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Autumn Days 1513
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Natasha’s mission: To spy on Fury and the KGB agent he’s captured and been interrogating.

Clint’s mission: To mime out the entirety of the viral “octopus&puppy r 2 cute 4 words” video he found during lunch.

I’ve wanted an excuse to draw Catherine Tate’s ridiculous faces for ages, and finally did it with Clint. I didn’t even BEGIN to do Tate justice, but it was a barrel of fun, so have a Doctor Who reference~

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  • Doctor Who: guys what was that sound?
  • Supernatural: should we get the salt?
  • Marvel: wait it sounds familiar
  • Merlin: I think it's...
  • Hannibal: it's not
  • DC: it can't be
  • Game of Thrones: it is...
  • Fandoms: no
  • Tumblr: no
  • World: no
  • Donald Trump: no
  • Geese: no
  • Sherlock: *bursts through door*
  • All fandoms: *screams of terror*
  • Supernatural: *flings holy water*
  • Harry Potter: they've awoken...
  • Sherlock: miss me ;)?

I just want you to know that there are worlds out there safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light and singing songs of Donna Noble a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her, while she can never remember. And for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.

another meme I will never finish | [6/10] female characters  ♡  d o n n a  n o b l e

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David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
“I Don’t Want To Go” Edition

From Doctor Who Confidential:

David Tennant: The final line, saying “I don’t want to go,” of course it’s a very emotive final line.
Euros Lyn: We did four takes on David’s final line, “I don’t want to go,” and with each take we pushed the emotion and the grief further.
David: We tried being very unemotional about it, we tried a little smur of an emotional moment, and we also did one with a full-on kind of breaking down version
Euros:  My feeling on the day was that we really wanted to pull at the audience’s heart strings at that point, and I wanted David to be overcome with grief, but actually that wasn’t right.
[David, Euros, and Julie Gardner watching the footage]
David: I worry four’s not quite in character.  I just worry if you see him breaking down, it stops you breaking down as well.  There’s always a danger of that, isn’t there?
Julie: Yes
David: If that’s the final image and you’re left with him in total distress, it’s pretty grim.  That’s not really who he is, is it?
Julie: I think it’s three.
David: I think three’s more… I find three more moving, actually.
Euros: Because he’s fighting.  
Julie: He’s holding it
Euros: Facing his death with bravery, yeah.  There’s a stoicism to take three.
David: Which is more like him
Julie: There’s a heroic stoicism 
[end of them watching the footage on filming day]
Euros: In the end we’ve got take three in there, which is the take where he’s a bit more controlled.  He’s a bit more like the Doctor, in fact.  He’s brave.
David: We didn’t want him to lose all that bravery in that final moment.  There’s something stoical and long-suffering and… strong about the Doctor that – I don’t think he can get too self-pitying even in a moment like that.

Orig.Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.  I can certainly understand why Euros and Julie originally wanted to use Take #4 - it was a gut-wrenchingly, heart-breakingly beautiful performance from David. It does seem a shame to not use it - but I also think that David was absolutely right to argue that Take #3 was more in-character for his Doctor, and a better way to deliver his final line. 

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