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  • Doctor Who: guys what was that sound?
  • Supernatural: should we get the salt?
  • Marvel: wait it sounds familiar
  • Merlin: I think it's...
  • Hannibal: it's not
  • DC: it can't be
  • Game of Thrones: it is...
  • Fandoms: no
  • Tumblr: no
  • World: no
  • Donald Trump: no
  • Geese: no
  • Sherlock: *bursts through door*
  • All fandoms: *screams of terror*
  • Supernatural: *flings holy water*
  • Harry Potter: they've awoken...
  • Sherlock: miss me ;)?

Can people please stop tearing Clara down while praising Bill? 

She’s been gone for well over a year now and was never the “mystery” or “Mary Sue” or “cardboard cutout” that she’s being claimed of being. She’s flawed and equal to the Doctor in every way, but it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. And as shocking as it may seem, there are those of us who actually relate to her and consider her to be a realistic character. There are those of us who identify with her and feel like we share traits with her, and its these very traits that we share that seem to be constantly shamed and crapped on by the fandom. 

Yes, Bill is a breath of fresh air to the show and is bringing in something different, but Clara shouldn’t have to be torn down in the process of praising her. 

@tjlcisthenewsexy had a wonderful meta linking BBC Sherlock, EMP Theory, and an episode of Doctor Who called “Amy’s Choice” – this meta has fueled so much of our analysis for the last 9 months that i don’t know who else to credit or if what I’m about to say is new at all, but I’m gonna say it anyway.

I absolutely believe the “dream within a dream” concept is alive and well within The Final Problem, just like it was in Amy’s Choice. To wake up from a dream state in that Doctor Who episode (produced by Moffat and starring Toby Jones), one has to kill oneself. So if everything since TAB (or including TAB) has been Sherlock’s mind palace, all he has to do is die and he’ll wake up.

But he never dies. He keeps getting into more and more trouble but he never dies. He’s incapable of dying. Remember in TLD, he mentions to John that he keeps falling and he’s never climbing out? Yeah, that’s because he keeps putting himself into danger but he never dies, only ruining his friendships. He’s in purgatory.

**That’s** the final problem.

Staying Alive.

“Did you figure out what it is yet? I did tell you, but did you listen?”

He shoots Magnussen, and he should be gunned down. But Mycroft intervenes.

He gets sent on a suicide mission, he should die in six months. But Moriarty intervenes.

He falls into a dark Victorian dream, where he jumps off a waterfall after Moriarty. That’s how he “plans to wake up”. It doesn’t work completely. He only gets out of one level.

He waits patiently as a target. Moriarty doesn’t come.

Ajay’s gun is on him. The police arrive.

Norbury has a gun pointed at him. It fires. Mary somehow jumps in front of the bullet. Sherlock survives. Again.

Sherlock takes a LOT of drugs. It doesn’t kill him.

Culverton Smith strangles him. John intervenes.

Eurus strangles him. But just for a bit.

Sherlock attempts to take his own life. Eurus intervenes. He has to understand everything about his subconscious. He has to learn how to land the plane. Bond Air is go.

And there you have it. The Final Problem is Staying Alive. Just like they told us five years ago.


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“Let’s find out. Let’s do it like we’ve done everything else… Together. “