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Blessing (NSFW)

500 followers celebration: 1st Place - Bruce Banner - Fluff and Smut - +1k words

Summary: After years of dating, you finally introduce Bruce to your family. 
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Other Characters: Original Characters (Your family)
Word counting: 2.1k
Warnings: A bit of tension. Age gap. Established Relationship. Smut. fluff. Tooth rotting fluff.

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The first thing people usually notice when they look at you and Bruce is the age difference. That’s not a surprise with the 23 years of gap between you two.

At 24 years of age, you had a well deserved Ph.D in chemistry and worked besides your boyfriend and Tony in the lab with the Avengers, and was working on your master’s degree in physics. While other girls your age were looking for what they wanted, you already had reached many of your goals. You and Bruce bonded over your similarities and were now together for more than two years - three in five months. With this in mind, you knew it was past the time to introduce him to your family.

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Honest Opinion on 6x09

I may catch flack for this, but I liked tonight’s episode of Scandal. While I didn’t entirely care about whether Huck lived or died, it was interesting to see how they carried the story (and for a second, I actually thought he might be dead). But what I found most intriguing was that the Olivia from season 1 appears to be having a comeback.

At first, it didn’t seem this way because when it looked like they were never going to find Huck, she just gave up and picked up a glass of wine to drown out her sorrows. Unfortunately, we have seen this loser-mentality appear in Olivia’s character far too often lately and it was annoying to see her begin to go down that path again. But then came Charlie…

Now, for most of the show’s entirety, I have often questioned Charlie’s relevance and have found myself viewing him as yet another non-essential character to the show. Tonight, however, I actually enjoyed his appearance and appreciated his role in the episode. Long story short, the man gave Olivia a good wake-up call/reality check. He basically asked her where the old Olivia Pope was (i.e. the one who ALWAYS found a way to work a situation, no matter how crazy/complex/impossible it seemed and wore the “White Hat”). Interestingly, Olivia took him to heart and immediately did a 360 (which had me fist pumping the air in happiness simply because it has been too long since I have seen this focused, “Fixer” version of Olivia Pope).

Aside from Charlie’s intervention, I also enjoyed Fitz’s conversation with Olivia towards the end of the episode. Their interaction occurred in a hospital after - spoiler alert - Huck was rescued. At the time, Huck was still unconscious and the doctors had concluded that IF Huck survived he would likely be severely impaired (thanks to brain damage brought on by intense bleeding) for the rest of his life. Olivia was clearly distraught, but Fitz had a very calming effect on her (technically not a surprise, but since these two have fought like hell with one another it was nice to see them have a conversation without snark and have a genuine feeling of kindness emanate between them). For the first time in the show - and the first time since they broke up - they actually hugged without a sense of awkwardness or interruption. Olivia seemed to sort of melt into his embrace rather than remain tense or try to move away. This, alone, might be seen as progress or hope for their relationship (which, as an Olitz fan, I enjoyed), but the best part of their interaction came when Fitz asked Olivia 1) how her team was going to cope if Huck died and 2) whether she was going to forgive Abby or not.

Olivia’s response was interesting. She said that her team would be alright, that they’d have one another should the worst case scenario happen.
As for forgiving Abby, Olivia originally said something to the effect of “She nearly had Huck killed, I don’t have to forgive her for that”. Then, Fitz proved (for the millionth time) why he is the best character on the show, by reminding Olivia that she had forgiven him for hurting her and that he had forgiven her for everything she ever did to hurt him. The whole point of his reminder was for Olivia to see that though Abby may have done a terrible thing she should be forgiven. As it turns out, Olivia did eventually forgive Abby.

This is tremendous progress for Olivia as a character, given that just last season she was running around snapping at just about every individual under the sun, barely giving them a second to open their mouths and have an honest conversation. Not to mention, earlier in the episode, Olivia basically bitch-slapped Abby 3 times and threatened to “take a chair” to her (the same way she did Andrew) for placing Huck in danger (she also basically told Abby that if Quinn wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t offer any objections). Hence, as unexpected as the pivot in behavior was at the end of the episode, I was glad it occurred because it gives me hope that Olivia is slowly, but surely working out her demons and getting back to where she was when we were first introduced to her.

