doctor in trenzalore

When I get out of these catacombs, if I ever do, I’ll change my ways. No more adventuring for me. No more dashing about time and space, taking mad risks, playing blind man’s buff with death. I’ll return to Gallifrey and lead a life of quiet contemplation throughout all my remaining regenerations. I’ve still got a few centuries left. I’ll treasure them, eke them out second by second as if each heartbeat was a diamond, worth more than all the galaxy. I’ll … I’ll donate my TARDIS to the Presidential museum. They’ll appreciate that. Sightseers will point to it and ask: ‘Whatever happened to the madman who used to wander the universe in that thing?’ And the curator will say, ‘He learned his lesson and came home for good.’ Perhaps … perhaps I’ll be the curator.
—  The Briggs Doctor after running into his future tomb and dead TARDIS in Alan W Lear’s 1985 Cloud of Fear. To summarize, we have “no more”, the madman in a box, the Curator, the Doctor’s future tomb, and the Doctor’s dead TARDIS. Doctor Who is like poetry. It rhymes!

“With every victory, the town celebrated. In time, the Doctor seemed to forget he lived any other life. And the people of the town came to love the man who stayed for Christmas.”


I bring proof of courage and comradeship. What is this ship and why are you here? Identify yourselves by species and planet of origin! 

Callout Post for Murray Gold

Murray Gold, you guys, does not get enough love. So I am here, armed with a list of my favorite pieces from each series of Doctor Who. It was meant to be an orderly list, with one favorite per series, but it kind of devolved into a shouty mess about music. (Which should be expected. Last year I got an email from Spotify detailing my listening habits over the past year and apparently I’m in the top 1% of Murray Gold fans. THE MAN IS AWESOME OKAY.)

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The Doctor has a secret
He will take to the grave
The secret wasn’t discovered
It is the place he was lain

The men with white faces
Top hats
Black lips
Teeth of glass

River, even in death she does speak
Jenny, alive though her heart was too weak
Vastra, fierce, she will never give up
Strax, extremities will keep him on top

Impossible girl
How impossible are you?
Born to save the Doctor
But will that honestly ensue?

A crack in the TARDIS window
A world of black and death
Break into the tomb of the Doctor
Where River might have drawn her last breath

The Great Intelligence
And it’s non-existent snarl
Will there ever be a ‘morrow?

Memories once locked away
Now in Clara’s mind to stay
The Doctor will die if he tries to save
Clara will die inside his grave

The key is a name, lost in time
The name is not word, nor rhyme
Open the doors that hold your doom
“I will not open my tomb.”

Doctor, Doctor
Doctor who?
Answer the question
Or they’re hearts will stop soon

From Gallifrey to Trenzalore
From legend to forgotten lore
Everyone who lived must die
The planets that were once saved
Now the Doctor will cry

The Dalek Asylum
Victorian London
“I don’t know where I am.”

Torn across the Doctor’s time stream
How painful that must be
Clara, how brave you were
How you faithfully believe

“What I did, I did without choice.”

“I know.”

“In the name of peace, and sanity.”

“But not in the name
Of the Doctor.”


Okay, Help Me Figure This Out...

(Warning, spoilers ahead)

If the Doctor really does kill Davros, and the Daleks are never created, then…

  1. The Timewar never happens
  2. Thus, the Silence never happens
  3. Thus, nobody blows up the TARDIS
  4. Thus, no new regeneration cycle
  5. Thus, the Doctor gets no thirteenth regeneration
  6. (Thus, no one kills Davros)


  1. No crack in Amy’s wall
  2. Thus, Amy and the Doctor never meet
  3. Thus, no River Song
  4. Thus, no one to save him in the Library
  1. If the Timewar never happens, the Master never gets the drumming in his head
  2. Thus, he never goes bananas
  3. Thus, there is no woman in the shop
  4. Thus, no Clara to save the Doctor
  1. Without Daleks, Rose never becomes the Bad Wolf
  2. Thus, Captain Jack never becomes immortal
  3. Thus, the TARDIS never tries to shake him off and they never go to the year 100 trillion and thus, never meet the Master
  4. Thus, the Master is still stuck at the end of the Universe
  5. Thus, again, no woman in the shop (see above)

What the f**k is going to happen in the next episode?!??

Headcanon: For some strange reason, Ten remembers bits of the events in The Day of The Doctor so when he said “I don’t want to go” in the season 4 finale,

he was actually talking about Trenzalore. Chronologically speaking, the first time he said it was in Day of the Doctor and he was referring to Trenzalore.