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Waiting to Dream

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Pairing: McKirk

Prompt/Summary: Headcanon that Jim naps in Len’s office.

Word count: 1,207

Rating: Everyone. It’s pretty much just pure fluff

Beta’d: By the wonderful @thislovelymaelstrom

           Leonard walked into his office, still staring down at the PADD in his hands. He got settled at his desk, jumping a little when he heard a soft snore. Whipping his head around, he saw Jim fast asleep on the couch in his office, having somehow managed to cram himself comfortably on it. Letting out a small sigh, he turned back to his work in front of him.

Jim hadn’t been sleeping much lately. It was getting to the point that Leonard was going to force him onto medical leave due to exhaustion. So, despite the fact that Jim was supposed to be on the Bridge or in his ready room, Leonard let him sleep.

After a few minutes, Leonard’s comm beeped, and he glanced over at Jim quickly to make sure it hadn’t woken the blonde up before answering it. “Doctor McCoy here.”

“Doctor, would you happen to know the location of the captain? He is not on the Bridge, nor is he in his ready room,” Spock asked.

Leonard looked over at Jim again, then answered, “Not at all.”

“Very well, thank you, Doctor.” With that, Spock hung up.

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Carlos the Scientist and Rose Tyler: Trapped-In-An-Alternate-World Buddies!

I wanted to write like a paragraph or two describing what I think is going on in the picture, and then it became a kind of short story…

It didn’t take long for Carlos and Rose to realize that they had a lot in common. They talked about the adopted homes they longed to return to- places where the people they met were strange and wonderful, and where time worked differently, and everything excited them.

Carlos remembered reading something about the Doctor once back in Science school, and found it interesting to talk to someone who met him first-hand. Rose told Carlos about the regeneration she witnessed. “The new one- he has smaller ears. He’s taller and thinner and likes to wear a suit with trainers instead of a leather jacket. And he has great hair. Amazing hair.” Carlos’s expression changed when she said that, and Rose couldn’t tell if he was trying to hold back a laugh or a cry. “What?”

“My boyfriend says that to me, sometimes. That he likes my hair,” said Carlos. “I can see and talk to Cecil on my phone, but I haven’t-” he let out a small shaky breath-“actually seen him in a long time.”

Carlos showed Rose pictures of Cecil on his phone, which was more advanced than her currently state-of-the-art mobile. It seemed to be from her near future. Rose didn’t have any pictures of the Doctor, but said she’d try to send a picture of him to Carlos when she returned. They traded numbers.

The teleporter chimed. It was finally fully calibrated and ready to take Rose back. Rose was grateful that Carlos was able to show her how to fix it. They were both a bit disappointed, though- Rose felt good talking to someone who understood, and Carlos missed human interaction more than he’d like to admit. They hugged each other goodbye. “Take care, Rose,” Carlos said, smiling, but a little sadly, as she faded back to Pete’s World.

There was a huge commotion when Rose appeared back in Torchwood. She had been gone for nearly a couple of weeks in their time. They thought she had disappeared forever.

They tried to locate the desert where Rose found herself, but according to their calculations, it didn’t really seem to exist. She tried to text Carlos, but it only made her mobile catch on fire.

Though Rose and the Doctor’s human double missed adventuring among the stars as a Time Lord and companion, they found their world was fantastic in its own way. Life wasn’t perfect, but it became wonderful once they accepted it for what it was. They eventually got married.

The Doctor’s double padded into the kitchen one night for a midnight snack, only to find his wife already sitting at the counter. Rose was on the laptop, listening with her headphones to the  live feed of the mysterious radio signal that Torchwood recently discovered. It was from a strange town somewhere unknown, but most likely in the deserts of America. Everyone at work loved listening to it, especially Rose. She was crying.

He turned on a  light to get her attention. “What’s wrong? Is it your friend?”

Rose laughed a little as she blew her nose. “He made it back!”

She patted the stool next to her, unplugged the headphones, and turned up the volume. She clicked back to where the current signal started and listened through it again with him.

 Rose and her husband held hands as they listened to her friend and the radio host joyfully reunite live on air. They didn’t let go until long after the signal faded away for the night.

Only on Grey's Anatomy (I so miss the Great Old Days)

