doctor simon

Doctor doctor (Simon Request)

“Yeah sure, room 9” You repeat what the assistant had said and head through to the room of the hospital you worked in.
It was always busy at this time in the A&E section of the hospital but it was what you had worked for since you were little. The doctor dream that so many kids had, only yours never changed.
“Hello Katie” You grin, looking through the file you had been given, “And what’s happened to you today?”
The little girl was sat in the bed with tears building in her eyes already and her dad sat beside her.
“She fell off her bike in the park and her leg landed underneath it” Her dad explains and you can tell he is highly worried.
“Well that doesn’t sound nice does it” You frown, “Let me have a look”
Her dad pulls down the material of her sock and Katie cries out as it touches her wound.
“Im sure we can get this cleaned up in no time” You smile, going to get a bandage from the drawer.
The father now looks pale with concern.
“Go get yourself some coffee or a water. You seem like you need it” You comment reassuringly.
“Are you sure?” He raises his brows.
“Of course” You nod, “And how about I use one of the extra special wraps for you?”
The little girls face lights up at the sight of the pink bandage in your hands and by the time her dad returns she’s sat on the bed laughing as you explain about the poster that hung upon the wall.
“(Y/n) I’m really sorry but there’s some guys here for you in room 14” They specifically requested you" The assistant explains and you frown instantly.
“Umm yeah okay” You reply, “Looks like I’m off to save another life” You grin to Katie, “Keep that all wrapped up and make sure you don’t play with the bandage too much. You’ll be back on that bike in no time”
“Thank you so much” Her father smiles in relief.
“Its all in the job” You chuckle before switching back to the task at hand. These so called ‘guys’ in Room 14 that had asked for you. It was strange really. Usually people in A&E cared more about themselves than the doctor that took care of them. Scrap that. It was always the case. Why would anyone ask for you to specifically help them when the hospital was in this much of a rush?
Just as you had subconsciously known, all seven of the sidemen were sat in room 14 despite the limit of three.
“What the hell are you-” You start until your eyes fall on your long term boyfriend Simon laying back on the bed with his arm hung over his stomach.
“We were filming and then-”
“And then we started-”
“But then i-”
All of them start to frantically explain the situation in their own way to you.
“Alright enough” You raise your voice enough to reach over all of theirs. They all shut up instantly and find their places across the room. Away from the bed.
“Thank you” You sigh, walking over to your boyfriend, “What happened babe? Are you okay?“ You question with automatic worry.
“JJ happened” He glares over at his friend jokingly, “We were filming and he hit right into me.”
You cautiously lift his arm and see him wince instantly, causing you to release it, “Alright you’ll have to go for an xray okay? I’ll go get the guy now. You lot can stay in here”
“Can’t we come with him?” JJ asks in a panic.
“No of course not, get yourselves some drinks and I’ll come let you know how he’s getting on” You comment.
“Are you not coming with me?” Simon frowns, wincing
“No babe I’ve still got patients to see to. I’ll be right back as soon as possible honest” You nod.
“Okay” He replies and you buzz for the other doctor to come in, who does instantly and soon Simon is off.
“You guys try not to make too much of a havoc and if you need anything then there’s a drinks machine and a vending machine down the corridor” You explain hurriedly.
You rush off to see to another patient all the while with the fear of exactly what had happened to your boyfriend.
When you and Simon first started dating you knew that you took on his friends too. They were like having six children sometimes. And today was proof of that.
When you returned to the room to check on them they were busy trying to wrap Vikks head in a bandage from the drawer.
“What on earth are you doing?!” You exclaim, glad that you finally had a bit of a break to sort them out.
“(Y/n) help!” Vikk squeals though it is muffled as Ethan wraps the material round his mouth.
“Guys seriously I can’t leave you alone for two flipping seconds can I?” You shake your head, taking the bandage from them and unravelling it yourself.
“When is Simon gonna be back?” Harry questions, flopping onto the bed.
“I’m back boys!” He calls from behind you at the door, his arm now wrapped in a cast with a sling hung round his shoulder.
“Broken” You state, the doctor side of you coming out, “I’m guessing only in one place”
“That’s what they said! I told them you were my girlfriend so they said I’d be fine!” He chuckles.
“Of course you will be, she’s basically Florence what’s her name” Ethan cackles.
“Nightingale” Tobi finishes for him, laughing.
The boys all start chatting.
Simon slings his one good arm round your waist.
“Was someone worried about me babygirl?” He mumbles.
“Yeah these six assholes” You smirk and lean round to kiss his cheek.


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