doctor horriblestuck

So I looked at some Doctor Horrible Homestuck stuff

Honestly I’d like to hear what people think of the idea.  That if you had to pick specific characters to take on roles from Doctor Horrible who you would pick for what.  Mainly because I’m curious how people would incorporate ships into their thoughts.

Like one drawing I saw suggested Eridan as Horrible and Feferi as Penny.  Feferi definitely has the right attitude to be Penny, or at least most seem to feel, but I’m curious how many think Eridan would fit as Horrible.  I mean he is treated poorly, giving him a motivation to do evil, but Eridan is successful at doing bad things.  Which is why Eridan may not quite be the right fellow, at least in my eyes, because Horrible seeks being evil so he has power and control, not because he necessarily enjoys evil doings.  Though then perhaps Sollux would be Hammer it could be interesting.

Another I saw was Sollux as horrible, Aradia as Penny, Equius as Hammer, and even Karkat as Moist.  Other than it being amusing that they thought out this much, it is an interesting use of relationships.  Both Sollux and Equius have their relationships and ships with Aradia, and Karkat and Sollux are best friends.  If anything the idea feels less ship-driven when you think about what little interaction Sollux and Equius had.  Maybe they would be like Horrible and Hammer.  Equius no doubt would make comments on Sollux being a lowblood, but Sollux could actually keep up against Equius.  Not really sure what to think.

I think something funny could be done with some of the human/troll ships.  Like Jake, Aranea, and Meenah.  Though not sure who would be who, since even though Jake thinks more like Horrible, he kinda did hand Meenah’s ass to her.  Or perhaps Karkat as Horrible, Terezi as Penny, and Dave as Hammer.  Far more for teh lulz.  Like putting them in the roles but having them be in-character.  They’re required to be in certain places and have what they say and do end up the basic jist of what happens in the story.  I’d be amused how that could turn out.  I’m just entertained by these thoughts.

Anyone else have some ideas?  I’d love to hear them.