Doctors who rants in spanish

Doctors who runs like a criminal

Female Doctors who doesn’t speak girl

Doctors who feigns sleep

Doctors who miserably walks in the rain

Doctors who builds houses

Doctors who plays Softball

Doctors who sucks at catching and pitching

Doctors who hits another doctor through coffee

Doctors who can’t help their libidos

Doctors who loves accidents

Doctors who proposes inside the elevator

Doctors who punches their patients

Doctors who tends bar

Doctors who plays a gun ball

Doctors who sniffs another doctor

Doctors who kisses above a vent

Doctors who screams on their patients

Doctors who plays golf on hospital rooftops

Doctors who drinks at the woods

Doctors who flirts inside the NICU

Doctors who laughs at the funerals

Doctors who trolls for cases

Doctors who cuts LVAD wires

Doctors and their killer bangs

Doctors who talks in their third person

Doctors who rolls in their wheelies

Doctors who plays basketball inside their office

Doctors who falls in love with their patients

Doctors who purposely drown themselves

Doctors who runs like a maniacs

Female Doctors who breaks penises

Doctors who owns a shiny pager

Doctors who kisses on staircases

Doctors who make out inside the elevator

Doctors who dances it out

External image

External image

Doctors who practices medicine on a pig

Doctors who fakes cries

Doctors who proposes while driving

Doctors who has inappropriate reactions in a serious situation

Doctors who fakes sadness

Doctors who wears hot dorky eyeglasses 

Doctors who wears high heels during surgeries

Doctors who rides a motorcycle

Doctors who lives and dances at the hospital basement

Stress-eater Doctors

Doctors who dances inside the OR

Male Doctors who talks girl

Doctors who plays cupid inside the OR

Doctors who wears hats and lingerie

Doctors who talks to their sandwiches

Doctors who cheers for Penis

Doctors who slaps asses

Doctors who dances while cooking

Doctors who sings Itsy Bitsy Spider over the phone

Doctors who does dirty things on the kitchen floor

Singing Doctors

Doctors who gets infected by poison oak

Doctors who gets crazy about the rain

Perky Doctors

Drunken Doctors

Shirtless Doctors in order to save a baby’s life

Doctors who plays Angry Birds while waiting for a big trauma

Doctors who eats pizza after getting laid

Doctors who sutures on a banana

Doctors who’s heart lives in their vagina

Doctors who flirts with the nurses

Doctors who begs for sex

Doctors who cage fights another doctors

The “Vajayjay” Monologue

Doctors who pouts much

Doctors who has sexy butterfly tattoos

Shirtless Doctors

Doctors who kisses after breaking up

Badass Doctors who screams like a baby bitch because of bears

Doctors who turns around like a soldier

Gorgeous Redhead Doctors

Hot Blonde Doctors

Good-looking Black Doctors

Sexy Brunette Doctors

Doctors who eats like a hungry beasts

Doctors who lost their panties after getting laid in the exam room

Doctors who unethically asks rich patients to help sick orphans

Doctors who operates while a gun is being pointed at them

Doctors who almost killed their fellow doctors

Doctors who cries because of authority issues

Doctors who can’t stop crying

Doctors who does mantra every surgeries

Doctors who plays rock, paper and scissors

Doctors who eats chips while moping

Doctors who threatens their bosses

Clumsy Doctors

Doctors who keeps 8 Million $ check for days

Doctors who furiously drives ambulances

Doctors who pimps their patients

Doctors who does dirty things inside their office

Doctors who body block their superiors

Human Doctors who treats animals

Doctors who goes fishing to let go regression

Doctors who twits inside the OR

Doctors who bakes their emotions

Doctors who recites their wedding vows inside the OR

Doctors who admires their superior’s boobs

Doctors who purposely throws a ball at their opponent’s boobs

Doctors who caress their colleague’s boobs

Doctors who operates inside the elevator

Doctors who gets drunk while playing Softball

Doctors who kisses inside the playing field

Doctors who can’t get enough of sexting

Doctors who does dirty things inside the conference room

Doctors who throws Coq Au Vin straight to the trash bin

Doctors who wears diapers during long hours surgeries

Doctors who drills burr holes on a patient in a ferry boat

Doctors who talks to a Heart-in-a-Box

Doctors who doesn’t know how to do a simple appy procedure

Doctors who lives in a trailer

Doctors who gives medical instructions over the phone while operating

Doctors who breaks down inside the OR

Doctors who breaks down outside the OR

Doctors who breaks down at the OR gallery

Doctors who always have wholesome threesome in their beds

Doctors who wears silly hats while on duty

Doctors who wears hello kitty undies

Doctors’ fondness of using McLanguages

Doctors and their ridiculous nicknames to each other

Doctors with their famous straws

Doctors’ unlimited “Seriously” expression

Doctors who posed for Bethany Whisper lingerie

Doctors who fantasizes their colleagues in their dreams

8 years and counting of Quality TV Drama

Badass Doctors

The “I’m your person.. You’re my person” Friendship 

Lovely Weddings

Runaway Bride Doctors

Slap Kiss













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Oak Island
Robert Faulkner/Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton/Peg Leg
Oak Island

Faulkner: What do you make of it?

Connor: They all appear to be parts of the same piece of leather.

‘It lies under the eagle’s bed, near the wolf’s abode, close to a tree kissed by fire and abreast the rock that does not fit.’ And a route to an island. The symbols remain elusive.

Faulkner: That’s Oak Island. I’ve sailed past it half a hundred times. A forgettable isle to say the least.

Connor: The location seems to be the easy part.

Faulkner: Aye, and we’ll be waiting for you the moment you want to get after it.

Peg Leg: Ya actually found somethin’? Ha ha ha!


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