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Bones in some stereotypical southern attire that @adenil-umano and @logicheartsoul requested! I dont even know but it came out 3000000 times better than I expected???

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Como cuando dices que no te gusta esa persona, pero entre más pasas tiempo con él, te das cuenta de que no te puedes seguir engañando y pues sí, si te gusta. Y es en ese momento cuando se vuelve todo raro, porque no sabes ya cómo actuar sin que se te note que te gusta. No sé si me explico. No entiendo cómo me encanta complicarme la vida de gratis. 😓


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TDBM fic - Someone There

Words: 857
Disclaimer: I don’t own TDBM. If I did we’d actually see some development.
Pairing: Alice/Matthew
Summary: Alice has an accident. (I’m the Queen of summaries. Much sum up. Very info. Wow.)
Other: This is for whoever is stuck on this dinghy with me. ^^ Also: A giant thank you to Catha for beta-reading. You are my sun and stars, my giant burning ball of fire, who hears the sun-tanned birds being concussed. (Don’t ask. Really. In-joke gone of the rail. I’m sorry!! xD)


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Asian Actors in Comic Book Films Respond to ‘Doctor Strange’ Whitewashing Controversy
With “Doctor Strange” opening this weekend, the “whitewashing” controversy surrounding the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in “Doctor Strange” has re…
By Lawrence Yee

“I think it’s a shame[…] From what I’ve been told and what I’ve read, it’s because [studio executives] think that Asian actors and actresses don’t pull in the numbers — that people aren’t going to pay to see Asians on screen. With all these borders opening up and movies going global these days, Asians make up a huge part of the population in the world, and I hope that will start reflecting in Hollywood.” - Kelly Hu

kaizokunohime  asked:

Before going abroad Luffy asks the great Usopp to tell him some basic phrases. But what Usopp told him were actually pick-up lines, which he ends up using on Law when he tries to start up a conversation. ^.^

“Hey, I’m lost in those eyes. Mind helping with a map, gorgeous?”  A voice startles Law from his conversation with Bepo. He turns around to see a cheerfully grinning kid. He’s shorter then Law, younger too and the clothes he’s wearing screams tourist. 

A straw hat with, denim shorts and a red open shirt. In this weather, how the hell is he not freezing? 

Law himself can’t go anywhere without layers, upon layers when it gets this cold, fall just starting but this kid was dressed as if though it was the middle of summer. 

If he wasn’t natural tan, the doctor thinks the stranger would beat him in that department too. He obviously came from somewhere warm, probably with a beach nearby. 

A tourist without a doubt. 

Not to mention he’s also holding a map of the city. 

He looks oddly familiar but Law can’t place where he knows him.

Law shots Bepo a confused look but his friend only shrugs his shoulders. This was the first time someone brought props with a pickup line, he’s not sure what to do either.

The kid doesn’t seem to notice, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a paper. He shoves it in their direction. A hurried scribbled address on the paper looking like whoever wrote it was on the move while doing so.

Law blinks, as the stranger opens his mouth and fast pasted words fall from his lips. It’s in a language he doesn’t speak. It’s lovely to hear, no doubt about that but it sounds like gibberish to his ears.

The straw hat wearing male is looking at both objects in his hands, talking a storm up until he notices both Law’s and Bepo’s confused expressions. 

He smiles sheepishly- Law takes a moment to wonder where he got that scar under his eyes- before he says much slower than before. “I’m lost in those eyes. Mind helping me with a map, gourgous?” 

He then shoves the papers forward with a wide cheeky grin. One finger is tapping the exact location they are at, then at the address in the other hand.

It’s then that Law realizes he’s asking for directions. 

He carefully reaches for the paper and is startled to see it’s quite close to his own place. Just down the street in fact. 

It also belongs to one Portgas D Ace. Law knows since the firefighter had been in his emergency room more times than he could count and he’s driven the freckled man home twice now from the bar.  