So, in summary, this was probably the first episode of the entire season that I did not walk away from irritated or mentally exhausted. Even though Jake was in it, he was such a minor character (he had only a few lines) I forgot he was there and Rowan was only present as a figment of Huck’s imagination. Marjorie (aka the “I’m a real bitch, you just play one on TV” lady) had like 2 lines and her partner in crime was nonexistent. (Proving, once again, that this show is better when it features only core characters and doesn’t trap itself in long-winding subplots).
In fact, the only “unbearable” moment for me occurred when Quinn decided to torture Meg for information on Huck’s location (that “viewer discretion is advised” statement at the beginning of the episode isn’t for nothing… it’s probably the most graphic torture scene on the show so far). But I digress…

All in all, I think that if Olivia can continue to work out her problems she’ll end up figuring out how to get back to “normal” and the show will maybe - just maybe - be genuinely enjoyable again.


A bolt of lightening danced across the sky followed by the clap of thunder mere seconds after, telling the green changeling that the storm was right on top of him, but that wasn’t what got his attention. The shrill ear piercing cry of his four month old daughter cut through the air far louder then any thunder clap ever could. He leapt from the couch not bothering to turn of the TV, and full on sprinted to the babies room, which of course was unnecessary since with his long legs it was only a few leaps away. Throwing open the door he could just make out the flailing limbs from the small bassinet, and checking the clock in his phone saw that it was feeding time. Normally he had a bottle with formula ready to go but the thunder and lightening probably woke her.

He lifted the child into his arms as gently as he could, hushing and rocking as her lifted her, but she continued to thrash and holler.

“Shh Marie it’s ok, shh.” But nothing he did soothed the child especially not with the thunder raging every few minutes. With each flash and each crack, she would thrash and flail, her screams getting louder by the second.

He gingerly made his way to the kitchen, the screaming of his daughter starting to make his sensitive ring. Jeez can this get any worse? Just as he entered the kitchen to fix her bottle there was s knock at his apartment door.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” he groaned as the thunder roared again, Marie thrashing in fear. “Just a second!” He ran into the kitchen grabbing a prepared bottle from the fridge, and I throwing it into the microwave, all the while Marie continued to cry, the knocking continuing at the door. “I said give me a second!” He roared but that only added to his frustration and Marie’s crying.

Thr microwave dinged, but in his haste and confusion with all the noise he set it to high, making the bottle way to hot for his daughter to eat or to even hold and he dropped it instantly, hot formula splashing everywhere.

“Son of a bi-”

Suddenly a pair of hands took the screaming child from his arms and left the kitchen. Immediately his mamma bear instincts took over, his eyes becoming savage slits, fangs ready to rip and tear, hands hinting at becoming razor claws, and a snarl leaving his curled lips. He stormed into the living room.

“Who the hell do you think-” his mouth stopped working, his heart skipping beats, his claws, fangs and rage forgotten. There, standing in his living room holding his little Marie, was someone he hadn’t seen in over three years. She looked almost the same. Her face wasn’t as round but was more womanly and the same could be said for her body which still held its fantastic hourglass shape, but nothing was more alluring then her incredible endless amethyst eyes, her pin straight shot violet hair, and pale, smooth alabaster skin.

“R-Raven?” His mouth finally said.

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Red Velvet Reaction to: Taking Care of You When You’re Sick

Irene: typical mom type. makes sure you’re bundled up in bed, drinking lots of fluid & hot drinks. makes you soup every night. drops everything to sit by your bed and spoon feed you. which she does while playfully chastising you; “I told you not to go out without a jacket on!”

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Wendy: “ah, you got sick? that’s your fault, why are you complaining to me about it?” will pretend she doesn’t care, that’s you’re gross & icky but is there for you as much as she can be. shows up after her schedule with medicine, cooking you dinner & making you eat every bite. “you need your strength to recover!” she’ll remind you. “but don’t expect me to be this nice next time you’re sick!” lies

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Seulgi: can’t hide her worry. “do you think it’s super serious? should I ring the doctor? WHAT IF YOU DIE?” but once she sees that you’re just sick, not dying, she’ll insist on doing everything for you; cooking, cleaning, picking up grocery’s, etc. she would even give you a sponge bath if you let her. doesn’t realise that touching you = her getting sick too so after you’re recovered, she rings you with a blocked nose like “I wonder where I caught this from?”

