Doctor Who"s9e12

I can’t hold back my tears anymore because I’ve just noticed something..

Remember what Rachel Talalay said about Jenna’s departure?

Jenna and Peter are very, very close. They specifically asked us to try to finish the shoot with Jenna’s final scenes- which we pretty much did, although, with all the schedule changes, it was difficult. You could tell that there was a lot of additional emotional stuff going on that day. They were very serious about what it meant that Jenna was leaving. They both felt it very, very strongly. It was my job to capture that magic the best I could.

Can we all just look at Peter’s face when Clara says ‘Yeah it would be, wouldn’t it’? He has SUCH sadness in his face. Like, he already frowns a little bit because it’s a sad song, and obviously because he’s playing a song about the woman he forgot about, but I feel like those words hit Peter himself, really hard. It just feels like it’s his genuine reaction. He can barely stop himself from falling into pieces.. :(