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Since it’s Christmas eve, I decided to repost this to wish to all of you a merry Christmas. You are wonderful followers, wonderful people with wonderful souls. Every time one of you decide to reblog or to like one of my posts I want you to know that it means a lot to me.
So thank you to be so kind with me, I don’t know if I deserve it but THANK YOU!

One time in school some guy got bit by a spider and I just kinda jokingly said oh my god he’s gonna become spiderman! And then everyone stared at me like I was a maniac and this is why I don’t tell jokes out loud and just whisper them.

  • Mom: *doubts my Fall Out Boy knowledge*
  • Me: *points at FOB sweatshirt* I think I'd know, mom
  • Me: *lifts sweatshirt to reveal FOB tshirt* I
  • Me: *points at FOB belt* think
  • Me: *rolls up sleeve to reveal FOB bracelets* I'd
  • Me: *rolls up other sleeve to reveal a homemade FOB bracelet* know
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom: you have a problem
Creepypasta #708: A Boy And His Powers

Story length: Medium

I noticed at a very young age that I had this power. It started by finding a dead bird. I cradled the little thing and as I wished for it to come back, I felt a heat well up inside me and the bird flew away. 

I would discretely do the same thing for the family dog, and then again when my little sister’s beloved turtle stopped moving. It was hard to keep it a secret as pets were miraculously recovering, but I thought of myself as a sort of super hero and never told a soul.

When I was 11, my little sister caught a terrible disease. Her organs began failing, she basically was immobile and could only scream in pain. The doctor’s were stumped, and the family was devastated as we were forced to watch her suffer. 

Finally, there was nothing more we could do but bring her home and try to make her as comfortable as possible. I wasn’t sure if I could use my powers on a person but I sure as hell wanted to try. It was late at night when her fate finally came. 

I snuck in and laid my little hands on her stiff body. I felt the heat, my own tears, and then little sis opened her eyes! I was about to scream for joy when she locked eyes with mine and whispered, “It was mum.”

I heard my mother enter the room, and close and lock the door behind her.

Credits to: evilpettingz00

  • [Name 10 Celebrities you'd want to have dinner with]
  • Me: David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan, Phil Lester, Dan Howell, Patrick Stump, Brenden Urie, Harry Styles, and Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Person: that's 11
  • Me: ya because 10 didn't want to go

anonymous asked:

Hello, my mom is in the hospital with severe liver cirrhosis. She never drank or anything bad that would cause it so this actually stumped her doctor. I'm sorry if this is bad for asking this sort of thing but I was wondering if there are spells to help her? I'm a budding witch and I just feel so powerless..

cirrhosis can be caused by things other than drinking. 

aside from that, light a candle and meditate on the hope that her doctors figure it out.