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Tied Down (Prologue)

summary: The Red String of Fate is said to connect two destined lovers regardless of time, distance or circumstances. This invisible cord may stretch or tangle, but what happens if it breaks? In a world where everything is seemingly predestined, Steve Rogers struggles to find peace with himself when he finds out his red string is broken. 

characters: main - Steve Rogers x Reader (F) Soulmate AU | In this part - Stephen Strange, mentions of Steve
word count: 680
warnings: None
A/N: Surprise, surprise! Here’s a Soulmate AU I’ve been wanting to write for nearly a year now. It’s roughly based on an Asian myth called the red string of fate. This series except the Prologue and Epilogue are written in Steve’s POV. Happy reading :) Permanent tag list is open!


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Research Note #326 
August 3rd 

No one knows the origin of the Red String of Fate (or the Heart String, in common knowledge). It’s always been one of the fundamental parts of humanity that we’ve all embraced without question.

Well, at least most of us have. I certainly haven’t.

Let me explain how it works in the simplest way I can: When a person reaches a certain age, a red mark resembling a ring band forms on the base of their left hand’s ring finger signifying that they’ve matured enough for a romantic connection.[1] The red mark is said to be one end of an invisible string that ties two destined lovers together regardless of their distance and circumstances. The mark will remain a dark crimson hue until such a time the people on both ends meet each other and their mark turns into a more vivid, bright red.[2] Because of this phenomena, humanity has accepted that our entire lives–the people we meet, the things we do, our purpose for living, and everything else that comes in between–is predestined.

It all seemingly makes sense however, there’s an intriguing loophole to this widely accepted truth that’s inspired me to dedicate my entire practice to researching and studying the mysteries behind the Red String of Fate. See, when a person at the end of one string dies without getting the chance to meet their destined lover, the remaining person’s mark changes from red to black.[3] As cruel as that may sound, an interesting statistic based on RSA Global’s research states that there is a 4% chance in every ten million pairs of blackened marks to form a new bond with one another. Reconnection is improbable, but possible.[4] The number may be very small, but it’s still compelling. It made me wonder if destiny is indeed inevitable and written in the stars as everyone believes it to be or if it can be directed by human choice.

As a therapist and Red String specialist, I have met my fair share of couples who are happily connected to each other and so as unfortunate, heartbroken individuals who have burned out, but I am yet to encounter a patient who has experienced a new bond. Again, this doesn’t come as a shock to me considering the statistic, but I guess you could call me foolishly hopeful for looking forward to that moment.

I’m writing this entry because of one of my patients’ experiences with his own mark. Although all mark stories are unique, his is particularly fascinating not because of what happened, but because of what it brought out of him. Attached to this entry are Steve Rogers’ Red String history and progress notes from his therapy sessions with me.

Stephen Vincent Strange M.D., Ph.D.
Red String Phenomena Specialist


[1]This is interesting because there’s no telling when the mark will appear. I’ve met people who’ve earned their marks at a young age and I’ve also met some who’ve earned them in their senior years, but one thing is for sure. Every person is guaranteed to receive their mark in their lifetime.

[2]Some marks may even radiate a faint glow upon meeting their match. It is normal for some to want to hide their marks using a ring band or glove because a mark is considered to be an intimate detail of a person’s body. Although covering is optional for most people, all medical practitioners, educators, politicians, and justice authorities are required to conceal their marks in the workplace. It is considered unethical for a Doctor, especially for a Red String specialist, to reveal their mark to their patients.

[3]It is known that the process of the change is physically painful for a while. The feeling is often described to be like hot metal scraping at your skin (which is probably why the process is called “burning out” in layman’s terms).

[4]Studies have shown that the color of the blackened mark turns to a bright gold once reconnected. The sensation of the change is described to be warm but soothing.

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