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This Gorgeous Stained Glass Dalek Is Just as Likely to Yell ‘Excommunicate’ as 'Exterminate’

by James Whitbrook

What happens when you cross a Dalek with a stained-glass window? You get the most weirdly beautiful looking killer pepperpot the world has ever seen.

This ridiculously ornate take on Doctor Who’s most famous monsters was actually made for the cover of a Big Finish Doctor Who radio drama re “Order of the Daleks,” in which Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor is menaced by a particularly dogmatic Dalek, wrought out of iron and plated with religious-themed stained glass panels. And, apparently, it also has a trident instead of a plunger for good measure, which is metal as shit, quite literally.

When the script for “Order” came in, Big Finish director Jamie Anderson knew the weird new Dalek had to feature on the drama’s cover, but instead of getting an artist to simply draw the creature, he drafted in designer Chris Thompson to actually create the Dalek as a full CG model. Not the first time that the Daleks’ fevered rhetoric has been linked to religious overtones, but certainly the most literal (and most pretty, which is an odd description to give to a Dalek).


Behind the Scenes of Evolution of the Daleks / Daleks In Manhattan (Part Four)

Excerpt from the DVD Commentary by David Tennant, Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks), and Barney Curnow (Visual Effects On Set Supervisor)

[talking about the Tenth Doctor screaming up at the Daleks]
Nick Briggs: Now this was incredible, David, you doing this.  You had to do so many takes and so many different shots of this, and every time you were working yourself up. Of course, I do hear everybody’s mics on my headphones

David Tennant: Oh, all the radio mics get sent through to you

Nick: Yeah, I get that all the time, so I could really hear you going through agony to get yourself to the right pitch <tries to mimic David’s heavy, fast breathing noises> …and it’s really quite disturbing, actually.

David: We did do a lot of coverage on this, didn’t we? Because there’s so many people to cover, I suppose. You try to give it your all each time, but unfortunately I think I slightly overdid it because there’s a scene that we filmed the next day, which we’ll come to later, where I sound a little bit vocally worse-for-wear, frankly.  That will come ‘round in about 20 odd minutes time.

Nick: I think it paid off, because you just have that fear that… It’s like with me doing the voice, because it’s never about the shot for my voice. Every time I have to do it at the big pitch just in case they decide to use that bit for technical reasons.

David: Right.

Nick: And likewise for you - it would be Murphy’s Law, as it were, that the one take you weren’t happy with and up to pitch that for some techinical reason that should be the shot

David: Exactly

Nick:  I was very impressed

David: Well thanks, Nick

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When Fitz regains his memory, he leaves Carmodi to help the Doctor because: ‘I’ve been engineered to love you, Carmodi. With the Doctor… it’s the real thing.’ Mind, this alone is not indicative of a romance between Fitz and the Doctor.

Excerpt From: Lars Pearson. “I, Who 3: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels and Audios.” 

…. so, fyi, Lars Pearson’s I, Who books are really good and funny, but that has got to be the single most heterosexual reading of that scene from Book of the Still I have ever seen (”Just two guys bein’ dudes…”). 


All of the Doctor Who books and audio-books featuring the Tenth Doctor

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…it would be nice if this list would just keep growing and growing

Epic new commission project for my friend Mark Dominic- a massive group shot of damn near every Doctor Who companion ever (including books, comics, and audios). So for the next several months, I’ll be drawing one or two every morning as my “warm-up sketch” (okay, it’s also inked, scanned, and colored, but it’s still a speedy piece).

First up- sinister ginger and ex Black Guardian henchman Vislor Turlough.