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Joy: although she wants to help you, looking at snotty tissues & hearing you vomit make her feel like throwing up. so she’ll buy you all the medicine you need, cook you hot soup then leave the room bc “eww, your nose is dripping.” will be nearby if you need help but avoids touching you or looking at your pale, sickly face

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Yeri: is the type to avoid you as much as possible but if she has to be around you, she’s got hand sanitizer & is wearing a mask; “if you infect me then istg I’m deleting your number from my phone”

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Broken (Part 1)

Request and idea from @itscoolayout

A/N: So, this is my first time doing an imagine request 😁. I made a few alterations from the prompt (Please don’t hate me, requestor 😭). Will be posting part 2 soon. Hope you like it. ☺️

(Part 2) (Part 3)

“I’m telling you, you’ve got the wrong man!” You yelled at Lestrade. You were followed him briskly walking towards his office.

“I already told you, he confessed. So, stand down, Ms. Y/L/N.” He commanded.

“It’s ‘Doctor’,” you corrected. “And would you please just listen?!” You reasoned, face turning red from frustration.

“No, I’m not hearing this!” He snapped, annoyed because of your persistence then he opened the door.

“You really should, you know?” A deep voice spoke as soon as you and Lestrade entered his office, stopping both of you in your tracks. Upon turning the lights on, you saw a man looking at your direction and sitting comfortably on the Detective Inspector’s desk chair.

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A list of UT headcanon voices

Flowey (normal) - Diddy Kong (DKC cartoon)
Flowey (evil) - Dinobot (Beast Wars)
Sans - Grounder (AoSTH)
Papyrus - Doctor Claw (Inspector Gadget)
Undyne - The Donut Witch (Adventure Time)
Alphys - Sadie (Steven Universe)
Mad Dummy - Terrorsaur (Beast Wars)
Napstablook - Hi-Five Ghost (Regular Show)
Mettaton - Austin Powers
Asgore - The Purple Doctor Fish (Spongebob)
Toriel - Jessica Rabbit (she has a nice voice, okay)
Asriel - Austin (The Backyardigans (yeah, I’m pulling out all the stops))
Gaster - Cactus Jake (Garfield and Friends)

They wouldn’t sound exactly the same, mind you: slight changes would be made to the ‘default inflection’ to better line up with the character’s voice grunts (or in MTT’s case, “ohh yess”), and their personalities.
For example, Sans’ voice would be a lower-pitched, mellow version of Grounder, while Papyrus’ would be a goofy, grandiose Doctor Claw. Oh, and, to clarify, Toriel would not speak as sensually as Jessica (can’t stress that enough. I just needed a soft voice that’s nice to listen to).

sophiethetheatregirl  asked:

Those headcanons for Kylo Ren and his doctor/nurse were really cute! Perhaps you could do it in a modern au one shot? I think it would be pretty interesting!

I’ll get right on that, my dear~! -Zoe

  • Kylo, in a modern sense, would most likely visit the hospital due to getting into fights and coming back battered, with maybe a broken nose, cracked knuckles, even walking to the hospital with a broken ankle at one point.

  • Somehow, you’re always the one on-call when he shows up for the first few times, becoming a regular and teasing him lightheartedly as you treated him in the emergency care. “Nice to see you again, Mr. Ren. What is this, the tenth time you’ve showed up? Honestly, come back to me when you break something I haven’t taken care of before.”

  • When he was admitted into the hospital sustaining a broken arm and a bullet wound at his side, you were the first one to sign up for patient care. Needless to say, the other nurses began teasing you on your little ‘crush’ on the frequent patient.

  • Kylo would press the little button on his remote constantly, just to see you again for minor reasons. Fluff his pillow, pick up the book he dropped, even just to say hi. He always managed to wear a black tanktop to show off his muscles to you, eventually causing you to become exasperated because he would flex the whole time. “Please Kylo, don’t flex when I take your blood pressure. It screws up the measurements.”

  • On your day off, you still came to the hospital to visit him, the nurses sending you teasing glances as you shooed them away, still working on his health and wellbeing on your day off.

  • When he gets discharged, he writes his number down for you on a napkin he left in the room. He calls you as soon as he arrives home. “Hey, Y/N, it’s me. Just hoping you didn’t forget about your favorite patient.”

