doctor shoe


First of all, apologies to @seven-dragons for using her screencap of Lucien and Jean sitting in their living room.

She posted it to make the point that everything is so brown, but the thing that really struck me was…shoes.

Who wears shoes in their own living room in the evening? If you’re going to sit and knit or read, surely you kick those shoes off, even if you put slippers on instead?

No one in DBM ever seems to walk around barefoot or in socks. Yet I only wear shoes outside the house, and I didn’t think that was unusual.

I thought Jean might be wearing slippers in 4.3 (the second pic) but they didn’t let me see her feet, so maybe she’s still wearing those maroon shoes.

And Blake may have spent all night sleeping and drinking in the chair in his study, but he certainly never took his shoes off.

I know these were more formal times, but still. Do you think Jean wouldn’t think it was right to take her shoes off because she’s the housekeeper? I don’t know.


#FBF to the first Thrasher Magazine King of the Road issue in 2004 featuring a Dr. T era Tony Trujillo getting the cover shot for team Deluxe. 

Check out all 4 colorways Tony’s newest Old Skool inspired shoe, the TNT SG, at, doctors orders!

….does anyone else suddenly have the powerpuff girls theme song stuck in their head

In other news, I got the perfect hipster glasses to cosplay Osgood.  I don’t really need anything else - I can assemble the rest of her outfit from stuff I have in my closet, because apparently I already dress like Osgood. *shrug*