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Doctor Strange:  Halloween

So it’s actually old Marvel Canon that Doctor Strange was born in 1930 (He’s not aging as Sorcerer Supreme) and his father was something of a… well, kind of an asshole who discouraged anything fanciful and what he considered frivolous.

Stephen’s Father didn’t even believe in celebrating Birthdays and once punished Stephen for showing pride in a blue ribbon he won for a spelling Bee.  As a child Stephen Strange had a natural attraction to Magick, unaware of the innate powers waiting inside him.  However his father squashed that interest around the age of eleven.  

Doctor Strange is essentially what would have happened if Harry Potter had not been able to attend Hogwarts until he was in his forties.  

Now fast forward to 2016.  Here we have the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  It doesn’t precisely follow the comics at all.  In fact it plays loose and free with a lot of canon.  However it keeps the canon fact that poor Doctor Strange has never experienced Trick or Treating for himself.  So toward the end of the episode called “Strange Little Halloween” Spider-Man talks Doctor Strange and Ant Man into trick or treating with him and the first stop they make is Nova’s door where this happens…

This is now my favorite Halloween gif set. 

Another moment I love from this cartoon series is the first episode we see Doctor Strange Spider-Man asks him to guess what number he’s thinking of.  Doctor Strange replies with “You’re not thinking of a number.  You’re thinking of flapjacks.”  And sure enough he was right. 

What AHS fans really need...

Okay, Imagine a mini season of American Horror story, only about 3 or 4 episodes. Only two actors, Evan Peters…and Shia Labeouf. Shia Labeouf, as himself, a ravenous cannibal chasing Evan Peters, a man desperately fighting for his life in the dark woods.

American Horror Story: Shia

The Signs as Fantastic Four Characters

Aries: Johnny Storm | Human Torch {Fiery, impulsive, optimistic, irritable, impatient, easygoing, takes initiative, very active, high energy, egotistical}

Taurus: Ben Grimm | The Thing {Steady, reliable, determined, confident, tough, caring, stubborn, obstinate} 

Gemini: Scott Lang | Ant-Man {Quick, verbal, intellectual, restless, changeable, inconstant, superficial, inconsiderate, flighty, hides behinds jabs and jokes}

Cancer: Susan Richards | Invisible Woman {Emotional, sensitive, giving, intuitive, centered, maternal, assertive, fiercely protective of loved ones}

Leo: Victor von Doom | Doctor Doom {Vibrant, confident, relaxed, can become violent or hotheaded when challenged, controlling, monarchical, intellectual, natural leader}

Virgo: Reed Richards | Mister Fantastic {Equally at home with both the powers of change and order, intellectual, struggles with emotions and their expression, calm, rational, perceptive, critical}

Libra: Jennifer Walters | She-Hulk {Engaged in the pursuit of balance and justice, full of energy, confident, daring, bold, encouraging, creative, charming, shrewd}

Scorpio: Valeria Richards {Vengeful, intense, unsettling, blunt, direct, truth-seeking, their penchant to ponder deep and mysterious things can make others feel uncomfortable}

Sagittarius: Franklin Richards {Optimistic, confident, positive, jovial, child-like, concerned with wisdom, freedom, and exploration, imperious, impatient, reckless}

Capricorn: Medusalith Amaquelin | Medusa {Practical, materialistic, regal, calculating, ruthless, realistic, profound, defensive, caring, disciplined}

Aquarius: Darla Deering | Miss Thing {Airy, idealistic, altruistic, abstract, novel, individualistic, quirky, eccentric, fearless, independent}

Pisces: Peter Parker | Spider-Man {Sensitive, dreamy, intellectual, unworldly, imaginative, emotional, prefers to follow than to lead, prone to bouts of self-loathing and depression}

Getting a good grade on a test because you didn’t go to any of the fun parties during the weekend

Fandoms February 2015

Star Wars

Absolutely Fabulous 

Game of Thrones 

American Horror Story 

Doctor Who


Harry Potter 


Whouffaldi literature (1/?)

What was it like to lose him? asked Sorrow.
There was a long pause before I responded.

It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me-
said all at once.

Three Questions, Lang Leav.

Labour pains

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AN: GIF isn’t mine

Pairing: Scott Lang x reader

Prompt: Could you please do a scott lang x reader where the reader is pregnant and in labor and has complications (breech something like that) and scott is worried about yours and the babies safety. With fluff please? Can the baby be a boy as well? Thanks!

Warnings: im really sorry if any of this is major incorrect. I don’t  know much about pregnancies so i tried to google some stuff but still not really sure so im sorry if this is terrible!

