doctor pls you should know by now

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Hello, recently found your awesome blog. Im f 29 yrs. I've ruined my lower back in the last 3 yrs by lying sideways on my bed most of the day, now 1 side near hip hurt too bad. I want to change now & reduce weight some 20kg, fix posture but what exercise as it even hurts if I walk on treadmill for 30+ mins. Doc just gave vitaminD, calcium & said to fix posture. Dont think its working to help back at all. I know its awful what I did to myself & im too late but better late than never​? Pls suggest

Hi there! You’re not a lost cause! Honestly, doctors are seldom the right people to go see for lower back pain, because that’s not their areas of expertise. You should get assessed by a chiropractor or a physical therapist.

Improving posture, minimizing dysfunctional movements, and breathing properly will go a loooong way. Strengthen your core and your glutes, and you’ll have a resilient lower back in no time ;)

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you know i literally never thought of intersex Jou before but now i'm suddenly curious, pls tell me more?

ahh im not intersex myself so if anything i say is out of line that is absolutely my bad & yall should feel more than free to call me out BUT:

intersex jou is really important to me because 1. i think it adds a really important & complex layer to the issues of coming from a family of doctors. for me, at least, it’s really compelling to have a jou who spends so much time trying to deal with the baggage of the way medical professionals deal w/ intersex people and how to feel abt a family who is part of that institution. it also, for me, makes it really important that he does end up becoming a doctor and probably working actively to change that institution. i also think that 2. it makes a lot of sense in terms of his anxieties related to being a chosen child (”why is it me? why has this happened to me?”), and 3. i think the movement across what’s considered physically “normal,” but is still totally natural, adds a lot of really cool parallels to his relationship with ogremon, who crosses over the lines of what’s expected of “”virus”” digimon.

tldr i think intersex jou adds a lot to his character & parallels and its one of the headcanons i dont talk abt a lot but i really love