doctor who and disney crossover

“She’s read all the stories from a strange blue book she found in the beasts library, she’d never expect those stories would be true. Especially when she stumbled across a peculiar blue box.”

Let’s give it up for day 11 of Inktober with a sketch months in the making!! Combining my 2 favorite fandoms in one! Doctor who and Disney. Ok, when I found out that David Tennant was playing Scrooge. I was FREAKING OUT!! I was so excited!! Then months later they previewed the opening to ducktales and all I could think of is how fun it would be to switch the ducks with the doctor and his companions ( Rose, Mickey, Martha, & Jack in that order) in a parody crossover sketch!! Since the doctor was always known for his running, & to celebrate Katherine Tate ( who played the doctor’s companion Donna) getting a part in Ducktales. I present “Allonsy and Run!”

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“Now shall you deal with me, Doctor, and all the powers of time and space!”

This was one of the highlights of our galliday! Please share and tag your photos with theadventureeffect. We had a great time meeting everyone.