doctor mrs the monarch

Its all fun and games until you find fanart of a chick with a dick wider than her arm and nearly as long as her torso

Put that away, Doctor Girlfriend, Sally Impossible doesn't want that, even though her dick is bigger. 

That’s too much dick, what are you expecting them to do with it? play baseball? because clearly those aren't going inside anyone unless murder is in mind. Sex would destroy them. THOSE DICKS WOULD EVISCERATE THEIR ORGANS. It’s like taking one of those parking posts and stabbing someone to death with it.

this is a proper example of the magnitude that was those ladies’ cocks.

I don't know their agenda, they might be trying to knit the biggest sweater using penis knitting needles, i don't know. But i have very mixed feelings on whether or not i want to know what it was they were planning