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Kocham Cię

Ok so idk if you’ve noticed but Charlie is the only character to say Matteusz as Mattay-oosh (the way it’s pronounced in Polish) and I have so many feelings about this?? I was thinking either it’s something left over from when the TARDIS taught him English (which is unlikely because why would it do that? Surely if it taught him Polish too he’d get a load of other languages which we’ve never seen?) OR my preferred option: he actually cares about his boyfriend enough to make sure he says it right Every. Single. Time. and maybe, maybe he corrects the others, especially Quill when she says ‘matty-us’ because it’s just noT right and all I can think of now is Matteusz and Charlie sitting together and talking about their old lives in their old countries and perhaps Matteusz misses the Polish accent, especially now that he’s not living at home anymore, and he teaches Charlie just a little bit. How to introduce himself, to say his name. Charlie is enthralled by the intricate beauty of other Earth languages so later he goes onto the Internet and looks up phrases on google translate, hesitantly sounding them out, copying the automated 'speak it to me’ voice. The first words he learns?
“Kocham Cię”


Because that’s life, innit? Beauty or chips.  I like chips. So did she, so that’s okay…

Bill Potts + being a very adorable cutely dressed lesbian and reminding me how bi i am - 10.01 - “The Pilot”


David Tennant with toys of himself

From David’s Video Diary:

Question: David, what does it feel like to be presented with a very small version of you?

David: Utterly surreal, is what it feels like, but I’m kinda digging it. It’s quite cool!