  • He finally asks you out on a date when he shows up in the emergency room again with a dislocated shoulder. It really catches you off guard since you’re about to cause him excruciating pain in order to pop his shoulder back into his joint.

  • “So, what do you say? Maybe Friday ni-AAAUUGGHHH!”
    “Ugh, sorry! But hey, your shoulder’s back in place!”
    “…You still want to have dinner on Friday?”
    “I’d love to, Kylo. Just don’t get hurt before then.”
    “No promises.”
The Silver Lining: Part One

Summar: The reader is not a fan of the show, but gets dragged to a convention and catches Jensen’s eye.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1855
Warnings: Just a bit of language. 

As I mentioned in the teaser, this series is based on a request from @dancingalone21; hopefully this five-part mini-series will do her request justice! 


Your name: submit What is this?

Your last name: submit What is this?

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Part 3

Originally posted by ramenrami

Series Summary: With a broken leg, the reader’s parents decide to leave her in the trusting care of Bobby Singer. What happens when she meets the Winchester, in particular Dean Winchester. Will something blossom between the two of them, and if it does will it be a Summer fling or something deeper?

Part Summary: Skipping dinner, you needed something to eat. Little did you know a growling stomach would give you more than you bargained for with Dean. 

Characters: Teen! Dean Winchester X Teen! Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1353

Part 1 Part 2

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Dan x Reader - My Hands Remember

A/N: It’s an angsty one… and a favorite of mine. Enjoy!

It’s been a couple of weeks since after my coma. I was in a horrible accident, but luckily got away unscathed, just a mere cut and that was it. However, my physical wellbeing didn’t equal to my mental. I forgot parts of my memory, my life. I woke up to my parents, a friend who’s been mine since childhood and a tall young brunette haired and eyed man. I remember my parents, a childhood friend and gradually my other relatives as they all came to visit me. Unfortunately, I don’t have my full memory back. I kind of know myself, my name, family, old pasts, and my life. I looked though picture of my fiends and I remember some, but it only seems to be the ones in the less recent years. I also have career, a promising art one and apparently it was my passion for life. So for my life, I was some sort of artist… I guess. It felt still felt kind of true to me, like a faint image but I could never fully remind myself of the art. The accident messed with a part of my brain crucial to my memory and it was damaged. The doctors said the chance of me regaining memories was possible, but they weren’t positive. I’ve recovered at my childhood house for around two weeks now, but now I was to go and see the brunette. His name’s Dan. Dan, Howell. He was my boyfriend. Wait no, is. IS. Is… my boyfriend? Who knows. Anyways he always seems nice though, quiet but he’s really polite. I’d talk to him while at the hospital for two hours at time for a week, and once we’ve even chatted for 4 hours. He would show me things about myself that I knew and recognized as soon as he brought it up. But I could never recognize him. He was pretty quiet, allowing me to rest and was always accommodating. Sometimes were moments when his eyes would light up like stars with passion and a spark. His conversations and words were always clear and thoughtful, the way he spoke was sharp and articulated. I could tell he was a very informative person. After my parents agreed, I decided to stay with him at his, our old, place. Maybe he’d try to jog and recover my lost memory, maybe to get my life back, whatever it was. He didn’t really say anything though, just hinted he was excited for me to see my art again with a polite smile, but I could tell he was kind of excited. I was told there’d be no pressure and after my visit, everyone would go from there. Everyone was really trusting of Dan and so was I. I honestly don’t know how to feel, but I don’t know if I should. So here I am walking into my flat. The flat that was mine before my accident. With a boyfriend who was apparently also mine.

