doctor spanks

Put In Work - M

Min Yoongi 민윤기 - Doctor!AU

Warnings - ballgags, blowjobs, spanking, daddy!centric

Word Count - 3.1k+


Days at the hospital become long and tiring, causing Yoongi to fall into bed after hours of being in the operation room. Sometimes he regrets going to medical school, becoming a heart surgeon. But each time he thinks this, his thoughts are wiped away when a patient comes out alive, heart ready to lead them through many healthy years.

He rarely thinks of himself, only on occasions when he misses your tight grip and feel of you wrapped up with him between the sheets. Usually it comes down to Yoongi’s pleasure over yours, but you’re willing to let Yoongi’s excuses slide as he saves lives all day while you sit around wondering what you want to be.

Sometimes you’ll paint, or write, or just pace the apartment with the radio on its highest volume. Rarely are you interrupted. So when two arms slide around your waist, your first instinct is to scream and stomp on the intruder’s feet until they let you go.

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