doctor gloves

  • *the morgue*
  • John: *waiting*
  • Sherlock: *enters*
  • John: *annoyed* At last! I've been here half an hour. Where the hell have you been?
  • Sherlock: *removes his magnifying glass* Bathroom *examining the corpse*
  • John: *raises an eyebrow* For half an hour.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Yes.
  • John: *nods* Right. Sure *pauses* so how's Molly?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *quietly* She's fine.
Solangelo hc's

- it’s flirty bantering 24/7
- little to no physical contact at first
- glaring when they steal each others food because yours tastes better but it ends up into laughing because you made eye contact too long
- when people point out they Nico is smiling and random skeleton hand pops out of the ground and grabs onto there ankle just to scare them
- canoe races. Not romantic dates. Races.
- there teenaged boys yes there horny but no!! Physical!! Contact!!
- like in the future yes but at the beginning it’s all a fun and games
- I legit can’t see them making out until there 16 and even then its making out as in kissing longer than 30 seconds
- and than it leads into wrestling and star gazing and trying to find a dick in the stars b/c there teenage boys vvhat do you want from them
- Nico was raised to be against gays he had an internalized homophobia and is still weirded out by his desires until he remembers how great will is and will can’t possibly be wrong
- like why would anybody ever not like will? He’s honestly pure sunshine?
- they go skiing you can’t tell me otherwise
- Nico’s got frail bones and he sprains them easily which is annoying
-(it’s never an excuse to see will don’t ducking talk to me about lift up your shirt doctors orders or some shit)
-(he honestly just had crappy bones ok he needs to drink more milk)
-Nico’s always okay with will touching his shoulder or putting an arm around him
- and he’ll fall asleep on him sometimes at sing along fire thingys (bonfires?)
- will has this anxiety that his only talent is medicine and he can’t even save everybody?
- And although everybody’s like your great at it!! He just thinks no I’m not my own brother died??
- Nico’s got a mood disorder and doesn’t really make it out of his way to talk to people, but he doesn’t really only talk to will either??
- the word boyfriend is still weird for him like,, he knows there dating and stuff and he’s cool with it but labeling it that it’s just weird for him
- most of there time together is laying on nicks bed sucking on doctors office Lollipops
- they randomly dance sometimes when Nico’s feeling down.
- like they’ll close Nico’s cabin blinds and turn on heavy metal and just bounce on his bed and jump around
- wills got that accent where certain words are said with it and others aren’t
- Nico curses in Italian under his breath sometimes and that is how will learned Italian
- suddenly vvhat Ciara says makes sense to him after hearing Nico enough
- Jason doesn’t interrogate him and neither does percy and nobody is over protective of Nico anymore than they should be like
- they barely see eachother since Jason is in California and percy is at home??
- Nico becomes better friends with the campers than he ever was with the seven
- will wears his ski jacket ALL THE DAMN TIME
- it’s all in good nature
- let’s stop the doctors orders thing it’s just a joke they have nobody takes it seriously and if anybody at camp ever thinks they use it as an excuse well when Nico does cabin check he gives them a bad grade
- like suck it you idiots
- Nico wearing doctor stuff like gloves
- putting water in doctor gloves and making hand turkeys together to decorate the hospital at thanksgiving
- zombie doctors for Halloween
- bisexual will is canon will
- checking out other campers and getting jealous of the other
- Nico making it known there together when someone try’s to flirt with will
- Nico legit having an agenda against paolo like we can’t even understand him for all I know he’s been asking you to marry him like he’s not even that hot will wtf
- will; yeah no your hotter
- followed by tons of blushing and shut the fuck up will don’t be so gay
- Austin and Kayla and will are best friends and Nico just tags along
- let Nico have friends his own age 2k17
- legit fighting while fighting monsters like
‘Will you can’t fucking ask the monster to stop attacking us’
‘Well have you ever tried too’
‘No I haven’t because I’m fucking sane’
And this is while Nico is stabbing it and will is standing there helpless because nonviolence unless it’s self defense
- will has a whole thing about violence because it just means more work for him
- like when you were a teenager when did you ever go out of your way for more work??
- will having those no drug pamphlets and no sex ones from glee that Emma had
- Nico reads them for a good laugh
- idk autistic will / very high functioning
- wearing flip flops while at the hospital even though it’s a safety hazard
- wills scrubs are wearing baggy clothes and tank tops because he’s too lazy to find actual scrubs
- there are no more lollipops when he tries to hand them out because Nico and Kayla fucking ate them all
- Nico trying to spare with will but it doesn’t work so he does it with Kayla and she’s like meh
- he gets so angry because he isn’t challenged and will just like
- suck it up


✨🌙🌱 k a e l  . r e f 🌱🌙✨

  • @dogwoodly did this for me thank you so much ilu 

🌱 a b o u t🌱

  • is a forest sprite turned into a human
  • loves to farm and forage 
  • also a bitch yikes. 
  • snooty personality accept she doesn’t talk (at all)
  • and she owns a lil tea shop

🌱 w e a r i n g🌱

  • doctors mask
  • white gloves (not pictured)
  • green overalls and a moon tee shirt
  • grey socks and oxfords
  • jacob’s ladder (not in game but i imagine the flower turns to a deer horn while no one is looking)
“On the Night You Were Born”-an Everlark one-shot

It’s definitely been awhile, but it’s @keelaree‘s birthday and I’m coming out for my girl!