I walk through the door as Dan graciously waits behind, holding my suitcase and bag while I nervously grip the strap of my cross body bag. I look and see a plant on a small table, then hollow silver gold intertwined shapes around a sofa in the living room. My living room. I remember!
“Dan.” I say excitedly still keeping my voice hushed.
“Yeah?” Dan asks as he begins to put my stuff down.
“I remember this! Kind of. Yeah this colorful thing.” I say posting to the prices of arts on the wall, and pixel colored lights. “Its really colorful. I like it. I always liked colorful things. Right?” I smile at Dan while he giggles nodding his head.
“Yep. And I liked the silver hollow shapes and you like gold so we compromise. They intertwined together, kind of like us. Of course, placing it on black tables to fit the aesthetic.”
I chuckle nervously, trying to recall that memory but I can’t. I don’t try to stress out my brain though, as I know that’s good for me and Dan will notice to stop me.
“Do you remember?” Dan asks with hope, that’s he’s been trying to hold back since I’ve seen him.
“No, sorry.” I nod my head, as I see his face dim down once again but he forces a grin, shaking his head as if there’s no problem.
“That’s alright, um you usually slept in this bedroom, with me. But I’ll stay in the spare room on the sofa bed or the couch or whatever.”
Dan said nervously and kind of sad, I felt really bad for making him sleep elsewhere other than his bed but honestly this was the best any of us could try to even do.
“Okay thanks.” I mumbled. All I could do was nod my head at him emphatically while he continued to guide me.
“Your old clothes are in the drawers there anyways, but I put your suitcase in your studio. If you remember what that is.” Dan said walking me into another room in the house.
After Dan’s long arms placed my stuff and I followed behind his tall body, wearing black skinny jeans and jacket. In the room was 3 different easels. A large painting one with what seems like spray paint, a medium painting board and an easel on a desk. There was different paints, colors, textures, and pens, pencils, and rulers all around. It was somewhat tidy, but they all blended together so well. Like all the supplies for a perfect project. There were projects on the paper protected walls, paintings, drawings, sculptures. Wait, those were mine! I made all of these. These are my creations. My works of art.
“Dan! I made all of these! I remember.” I was so happy to finally remember a part of me, a part so imprint that it’s what made me who I was. Who I am. I’m so overwhelmed with joy that without thinking I jump into Dan’s arms, and he just laughs and catching me.
“Yep, y/n you did all of these amazing things.” I look up at him relaxing the moment we’d just shared, being slightly taken back. I slowly release myself from his arms, and his expression neutralizes and dulls. I make an effort to light up the awkwardness that just happened, I try to come up with something quickly.
“Well clearly some of them weren’t amazing.” I say panning my eyes over to some weird black blob sculpture that caught my eye.
Dan chuckles softly and begins to leave me to my own devices, before saying “Hey don’t say that. You’d used to call them abstract. You still have your humor though.”
Aw, now I really wish I remember him now, he seems like such a great guy.
“I’m really glad I got to see all of this Dan.” I say softly taking in the views of my art pieces. This was a part of me, if not the whole part of me and I could finally be able to grasp it once again.
“Of course. I’m so glad you get to see all the beautiful things you’ve created.” Dan just smiles at me.

