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lgbt+ content in series 10 of doctor who:

- bill’s second line of dialogue being about a girl she had a crush on so she gave her extra chips

- bill winking at said girl as she gave her extra chips

- bill and heather spotting each other from across a crowded room and walking closer together while ‘love will tear us apart’ played in the background…. then meeting and the camera spinning around them as the doctor lectured…… like, Iconic

- “men aren’t where i keep my eye, actually”

- bill being such a hopeless lesbian with heather like… “at least it’s a defect that looks like a star! *hearteyes*”

- heather following bill across all of time and space because she promised not to leave without her :’)

- “never underestimate the power of a crush” “you don’t have to tell me!” (probably referring to river but sssshhh nardole had a crush on 12)

- the emperor made of algae who fancied the doctor

- bill being lowkey in love with the tardis

- bill telling that guy who liked her that she was into girls, and him being totally cool with it

- bill and penny’s adorable simulation!date that was interrupted by the pope


- bill and penny’s adorable real!date that was interrupted by the secretary general of the UN

- “i have very strict rules about men!” “…probably not as strict as mine”

- gay pride flag in bill’s memories when her brain was being taken over by the monks

- was it just me or was there something between bill and the empress of mars?

- bill telling the roman soldiers she was gay anD THEM SAYING THAT BISEXUALITY WAS THE NORM FOR THEM AND AAA THAT WAS GREAT.

- missy miming for bill to close her jaw like…. there is No Heterosexual Explanation For This

- ‘she was my man-crush’ FUCKING ICONIC

- time lords confirmed genderfluid and pansexual. we are truly blessed.


2017: The Year of the Female Villain

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“Found & Forgotten” - Digital Oil Painting

Inspired by @whoinwhoville ‘s story Found and Forgotten, set in the 1960s. It’s a really awesome series with great historical research put into it. I wanted to paint Jane (aka Rose, she’s fob watched) when she gets her hair done “like a poodle” to emulate Brigitte Bardot. I really like how it turned out!

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What really gets me about The Eaters of Light are just the many small details which elevate the episode into something magical for me.

  • “Oh my god, it even does lip sync!”
  • The Doctor’s “oh look, that’s the sound of my patience running out” (paraphrasing here) act.
  • Explaining the escape plan before the escape plan happens… involving popcorn, no less.
  • “Speaking as a former Vestal virgin, second class.”
  • Nardole becoming great friends with the locals in the span of two days, telling them about all of the weirdness the universe has to offer.
  • Bill coming out to (what turns out to me) a pansexual and a gay Roman soldier.
  • One of these soldiers being called “grandpa”, for being as old as 18.
  • A monster who will devour the sun and all the stars.
  • Crows saying “Kar” forever, to honor her memory.
  • The music continuing, to be heard throughout the ages.

(I’m sure I’ve forgotten more than one.)

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I absolutely adore your art. I though I was the only one who shipped the doctor and the master. Glad to know I'm not alone. ALSO THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO HAMILTON


where have you been?? People have been shipping those two since the Classic Who days. You’re certainly not alone there :)

Hiraeth - Part one

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☽Pairing☾ ; BTS | Reader

☽Genre☾ ; Angst | Fluff

☽Word Count☾ ; 1.4k

☽Summary☾ Returning back to Korea after years of being under the ground, to see your parents. You wished it was all it took, to feel complete again. The aftermath of confusion, betrayal and sorrow was the reason to never come back into the boys presents. But it wasn’t until, seeing one them enter the same cafe, at the right time.

☽Notes☾ ;  A continuation of Metanoia & Tacenda, another sequel | Trailer | Part two

“Remember to give us an update throughout the week, so we know where we can find you and hearing the process” Your luggage aligned along the walls of the airport, as the phone in your hand heated up from the longest flight you have ever been on. Your closest therapist, or friend as you sometimes liked to call it, gave you a green light to go back to Korea. The smells and weather change were overwhelming, compared to the building you had spent years inside of. You couldn’t remember much from how you got there, and what happened towards the end of a pitch-black hole. Maybe you just didn’t want to remember, the fragile pieces of memories that were left behind. “I will, every Friday I will give back a report” You promised into the microphone, already too dizzy to think of the ideas that were stuck in your mind while asking for permission to go back.

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I watched Doomsday (Doctor Who s2e13) for the first time yesterday and ohmygosh I'm still sad. Also your art is phenomenal and awesome. If you're willing to, could you draw Tenth Doctor and Rose or a scene from Doomsday? Thaaanks, and you're awesome

It’s been 900 years since I’ve drawn Ten and Rose, but I gave it a shot because Doomsday feels are terrible and I want you to have nice things. (also thank you, you are very sweet)

The Doctor smiled and nodded. “March 1895. Around the time of the McCarthy murder. Sherlock Holmes solved the case before I could, as I recall.”

“Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character,” Trix pointed out. 

The Doctor grinned. “My dear, one of the things you’ll learn is that it’s all real. Every word of every novel is real, every frame of every movie, every panel of every comic strip.”

- The Gallifrey Chronicles, Lance Parkin 

“Every story ever told really happened. Stories are where memories go when they’re forgotten.” 

- Hell Bent, Steven Moffat 

Im officially re-watching The Sarah Jane Adventures with my mom (who hasn’t seen it) and this is the best experience that’s ever happened in my life ever