Have mercy…I’m still a little out of my writing element…

Summary: A fateful, rainy night brings an interesting patient into Dr. Peeta Mellark’s ER…

Title—but not plot—taken from the famous children’s book.

 On the Night You Were Born

She walked into the emergency room of Panem Hospital, quiet and unassuming. Her thick, ebony locks pulled into a ropy braid that rested against hunched, exhausted shoulders.

In the hubbub of the lobby, packed with late-night drunken injuries and feverish children with their parents, Dr. Peeta Mellark noticed her right away.

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sparklykittyanimeboom  asked:

May I ask for some embarrasing headcannons of what our Diaboys do? Thank you 😁


~ Had the most Hellacious snore. Laito regularly complained as did Kanato.

~ He went in for a haircut once and asked for a trim. As per usual, he dozed off in the chair but in doing so they buzzed a straight line down the middle of his head. Shu was promptly forced into a crew cut to hide the mistake.


~ For the longest time Reiji was afraid of the dark, and could only sleep in Shuu’s room, or his mother’s room, which (as you could imagine) didn’t happen often. His solution: A nightlight that he created and still has.

~ He tried a goatee in the 2000’s. It didn’t work. Kanato set the damn thing on fire. He was not allowed to do that ever again.


~ Lost his trunks during Gym class one day. They were practicing diving and they just slipped right off of him.

~ Ate pizza one day without thinking about it and let out what can only be called a death fart in the middle of a test.


~Wet the bed until an uncomfortable age

~ Went to school in the girl’s uniform once. He didn’t really think too much about it at first since Ayato gave him his uniform and he just trotted on to school. No one dared say anything.


~Has worn a diaper in a sexual manner because of a lady partner’s mommy fetish. Ayato found out and even Laito didn’t want to talk about it.

~ Picture this: Condoms are the newest thing on the market. They can prevent pregnancy like nothing before. Our local sex maniac buys several cases. He uses one and notices an itching he has never felt before. He then goes to a doctor using latex gloves noticed small itchy red patches everywhere he touches. It was on that day Laito cried. He was no better off than he was before and he had itchy junk to go with it.


~ Ayato slipped his stuffed bunny into his backpack one day and had it zipped so that the bunny was hanging out of it like it was going for a ride. Subaru got lots of female attention that day and nearly killed Ayato after the fact

~Subaru watches soap operas. Particularly long series like The Young and The Restless, which is the only thing on at 2 in the afternoon when he can’t sleep and Reiji is too cheap to buy decent cable. He and Laito meet up to watch new episodes. They keep these meetings fucking covert.


~ Burned water once when trying to boil eggs. He swears that he forgot that the water was on the stove, but was standing right next to the stove. Never boiled eggs again.

~ Actually had frosted tips in the early 2000’s for a bit. Until he had Yuma help him and he went blonde for a week. Kou made him dye his hair black again. He couldn’t take it.


~ It was the late 90’s and the Scream series was really popular. So to spook his brother, Yuma dressed up as the infamous Ghostface and hid in Kou’s closet. When Kou opened his closet door he instantly screamed like a 2 year old girl and then fainted. Yuma nearly died of laughter.

~ HE’S WAS THE ORIGINAL FUCKING BRONY. But not the shitty type he actually genuinely likes the show and characters and all the. He once openly fangirled in front of his brothers because a new rainbow dash figure had been released. He’s been collecting them since the 80’s when they were first released.


~ Gets brain freeze unusually easily. He’s a very large man and despite having a sweet tooth the size of the canadian tundra the man can’t handle the ice cream.

~ Refuses to talk about the 80’s. Mistakes were made. Permed mullets were had. He is not proud. Also don’t get him started on the way pants looked and were sized. He was a very angry permed man in the 80’s


~ He forgot his name once. Ruki had been trying to get his attention for almost half an hour and said “Azusa! Listen!” and Azusa blinked and said, “Huh? Who’s Azusa?” Once he put two and two together he just went, “…Oh…”

~ Azusa is really, REALLY into Shibari, and has a tendency to get a little…tied up. Once Yuma had to get him down from the ceiling (Azusa was naked mind you) and no one even knows how Azusa got up there to begin with. Hell, even Azusa doesn’t know.


~ Kino got lost after walking outside for 5 minutes without Yuri. 5 minutes alone and he somehow ended up 5 miles down the road at some random corner market getting directions from Josh, the cashier.

~ Once mistook salt for sugar while making Kool Aid (Or some other powdered beverage). He was distracted by the pretty colors and the fact that he almost had the high score on his handheld game that he didn’t notice until he took a sip and spat it all over Yuri who had just walked into the room.


Request: Hello darling. I saw you take requests :D Could you do Crowley x reader, where reader is Lucifer’s daughter and reader finds out that she is pregnant and reader with Crowley have to tell the news to Lucifer?