He gives the kid a closer look, startled to realize that he knows him. Or knows of his face. Ace talked so much about his little brother in Brazil and paraded his picture around that it gave Law a headache sometimes.

Slowly he reached for a pen, in his pocket. He gave the boy a look asking for permission, who nodded excitable before drawing a path on the map to the right place. 

“Thank you gorgeous!” The kid chirps before he leaves, his sandals clacking on the sidewalk head bent over his map. 

“Should we…have told him that’s a pickup line?” Bepo asks watching the boy skillfully dodge people without looking up.

Law is sure Ace will fix it so he shakes his head. “let’s go back. Our shift about to start.”

A few days later, he formally meets Luffy who even though is corrected about his words still calls him gorgeous. 

Law finds that he doesn’t mind, especially when the kid leans closer to him to say “Want to rock my boat?” and hands him a fishing rod. 

Whoever taught English to this kid should be stabbed then kissed. 

The character is modeled after South Asian actress Janina Gavankar but fanboys on Wookieepedia insist her skin color is “fair.”

Wookieepedia also lists other characters of color as  "fair" (Saetele Shan), “light” (Poe Dameron), “tan” (Doctor Aphra, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren) or “dark” (Lando Calrissian, Finn, Cienna Ree) or “orange” (Maz Kanata). At some point Ezra Bridger’s skin color was “copper”, at other times his skin tone has been removed, Sabine Wren’s skin color was initially “light” but later Is changed to “tan” (did she go to a tanning salon?  Tan is not a freaking skin tone.  At least it’s better than when a Star Wars book published in the 2010s described a character as “yellow skinned.”)

The Rogue One team is comprised of a lot of “tan” people– Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook and “light” people–Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. But I’d argue that these groupings don’t necessarily fit? For example, the first three do not have the same skin tone. Lando, Finn, and Cienna Ree also have super different skin tones, too.

But “fair,” really?  

Reasons why The Executioners is one of the greatest Dr. Who episodes of all time:

- the doc lecturing vicki with a tool in his mouth, rendering him untranslatable and angrily muffled “hmm hm humph mm! HMM!!”
- the entire concept of the time space visualiser
- ian reading a book on space monsters
- ians striped shirt
- the doctor hammering away while the time space visualiser lets out this AWFUL high pitched noise and everyone is screaming
- “”“”“neutrons of light energy”“”“” ya ok thats totally real science. photons who
- “everything that happens anywhere in the universe is recorded in light neutrons” LMAO sure
- “GOOD! dontgoaway”
- the first thing ian wants to see in all of time and space is lincoln giving the gettysburg address
- like 2 minutes of the gettysburg address while the actor playing lincoln looks mildly uncomfortable
- barbara being SO excited omg?
- shakespeare being like “fuck hamlet its not fit for MY STYLE” and then immediately changing his mind
- "now you’ve squashed my favourite beatles” - the doctor
- ticket to ride being “”“"classical music”“”“
- the doc running to the console all excited bc they about to materialise
- ian and barbara worrying about their new space daughter running off
- THE DOCTOR AND BARBARA SUNBATHING TOGETHER (while the doc is dressed to get maybe his face and hands tanned)
- "whats that awful noise?” “i beg your pardon, awful noise? thats no way to talk about my singing!” “no doctor not that awful noise, the other one”
- the dalek’s plan being ruined by sheer dumb luck/the hugest coincidence
- “YES all right my dear all right all right, what is it now, gracious me can’t i even relax for five… THE dALeKS!!!!”
- the daleks going thru that cardboard turnstile door thing and you can see the dude behind it holding the door open for them juuuuust barely
- the doc taking barbara’s hand as they run off to get ian and vicki
- the trapdoor the ring opens having a sense of dramatic irony
- the doctor’s hat
- “i have the directional instincts of a homing pigeon” SURE doctor
- whatever the FUCK that monster is actually being scary lookin
- the doctor’s muffled screaming
- the dalek rising from the sand. iconic
- did i mention the beatles being in this episode