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Imagine going to Disneyland with the Doctor. Imagine watching the night parade, and going on roller coasters, and playing all cute little games and winning GIANT stuffed animals for each other. Imagine eating corn dogs and popcorn, imagine hitting the gift shops and going to the movie theater in the park. Imagine the Doctor acting like an adorable puppy the whole time.

(Requested by @guinthenicknameperson :D Cute idea btw props to you :))

So this past weekend, on November 8th, Galliday 2.5 was held at the Disneyland Resort here in California. Hundreds of Doctor Who fans showed up and took over the park for a day of fun and running around (and of course lots of Jelly Babies)!

Anyway, I happened to be at the event and got this group shot in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle at the big meetup at noon and wanted to share it. The turnout was rather amazing and it was really awesome to be around so many fans!

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10 and 11 would manage to bring their companions to Disneyland on the same day, wouldn’t they?

“Quick, Martha, over there!"Happy Saturday everyone.  Have a new tenth doctor photo. It’s crunch time for work con so I am still working on everything and Im both on track and behind. So wish me luck. :D
fem!ten: @lenabeecosplay
Martha: ellephantes
photo by sonichearts

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The smaller cosplayers of Galliday at Disneyland