It’s night time now, and I’m laying in bed alone, while Dan’s in the couch as he decided just to camp out there while editing one of his videos. The bed I’m in is a grey and black checkered one, a soft duvet and a gray pillow under my neck and it’s quite comfortable. However, I just can’t get to sleep. There’s constant tossing and turning, it’s good Dan isn’t here as I’d probably wake him up. Oh look, it’s been more than 10 minutes now. I huff looking at the clock and slowly begin to give up. I get out of the bed and walk softly onto the carpet opening the door to leave the room, and go into my art studio. It turn on the lamp and begin to pick up a pencil. Before I know it, there’s a sketch and then the paintbrush started coming out. My hands taking over completely, as if it’s protocol. The tip of the brush gracefully hits the canvas, creating my image one by one. A whole hue of colors, contrasting, angles and opacities race through my mind again. Things I recognize with my brain, as my hands continue on their quest. My hand captures every detail one by one, perfectly in its element and wholesome melody. I hum lightly to myself, swaying my head back and fourth, as something catches my eye. I stop and turn to see a sketch on a piece of paper, underneath in the corner of an easel. I grab and it’s revealed to be a whole fully sketched and water colored page of Dan and I, Dan’s on the left and my head’s on his shoulder. Signed by my name, it’s perfect in every aspect. Not because I’m a perfect artist, but because it captures Dan in every way. It captures his darling sweet chocolate eyes, and his pink pouty lips, as he smiles with the dimples on his left cheek, and little moles. He’s really pretty and cute, no wonder I drew him. No wonder I’m dating him. Slowly I put down the picture and walk over to the living room, with the light still on, carefully not to wake him but to go and admire the art, in its true natural flesh form. Now with a laptop by his side, and slight side brown curls that were exactly like the drawing, his head is tilted to the side sleeping peacefully with eyelashes spread perfectly. Literally was a work of art. I can’t help myself now as I run my fingers through his soft brunette waves, and then to his cheek, rubbing with my finger. I’m now subtly sat down next to his long legs, admiring what’s in front of me. My hands know this feeling. The chubby cute dimpled and mole cheeks along with the right jawline that’s sharp and narrow. The lips that are rosy and plump, and how that leads to the slightest bit of stubble. Then the eyes, the perfect long lashes and skin that is slightly paler than the rest of his skin eyelids. The smooth skin and float hair that’s flaps around. Dan. His eyes, his hair, mouth, nose, ear with an piecing on one side. Dan Howell. My boyfriend, my lovely, amazing boyfriend who I’m absolutely positively I’m love one with. The person my hands know this all too well. By this time now Dan wakes up to the girl touching his face, at first quite disturbed.
“What the fu—?” Dan shouts disturbed, as I just realize what I’ve been doing. I remain silent as I feel a rush of adrenaline about to kick in.
He quickly calms down and heightens down his voice before checking to see if something’s wrong.
“y/n? Why are you touching my face, is something wrong? What…” Dan asks sleepy and confused. But everything’s far from wrong. He might be confused, but right now I’m the exact of opposite of confused, quite the change for the past couple of weeks. I realize what I’ve been doing, why I was doing it. I realized what was going on, as in going on with Dan. Dan Howell. My teeth open in a big smile, as everything comes crashing in again. The memories, me and Dan. Dan, my boyfriend who has brown hair and doe eyes. A squishy face dimpled face with jawline and little moles. A sweet satin lipped smile that can turn into a cunning, sly smirk. His thoughts, his articulacy, his complexity and silliness all at the same time, resulting in something magical. How he acted and stood tall at 6'3, constantly fiddling with his hair in public, his natural curled state then to a straightened fringe. The love for black, Nerdy things, impeccable and luxurious fashion style, his aesthetics, his sarcasm and humor that brought millions to his successful YouTube career. My hands finally showed my mind what it couldn’t
recall prior. Daniel James Howell.
Dan now just looks confused sat in silence, but as he heard me mumbling these things to myself he quickly jolts up, eyes widening at me as his body advances closer to mine.
Before he can say anything, I speak up clearly now,
“Daniel James Howell. Dan! I remember! I remember you. You’re Dan Howell. My boyfriend, you’re Dan! I’m your girlfriend and… I love you!”
By now Dan’s aware of your realization and his face is lightened up. “You remember?” You remember me?“ Dan asks surprisingly, with flutters in his eyes. I nod at him rapidly, trying to vent out my excitement.
“Yes! My hands directed my mind, and led me to your face. Your face that I love to hold and squish and your hair. Your hobbit hair! My hand that fits just roomy enough in yours. My hands remembered you.” I quickly pull Dan’s large hands up into mine excitedly, placing them on his cheeks while he smiles excitedly at me, as if he’s in awe.
“Then my hands reminded my mind perfectly of how my lips love kissing yours. Because Dan Howell I freaking love you.”
By now Dan cuts me off with a kiss. Finally it felt so good and so nice, that one missing part left was finally back, in my arms.
“I love you Dan.” I say now tearing up that I ever even forget how good this felt, to lay with him and hug him in his arms and kiss his face. He wipes a tear from my eye, as he tears up to clinging me to him.
“How could I ever forget how good this feels? How good you feel Dan.” I say in his familiar warm hold.
I was finally fully back, complete again with him in my life. I gently wipe my bittersweet tears and his as Dan smiles again kissing me on the cheek, and then repeatedly on my forehead .
“I love you y/n.” Dan whispers sweetly in my ear, like honey and sugar flowing in harmony.
“I know.” I say as in place my face into his chest, his warm comfortable chest that I’ve spent times in so many times before.
“I’m so glad you remembered.” Dan said looking down my face, swaying me in with his arms.
“Me too.” I nod, while I feel Dan tensing up.
“I don’t know what I would’ve have done if you didn’t remember…” Dan choked out shakily, while I sighed.
“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m back now, my memory it’s here.” I took Dan’s left hand and grasped it hard pulling it straight up, like a strengthened fist grip. Dan just shook his head, still sad over the to truth of his very much possible imagination.
“I’m here. I’m yours, Dan. All yours.” I said reassuring him, as I needed to also reassure myself after the events that have happened in these crazy few weeks.
I put my free hand on Dan’s pushed back wavy hair and begin running my figures through it as I place my lips onto his, while he coos in my ear in between, gentle and sweet.
“And I’m yours, y/n.” Dan sings sweetly in my ear, as we lovingly hold each other, as we finally have one another back.

rokundoll  asked:

How do you think the members would react if mc told them she was pregnant? xD

Nice question !

