresses up as Amelia and pretends to be his daughter in ACD canon’s play “The Speckled Band”.
Amelia Williams is a combination of Amelia and Billy.
Which would also make it a good name for John’s child in series 4 and/or the other one.

Both the first name and the surname of Amelia Williams are shared by Sherlock’s characters, but this is probably just a consequence of Moffat having named Amelia Pond and Rory Williams after Sherlock’s characters in the first place (read Why is the bride called Emelia? and Rory Arthur comes from Moriarty) and not a direct element of the easter egg.

Mona has been way more helpful than Caleb in 7B yet they only ask for her help when Caleb is not available

Caleb: tries to pick apart the game board, lands himself in hospital, Hanna doesn’t finish her turn so she can go to the hospital, AD sends finger of Rollins to the cops. 

Caleb: busts open water pipe to soak all receipts hoping the cops won’t find Spencer’s receipt of using Rollins card, shuts down security cameras to avoid getting caught, which raises more questions by the police who were already suspicious of Spencer being involved with Rollins murder

Mona: doesn’t get hurt by the board when inspecting it, tracks down doctor who planted Emily’s eggs in Alison, keeps the shovels that were used to bury Rollins in her apartment, helps the liars even if by doing so she could get addicted to playing with people’s lives