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I find it interesting that you reblogged a post saying that the natal chart is drawn when the baby takes their first breath. Apparently I was dead when I came out of my mom and the doctor had to spank me to wake me up, haha. I read pre-natal death experiences are a thing with people with Pluto in the 12th, which I do have :)

Omg… that’s honestly so interesting wow

Innocent doctor (Part 5).


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“I can’t promise anything.”

Spencer’s tongue grazed across his lower lip at her response, dark eyes flickering up to find Y/N’s already lingering on him, her eyebrows raised with a smirk possessing her confident, yet mischievous, face. He bowed his head, an excited grin threatening to plaster across his face, making her praise herself inwardly.

While they continued to work on their files, Spencer attempted to immerse himself into the work as much as possible in an attempt to distract himself from Y/N, who leant forwards to emphasise her cleavage towards him while she innocently joked with their co-workers. His jaw was tense, fighting the urge to allow his eyes to wonder until Aaron came out from his office, his firm voice encapsulating the bullpen, “We have a case.”

Spencer and Y/N followed behind the rest of the team, his hand placed firmly on her lower back as he subtly leant into her, his whispers sending shivers down her spine, skin prickling with goosebumps.

“Don’t play around, princess. I meant what I said in those messages.” He uttered quietly, warm breath spreading across her skin, her breath hitching in her throat when he broke away from her to enter the room as usual. He stepped in front of her, making her bite back a smirk as he pulled out the chair beside him, looking up at her expectedly. While Penelope explained the case, Spencer’s hand rested lazily on her knee until he started talking, using his hands to gesture along with his suggestion.

“Well the unsub is definitely male,” He began as Y/N put her hand on his thigh firmly, “Because of the large hand prints on the second victims body but-” His voice drifted off when she began to massage up his thigh. “But, uh, the third victim seems to be less organised.” He quickly finished, not trusting himself to talk when Y/N lightly cupped his crotch, the blood rushing to the area as she began to squeeze lightly.

The team continued to discuss the case as Y/N’s hand remained on Spencer’s crotch, making him grunt slightly, quickly covering up the sound by coughing. When she slowly unbuttoned his trousers, his eye’s widened, lightly grasping her wrist. In effect, Y/N covered her mouth with her sleeve, hiding the light smirk that grew on her plump lips. Although, despite him grasping her wrist, she continued to unzip his trousers and brushing her fingers against his restrained member through the thin fabric of his underwear, causing him to exhale deeply.

“Alright, wheels up in thirty.” Aaron announced, everyone quickly dispersing from the room. Y/N began to follow until Spencer grasped her wrist quickly, his trousers still undone as he closed the door with his other hand, leaning against it.

“What did I say, Y/N?” He groaned in frustration, pressing her hand against the excited mound throbbing against the fabric. She smirked, glancing down at his desperate actions before closing the space between them, leaning up to brush her lips against his ear.

“You would,” She whispered, pressing her hand against his excited member firmly, “Spank me, doctor.” Spencer groaned at her words, placing a hand on her neck before pulling her in for a firm kiss, the dominating kiss leaving her breathless.

“But,” She began, fastening up his trousers the best she could, causing his eyebrows to knit together, “We have a case to attend.” Spencer threw his head back in frustration, jaw tensed before meeting her eyes again, his gaze pleading. Y/N wrapped her fingers around his wrist, pulling him away from the door, making Spencer grow increasingly desperate but as she kissed him again, gently biting on his lip as she pulled away, she quickly made her way to the door.

“Later, doctor.” She sung, glancing over her shoulder, leaving Spencer panting slightly, his excitement throbbing in his trousers as he mentally cussed himself.


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Put In Work - M

Min Yoongi 민윤기 - Doctor!AU

Warnings - ballgags, blowjobs, spanking, daddy!centric

Word Count - 3.1k+


Days at the hospital become long and tiring, causing Yoongi to fall into bed after hours of being in the operation room. Sometimes he regrets going to medical school, becoming a heart surgeon. But each time he thinks this, his thoughts are wiped away when a patient comes out alive, heart ready to lead them through many healthy years.

He rarely thinks of himself, only on occasions when he misses your tight grip and feel of you wrapped up with him between the sheets. Usually it comes down to Yoongi’s pleasure over yours, but you’re willing to let Yoongi’s excuses slide as he saves lives all day while you sit around wondering what you want to be.

Sometimes you’ll paint, or write, or just pace the apartment with the radio on its highest volume. Rarely are you interrupted. So when two arms slide around your waist, your first instinct is to scream and stomp on the intruder’s feet until they let you go.

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“If I were to write a book about myself”, Audrey once told her son Sean, “it would start like this: I was born on May 4, 1929, and I died three weeks later”. At twenty-one days of age, she contracted such a terrible case of whooping cough that her heart stopped. Ella, who was a rather strict Christian Scientist and had not called a doctor, revived her by spanking. “There was no giving up on this baby”, said Sean. “I think that had an effect on her whole life, [as if she’d been given] a second chance”.

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Hi! I don't know if you like read kinky fanfics (not necessarily in terms of sex) but, i really want to read some because i am so stressed right now, so if you know could you recommend some? thanks! you're the best ♥.

Hi, (sorry for replying so late) kinky fics for haehyuk? Like BDSM? because I don’t really read the hardcore stuff…freaks me out. lol I don’t think I’ve read many kinky haehyuk fics anyway. I’ve written some.

Spank me, make me yours by yourspoon - stressed!hae, slutty!hyuk

Here are a bunch of mine since I don’t know many others. I hope that’s okay. 

Sex Slave - master!hae, slave!hyuk

The Nurse’s Daily Check Up - doctor!hae, nurse!hyuk

Please Spank Me - stressed!hae, slutty!hyuk

Soul Eater - human!hae, soul-eater!hyuk

Right By My Side - 31 year old!hae, 16 year old!hyuk (they don’t really have sex cuz hyuk is underage but there is kissing and stuff)

Strawberry Kisses - puppy!hae, kitty!hyuk

Dr. Feel Good - doctor!hae, teacher!hyuk

My Boyfriend in Heels - hyuk in high heels

You Got Me Lovestruck - businessman!hae, maid!hyuk

Love Deprivation - doctor!hae, crossdresser househusband!hyuk

The Scent of an Omega - alpha!hae, omega!hyuk 

I think this is good for now. lol Enjoy and I hope it helps with your stress.