Jumin would be delighted but he tries not to show it as much. He will try to take hour off during his work time to accompany MC to the hospital for the check up. Of course , only the best doctor for his princess. He wants the best for his baby so he’ll definitely buy a lot of clothing and toy to prepare for his new born !

ZEN will be jumping about and telling everyone in his agency especially boasting it infront of Jumin and express how happy he is to be a dad. He will accompany MC to the hospital for check up as well. He will tell MC not to move about so much , he would make meals for her and try to be there for her as much he can. Also , he will constantly talk to the baby by MC’s belly. He also quits his habit of smoking ~

Yoosung would most probably tear up when he heard the news. He will tell MC to rest up more and leave all the house work to him. At times when MC has cravings , he will rush out of the house to buy it for her. Like ZEN , he will constantly talk to the baby by the belly !

Seven will be making dad jokes immediately. He will work even harder for the baby’s sake. He would also constantly boast about it to Saeran and the rest of the members. At times, he gets really tired and restless after work but thinking of MC and the baby would cheers him up ! He’ll quit eating unhealthy food and tries to eat properly to encourage MC and the baby ! He would also make jokes to cheer MC up when she’s having mood swings.


A Doctor Who Christmas Party!

I thought it would be nice to upload my geeky cards as separate posts, so to include some close up details and a gif showing the working process!

I had an awful lot of fun drawing this card, but I did have a minor freakout once I started and realised how many characters I was going to be drawing!

Rejected ideas included:

  • 8th Doctor lighting a christmas pudding…and accidentally also a time lord’s robes (still visible in the sketch)
  • 9th doctor making banana daiquiris
  • Amy and Jamie doing a highland dance…got to save that for another pic, I think…

Card for sale on redbubble here! (plus mugs, tote bags, cushions…)

Rest of my geeky cards (including Sherlock, Harry Potter and the Hobbit can be found on my tumblr here!)

fic: Murder on the Valiant Express, p1/?

Ten/Rose, AU; think Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie…but with Doctor Who characters. Sorry!

Doctor John Smith swirled the whiskey around in his glass, staring at it thoughtfully as his best friend and travelling companion Captain Jack Harkness reacquainted him with a tale from the good old days of their youth. It was 1934, and he had known his friend since the War. They often journeyed about together these days, and currently they were travelling to Paris via the Valiant Express, having boarded at Belgrade.

“Doc, are you even listening?” Jack asked, nudging him with his elbow.

“Hmm?” John, who was to everyone known simply as the Doctor, looked up at his friend.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

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micamone submitted:

okay that color au you reblogged was SO CUTE and my mind totally went to ANGST so I’m not a writer and I’ve only seen the episodes like twice but you said you wanted more and I love your blog so anyway here I go off my cuff I took kind of a different turn and I’m sending it before I chicken out too much 

John Watson’s muted world was slowly getting more gaining more color since the night before.

And he hated it.

The world was not biased either way, for or against people that saw color, but not seeing colors had made his life difficult as an doctor. Especially an army one

The color red creeped into his life first, like they were told in school will probably happen if they ever were on the path to meet their other half. Before, he only knew that red smelled metallic and left a shine on his hands and the victim’s body before being washed off. Now that he was back home after having his own fair share of red pouring from his body, he was horrified to see what he instinctually knew as red in advertisements and nature, and worse now in his nightmares.

John wasn’t anywhere close to having a good day when he ran into Mike Stamford at the park. He wondered if Mike knew how irritating the red stripe in his tie was. And wait… is that what yellow looked like? Christ, it was getting worse. 

He had wondered since that morning what unfortunate girl would he find out to be his other half some point soon.  Who would want him, a broken ex-army doctor with a therapist?  He’d always been good with girls, but they never stuck.  Why would they want to now?