Writer: ~Emma

You woke up to a sharp pain coming from your stomach. At first you thought that this was it. The baby was coming. You had never felt anything like this before and you began to scream in terror as the pain happened again. 

Your sudden scream woke up Scott, who was asleep in the bed next to you.

“Y/N? what’s happening? Are you okay? Is it the baby?” he panics.

“Take..” the words barely manage you escape your lips. 

He jumps up from the bed and runs around your room, making sure that you had everything that you two had talked about for when this was to happen.

As soon as everything is ready Scott returns to you and helps you into the car. 


You lye on the stiff hospital bed, awaiting the doctor to return with information on what was going on. Scott sat beside you, his hand in yours. He had been super calm this whole time. While you on the other hand were freaking out. You clearly were not in labour and it seemed as if the doctors were taking forever to come back to the two of you with results of what exactly was going on. All you knew was something was not right and it hurt.  A LOT.

“Mrs Y/N Lang?” a doctor asks as she enters the room. 

“Yes?” you reply eagerly. You attempt to sit up but she shakes her head.

“Please stay lying down dear, we just need to do a scan” she smiles as she looks through your medical documents.

The doctor squeezes a tube of cold jelly onto your stomach and begins to scan you. Your eyes flicker from the screen to the doctors face, waiting for any sign of bad news.

After a moment she turns off the machine and smiles at you sweetly.

“Just as I thought. The baby is fine. However it is also Breech. This means that the baby is facing the wrong way. This can cause some complications during the birth and you may have to have a c section. Here are some booklets with information on ways you may be able to persuade the baby to turn around” She hands you some tissue to wipe away the jelly from your stomach and then hands Scott the booklets, 

“I’d like to see you again in a week if possible?” the doctor asks.

“Of course, ill be here” you shake her hand. “Thank you very much doctor”


To your surprise, Scott spends a lot of time reading the booklets the doctor gave you and researching ways to turn the baby around naturally. He got you doing all kinds of things, from walking around your living room on your hands to laying upside down on the sofa. However nothing was really helping.


“Hey sweetie how was your day?” Scott asks you as he walks into the kitchen.
“The baby hasn’t turned if that’s what your getting at” you snap unintentionally. Looking rather taken a back by your response, Scott kisses your cheek and heads to your bedroom to get changed.You finish cooking the dinner as he leaves, you didn’t mean to snap at him but you just really didn’t feel well today.

After the food is done you dish it up onto two plates and place it on the table. Just as you begin to get drinks for the two of you Scott walks back into the room and takes a seat at the table. You bring him his drink and he mutters a “thank you”. The two of you sit at the table, eating your dinner, in complete silence. 

“Have I upset you Y/N?” Scott asks, after some time.
“No, no no you haven’t” you begin. “I’m just not feeling great today” you choke, trying to hold back your tears. Tears? What was going on with you? You had been like this all day, tearful one minute, giggling for no reason the next. Heck you even threw a glass at the wall earlier for no reason at all.He smiles sadly at you. “I think I’m just going to go to bed”  you state, getting up from your seat at the table and picking up your plate. You kiss his cheek “I love you”.
 "I love you too" he calls after you as you leave the room

When he comes to bed, you are still awake. You don’t move though. You just lay there in the silence, listening to his hollow breathing as he drifts off to sleep. After a while, you too fall asleep.


You wake to an excruciating  pain in your lower stomach, you had no idea what the hell was going on, an ear piercing scream falling from your mouth.

Scott instantly jumps up from his deep sleep, pure fear in his tired green eyes, and fusses over you. He rubs your back and shakes your arm slightly.
“What’s wrong Y/N?” he cries out.
“The…Baby” you make out between deep breathes.


After a long night at the hospital, you discover that the pain you experienced was just the baby turning around.


“So, everythings okay?” Scott asks the doctor for the hundredth time.

“Yes” she chuckles. “He is perfectly healthy” Scott smiles at this until it clicks in both of your heads.

“He?” you ask.

“Yes?” the doctor asks, cocking her head to the side.

“It’s a boy?” Scott almost squealed.

“Yes, you didn’t know?”

You shake your head and she smiles sweetly. “Congratulations on the both of you, You’re going to have a son”.

The doctor leaves the room, closing the door on the two of you.
“Omg!!!” Scott beams, waving his arms around like a small child, “We are having a son!”

“I know” you laugh, slightly shocked.

In an instant, his soft and sweet lips are pressed against yours. When he pulls away you see the goofy smile plastered over his face. 

“I love you so much Y/N”

Hope this is okay my lovelies! xo  ~Emma

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