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Bones in some stereotypical southern attire that @adenil-umano and @logicheartsoul requested! I dont even know but it came out 3000000 times better than I expected???

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Como cuando dices que no te gusta esa persona, pero entre más pasas tiempo con él, te das cuenta de que no te puedes seguir engañando y pues sí, si te gusta. Y es en ese momento cuando se vuelve todo raro, porque no sabes ya cómo actuar sin que se te note que te gusta. No sé si me explico. No entiendo cómo me encanta complicarme la vida de gratis. 😓


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Asian Actors in Comic Book Films Respond to ‘Doctor Strange’ Whitewashing Controversy
With “Doctor Strange” opening this weekend, the “whitewashing” controversy surrounding the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in “Doctor Strange” has re…
By Lawrence Yee

“I think it’s a shame[…] From what I’ve been told and what I’ve read, it’s because [studio executives] think that Asian actors and actresses don’t pull in the numbers — that people aren’t going to pay to see Asians on screen. With all these borders opening up and movies going global these days, Asians make up a huge part of the population in the world, and I hope that will start reflecting in Hollywood.” - Kelly Hu

The character is modeled after South Asian actress Janina Gavankar but fanboys on Wookieepedia insist her skin color is “fair.”

Wookieepedia also lists other characters of color as  "fair" (Saetele Shan), “light” (Poe Dameron), “tan” (Doctor Aphra, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren) or “dark” (Lando Calrissian, Finn, Cienna Ree) or “orange” (Maz Kanata). At some point Ezra Bridger’s skin color was “copper”, at other times his skin tone has been removed, Sabine Wren’s skin color was initially “light” but later Is changed to “tan” (did she go to a tanning salon?  Tan is not a freaking skin tone.  At least it’s better than when a Star Wars book published in the 2010s described a character as “yellow skinned.”)

The Rogue One team is comprised of a lot of “tan” people– Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook and “light” people–Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor. But I’d argue that these groupings don’t necessarily fit? For example, the first three do not have the same skin tone. Lando, Finn, and Cienna Ree also have super different skin tones, too.

But “fair,” really?  

Reasons why The Executioners is one of the greatest Dr. Who episodes of all time:

- the doc lecturing vicki with a tool in his mouth, rendering him untranslatable and angrily muffled “hmm hm humph mm! HMM!!”
- the entire concept of the time space visualiser
- ian reading a book on space monsters
- ians striped shirt
- the doctor hammering away while the time space visualiser lets out this AWFUL high pitched noise and everyone is screaming
- “”“”“neutrons of light energy”“”“” ya ok thats totally real science. photons who
- “everything that happens anywhere in the universe is recorded in light neutrons” LMAO sure
- “GOOD! dontgoaway”
- the first thing ian wants to see in all of time and space is lincoln giving the gettysburg address
- like 2 minutes of the gettysburg address while the actor playing lincoln looks mildly uncomfortable
- barbara being SO excited omg?
- shakespeare being like “fuck hamlet its not fit for MY STYLE” and then immediately changing his mind
- "now you’ve squashed my favourite beatles” - the doctor
- ticket to ride being “”“"classical music”“”“
- the doc running to the console all excited bc they about to materialise
- ian and barbara worrying about their new space daughter running off
- THE DOCTOR AND BARBARA SUNBATHING TOGETHER (while the doc is dressed to get maybe his face and hands tanned)
- "whats that awful noise?” “i beg your pardon, awful noise? thats no way to talk about my singing!” “no doctor not that awful noise, the other one”
- the dalek’s plan being ruined by sheer dumb luck/the hugest coincidence
- “YES all right my dear all right all right, what is it now, gracious me can’t i even relax for five… THE dALeKS!!!!”
- the daleks going thru that cardboard turnstile door thing and you can see the dude behind it holding the door open for them juuuuust barely
- the doc taking barbara’s hand as they run off to get ian and vicki
- the trapdoor the ring opens having a sense of dramatic irony
- the doctor’s hat
- “i have the directional instincts of a homing pigeon” SURE doctor
- whatever the FUCK that monster is actually being scary lookin
- the doctor’s muffled screaming
- the dalek rising from the sand. iconic
- did i mention the beatles being in this episode

Long thin legs walked through the busy corridor of the hospital. Though the tanned doctor wouldn’t know since he didn’t even look up, just focused on the paper that he had in his hands about his next patient. So far that was listed on the given paper was the symptom. He had in mind what kind of problem the individual was having but it’d be best to be 100% sure first because they still haven’t fully had an x-ray.

He stopped at the door of the patient and slowly open the door so he doesn’t cause any disturbance. “ Nico Olvia, is it? You’ll be under my care.” he said still checking out the paper as he stepped in. When he got in the middle of the room, he looked up to see two woman in the room. A white haired was on the bed, wires strapped everywhere. And a black haired woman- assuming it was her relative- was sitting on the stool next to the patient.  “ I’m Doctor Trafalgar, I’ll be your doctor for the rest of your session.” he introduced himself.


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Hey, it's past you again. You were tagged by fuckyourstupideyebrows about a vulcannic post regarding Julian and Garak trying alcoholic beverages. Find that in your "to be written" tag and write about it because yes. Also, I hope you're not sick anymore.

Hi past me! I know everyone’s going to be confused about the “again” part, so to let everyone know, I deleted the first prompt I send myself because I wanted to fulfill the others people sent me. I can’t even remember what that was now. Oh well.

So, I completely forgot about this post until I read this message. Oops. But I got this, I think. Because of that post, I need to tag @vulcannic and @fuckyourstupideyebrows, since they were the ones who made the post and brought it to my attention, respectively.

A Little Taste

Garak woke up alone.

He was fully aware that he’d gone to bed alone, but the dream he arose from had involved such a wonderful partnership that waking up in the dark, cool isolation was anything but appealing. His heart careened and sank into his stomach only to settle and twist apart in the bile residing there. He hoped it wouldn’t reform during the course of the day, but he knew it would. It always did the moment he laid his eyes on the doctor responsible for this pitifully lonely morning. He could never have the man, as Doctor Julian Bashir was far too fond of women to be interested in Garak, but he would still flutter about in some rose-tinted daze anytime the dear doctor came into his line of sight. Luckily, he had become rather experienced at hiding his emotions over his lifetime. The good doctor would never find out unless Garak wished him to.

Perhaps it was time.

This was the forth time in the last week he’d dreamed of being with the doctor beyond the boundaries of their friendship. This last one involved watching a delightful Cardassian sunset under the shade of the wild spires that covered portions of the desert. The sky was painted reds and oranges, which had turned the doctor’s tanned skin into a muted desert brown and felt as warm as the Cardassian sand beneath them. Garak brushed his hand against the doctor’s, caught the man’s brown eyes, and edged his lips towards the young man’s. They were cool. They were soft. They were–

Not human.

Garak had never kissed a human before. The feeling of their lips was a mystery to him and would likely remain that way. There was no use dwelling on the matter so early in the day. It would only taint was delight was waiting for him later.

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