Meeting Mike’s mad friend had been wild.  But for the first time since getting back he felt interested in doing something.  The flat was nice.  Very cluttered, but it was easier to differentiate things when you had to growing up without color, so having it start to show up made it even easier.  John hit the Union Jack pillow before sitting on it. Red and blue, he’d been told.  Well he could see the red now, but he knew that blue and purple were usually the last colors to show.  The landlady was sweet, if a bit talkative and presumptuous.  He’d get over it, it wasn’t the first time he’d been mistaken for being with a bloke.   He wondered why though Sherlock came back, after running out excitedly, for him.

“That… was amazing.” John said.  He immediately felt Sherlock ease up to his left.


John almost couldn’t believe Sherlock left him at the crime scene.  He wondered how Sherlock made such brilliant observations.  The one that shocked him the most though was the comment on the “frankly alarming shade of pink”.  John had to agree of course, but he was surprised that Sherlock could see color after seeing him interact with others. He wondered if he was one of those few people that had a few or all muted colors with them their whole lives.  Knowing Sherlock even for a few hours it seemed so.

“You brought me here… to send a text.” This man was insufferable. Do people have arch enemies? Seems likely after spending part of the day with him.

“You want me to go with you?” John looked at the colors in the flat. Some things were still grey and the things that weren’t red were muted still.  He thought about the yellow in Sherlock’s eyes and wondered if that meant they were green, since people didn’t have yellow eyes.
Sherlock smiled “I said dangerous, and here you are.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not really my area.”

“Oh.” oh. “Boyfriend?" Sherlock turned and looked at him. "which is fine by the way”

“I know it’s fine”

“Okay. You’re unattached… like me.” John laughed nervously. Why did he bring this up? oh right cause he’d been seeing colors and it must have been on his mind subconsciously even though this was not a date he didn’t date blokes why did everyone keep thinking that great now even Sherlock thinks it
“No, no I was just saying” John said cutting Sherlock off, “it’s all fine.” Really.  John didn’t care if his flatmate had boys or girls over or whatever, even though now he knew that wouldn’t happen. Sherlock was “married to his work.” Right.

John thought Lestrade was crazy. A drugs bust? on Sherlock??

“John, you might want to shut up now.”

“Yeah but come on…” John trailed off and stared at Sherlock’s eyes.  They seemed brighter than any other color he had seen that day and, along with the flecks of yellow somehow in them, they were so very blue. “No…”


John tried to shake it off,  ”you?”

“Shut up” Sherlock said and whirled away.

John hated being out at night.  Everything was more difficult to see when everything is just shades of dark grey.  Having color introduced helped a bit but he still wasn’t used to it, and he was in a bit of a rush to find Sherlock before he got himself killed.  Running threw the building John hadn’t been given much time to think about the fact that his other half was apparently this mad man, but there was no way he was letting his sexuality get in the way of at least a brilliant friendship.  They could try couldn’t they? Love was difficult, but damn that man that cornered him was right, he already trusted Sherlock and that’s more than he’d given any one else.  Shooting the cabbie was easy.  He had a feeling his life with Sherlock wouldn’t be.

Walking comfortably in stride with Sherlock away from the crime scene they laughed and John looked forward to the next colorful day.


We are NOT soulmate chapter 9 Will’s pov

Hello, hello, hello!

My school’s holiday break is coming up!

That means two weeks of consistent updates due to boredom!

I wanna thank you guys again for all the support this story has received. In these next few weeks, I will begin to bring the story to it’s end.

Very sad.


It means the beginning of a NEW multi chapter.

What would you guys like to see done?


Will’s pov

“I don’t know how I feel about this.” Nico sneered from his place against the edge of the small ship as it cut through the waters bellow. I fidgeted beside him. Nico’s current attitude and my own seemed reversed. I briefly wondered if I was supposed to be the one upset, and angry. I remembered seeing Nico’s past through a potion induced coma, and wondered how much of my own past Nico had seen.

The way he was glaring at my mother as she worked stiffly made me not have to wonder for long.

I watched my mother as she coiled rope, adjusted engine speeds, and stacked cargo boxes. Every now and again I would catch her looking at me out of the corner of her eye and than go back to her work. It had been awkward when we saw each other.

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