doctor who 48th anniversary

Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

48 years ago today, a programme was aired. It was a show about a strange man in a funny blue box, travelling the universe ad meeting new friends and new foes. Not much was expected of it with its limited buget and selotape-and-staples special effects. The main enimies had sink plungers for weapons and the space ship was an old police call box. But that show sparked something in the audience, an imagination and love for the neverending story. And 48 years later, Doctor Who is still going. It’s incredible to think how much it’s grown and how big the fanbase has become. Doctor Who has touched so many people and changed lives and I’d like to thank it for that. It’s taught me that sometimes the right thing and the easist thing are not the same, and that you should always stand up for what is right. It’s taught me that friends can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and races and every single one of them should never be taken for granted-you never know when you’ll lose them. It’s taught me that there’s so much more out there, whole worlds waiting to be discovered. It’s instilled in me a deep desire to explore and a love for science and the universe which still burns in my heart today. So thank you, Doctor Who, and roll on strong, whovians!