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Name: Isabella
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Hi! I’m Isabella (but I go by Bella) and I’m a 17-year-old hella gay kid from Australia.

I’m really into all things science but also love theatre and musicals and photography. I’d love to snail mail with someone and maybe we could send each other like photos too? That’d be cute.

My fave TV shows at the moment are Doctor Who, the X-files, and Supergirl, but I watch so many TV shows it’d be impossible to list them all here. My fave musical is Wicked and my celeb crush is Gillian Anderson (she’s so perfect?!!?!?)

I’m almost fluent in French and am trying to teach myself Spanish so it would be awesome if I could talk to someone who speaks either of those natively.

Let’s write letters to each other about conspiracy theories and the universe :)

Preferences: Preferably 16-19, LGBT+ girls from Spanish or French speaking countries but really just anyone with similar interests :)

INTJ and INTP #i lost track
  • *INTJ and INTP are at INTJ's house*
  • INTP: oooooh here's a conspiracy video on beyonce!
  • INTJ: hm.
  • INTP: we have like ten more minutes until we have to pick up your little sister from school. We'll leave after.
  • INTJ: bu-
  • INTP: *plays video before letting INTJ finish*
  • *twenty five minutes later*
  • INTP: oh my vot!!! Doctor who cutlery?!?!?! *Adds to cart*
  • INTP: hm... 3:50 already? i feel like i had something to do other than shop on amazon with you.
  • INTJ: Shitttttt!!! We forgot to pick her up! lets go!
  • INTP: pick who up? ......oh right. the child. let us go.
Fandom Conspiracy Theory

Okay, so I was watching “Jessica Jones” and it was as awesome as I thought it would be, but then I had this horrifying thought…

What if Kilgrave is the Tenth Doctor’s metacrisis?

No, seriously, though. The Metacrisis is pretty darn smart. We saw that. And if you believe deleted scenes to be canon, then we know that the Metacrisis also had a piece of the TARDIS. So say that he grew that piece, made his own TARDIS. And say, just for imagination’s sake, that telepathy was an ability he got from being however-much-percent Time Lord, which would explain his being able to control minds, if he let loose. AND SAY that Rose, dearest Rosie, who was basically the only person who probably really mattered to him, died. He would go nuts, wouldn’t he? SO SAY that he took his TARDIS, crashed through the walls of that universe into another universe (what we would consider the Marvel Universe). Pete’s World was probably destroyed in order to keep both universes from collapsing. So there’s the Metacrisis, having technically just committed the massacre of an entire universe, now in a universe he knows nothing about. He goes even more crazy. Evil crazy. In a way, he's the Valeyard. In fact, that’s pretty much it. He’s gone Valeyard.

He makes up a fake backstory and becomes Kilgrave. He becomes a sociopath, a mad murderer, a rapist, and the creepy thing is that all of his victims somehow, in some small way, have similarities to his former companions, or even his former selves.

And the creepy part, the creepiest part, the absolutely creepiest screw-with-your-mind bit, is that Jessica Jones looks sort of looks like a cross between Rose Tyler and Susan Foreman.

Let that fester in your brain for a little while.


This photo, taken in 1941, has been the subject of the time-travelling theory for years. During the opening of the Gold Bridge in Canada, crowds gathered to witness this iconic moment, all dressed in typical 1940s fashion. Except for one man. On the right, a young man is wearing fairly modern-looking clothes: A t-shirt with a large “M” symbol, futuristic sunglasses, and a fleece cardigan, and he is holding a modern camera.

Some people say that all these clothes were available at the time, but this has never been proven. The photo remains a mystery.

I swear they are snogging while we are not looking!

So, somewhere on tumblr I read about the scene in “Deep Breath” when Clara steps out of the box in the beginning. That she not only looks like she had a hell of a ride - because of the Tardis crashing, also she looks like she has been snogged like hell.

And first I found that amusing, but then I saw “Into the Dalek” and I think Clara and Twelfe have some serious snogging going on!

You don’t believe me? Well, let me open the case file for you:

First we see the Doctor

the man, don’t wants to be disturbed.

Then we see Clara in “Deep Breath” stepping out of the Tardis

and don’t tell me this woman doesn’t look snogged to the ground.

In the next episode “Into the Dalek” at the end when the Doctor brings Clara back to her cupboard, I first didn’t notice, but the Doctor looks not only very disarranged

he is also very much out of breath. Why?!

And there is Clara, after she has changed her cloth

(just assumptions, but maybe the Doctor was a bit wild)

and here we see the Doctor again.

Don’t tell me, this is not a man who has been snogged like there would have been no tomorrow.

Confidential Case File - SNOGBOX2308 closed

Good day!

In 1987, at around 11:15pm, a man wearing a Max Headroom mask broke into the signal of Doctor Who in one of the weirdest, creepiest videos ever to hit the Chicago airwaves. Earlier that night, he had broke into the signal of a news report, leaving the news anchors understandably disturbed. The “video pirate” was never caught, and his motives remain a mystery although many people suspect he was attempting to brainwash the public. The unsettling video can be viewed below:


I have read and listened to dozens of interviews with and con appearances by Peter Davison. The one question he is asked more than any other is, “Why does Five wear celery on his lapel?” The answer has always been that a lapel vegetable was just some crazy, off-the-wall idea of John Nathan-Turner’s. But today, while editing a restaurant review in which leeks feature prominently, I had cause to Google that vegetable – and I learned that there is an old Welsh tradition of wearing a leek on the lapel in observance of St. David’s Day. (See photo above of Prince Charles down the local.) According to Wikipedia, “The leek arises from an occasion when a troop of Welsh were able to distinguish each other from a troop of English enemy dressed in similar fashion by wearing leeks.” So celery on the lapel is really just a minor twist on an existing tradition, not a crazy idea plucked from thin air. The big question: Why the coverup? What is Peter Davison really hiding? Was the fifth Doctor actually…..WELSH?

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14. Doctor Who Coloring Book: This coloring book has 96 stunning pages to color and is perfect for any Doctor Who fan.

I need to throw this one out there

NASA has just discovered a planet identical to Gallifrey on Doctor Who. This has happened around the time that the 50th anniversary aired, in which the doctors saved their planet. However they didn’t know whether or not they had, until the curator (Tom Baker) points it out at the end. They saved Gallifrey and the 11th doctor realizes he needs to find it.

Suddenly NASA discover this new planet that can not possibly be there.

As we have seen before there are parallel universes. What if they saved Gallifrey and it was sent to our universe?!