Requested By: @karlamoriarty

Warnings: Language, pregnancy, anxiety

Word Count: 1,180

Pairing: Crowley x Pregnant!Reader, Father!Lucifer x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Reader, Crowley, Lucifer, Doctor (Actual medical doctor, not the doctor)

A/N: I hope you like it girlie! I tried to follow the request as much as I could, but I kinda took it further than I thought I would lol. I’ve got lots of free time this weekend so keep requesting!

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Chris Pine Imagine

So many sounds. Non of them good. Chris sat at the hodpital waiting room praying. He hadn’t done that for a long time, but there he was praying to God asking to save the love of his life. Please, I can’t live without her. God please save her and our baby girl.

When Chris found out he was going to be a dad, he was more then excited, but also worried. He didn’t think he was ready to be dad, but with time (Y/N) showed him he was. If I lose them, I’ll lose my mind. (Y/N) changed my life, please god. Chris kept praying. All the sounds made him freak out even more. He couldn’t take it anymore so he got up and walked to the door. He told himself I’m not running away. I just need air.  He felt bad, for walking out at that moment but all that was around him made him freak out. Chris walked out letting the cold wind run through his hair. The coldness eased his nerves, but the memories of (Y/N) scared face and shaky voice came back to his mind.

“Chris, what’s wrong?” she looked so scared, so helpless.

“I don’t know” Chris really didn’t but by the look of the doctors face it wasn’t good. Minutes later I was being pushed out of the room

“What is going on? I need to be with my wife. Let me back in”  he yelled at the nurses and the doctor.

“I’m sorry sir but we have to take her to the operating room. The baby is slowly suffocating.  and if we don’t operate now they both will die. I’m really sorry.” and they walked away, leaving Chris in shock and total helplessness. With tears coming to his eyes he backed up until he hit the wall and dropped down on to the floor.  It hurt him to feel like he could lose someone he loved like no one he has ever loved. He couldn’t even imagine how she was feeling.

As Chris remembered that horrible moment his mom came out and call him. Before turning around he wiped away his tears.

“Yeah?” he looked at his mom and saw a look he didn’t like to see “No.” he said stepping forward and then back. “No. Please no” he couldn’t accept it. He couldn’t believe it. Chris ran past his mom back into the hospital and in the direction of the operating room, right then the doctor came out. Chris froze seeing the blood stained gloves. The doctor  looked at Chris then to the side.

“Is she..” he couldn’t finish. He didn’t want to say it. That words should never be spoken about the women he loved. As he stood there trying to understand what was going on, trying to wake himself up since he thought it all was a nightmare. He really wished it was a nightmare.

“Mr.Pine?” someone spoke behind him, as he turned his eyes met with a sleeping baby. He looked at the nurse “This is your daughter.” She said giving Chris the sleeping baby. He hesitated at first but took her in his arms. She looked so much like he mom. As Chris watched his daughter sleep he turned to the doctor.

“She will be fine. Your wife needs some time. This was a hard operation but she will be fine. Unfortunately you can’t see her right now.” happiness came over him. He didn’t hear what the doctor said after, he was so happy to have his daughter in his arms and to know his wife is going to be okay, he just didn’t care about the rest.

Chris sat at the nearest chair and watched as his daughter opened her eyes, she didn’t cry it even looked like she tried to smile.

“Hi beautiful. I’m your dad. I love you. Hope you’ll love me too” he sad laughing to himself. “And your mommy is here too, she just needs some rest.” he gently kissed his daughters head and sat there in all the sounds, sounds that no more were laud and angry.

Happy Anniversary

Gladio x Reader

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First gladio fic 

NSFW/SFW kinda… 

Word count: 2725

“Gladio”, you cooed out seductively from bed.

It was your one year anniversary and Gladiolus and you were spending the whole weekend together.

Which is why you whipped out your sexy black and red lingerie that you had just recently purchased for this occasion.

“One sec babe” Gladio called back from the bathroom.

Smiling you shook your head as you began to lay back down on the satin pillow. A few minutes’ pass and you hear him come into the room, the weight of his body slightly dipping the bed as he joined you.

“Hmm.” he hummed as he admired you’re figure as he rolled over to hover above you. “This all for me?”

“Mm hmm.” You said slightly biting your lower lip. You gave him your most seductive bedroom eyes. “You want to try it on?”  

Gladio stopped his gaze towards your body and gave you a confused look. The corners of his mouth formed a smile and you giggled in response.

“So you got jokes now, huh babe?”

Any comeback that you had for him quickly vanished from your mind as he pressed himself into you. Feeling his erection against your core, you let out a small moan as he continued to rub himself against you.

Waking up a few hours later, you reached behind you hoping to feel Gladio’s muscular back, only to find yourself alone in bed. You sat up, but furrowed your brow slightly at the pain between your legs. It was a satisfying pain though, as you remembered the way Gladio ravaged your body with pleasure, multiple times. You smiled to yourself as you slipped out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.  You went to open the door to the bathroom but saw that it was already ajar, the golden dim light slightly peeking through the opening.

“Gladio?” you asked as you pushed the door open.

He was sitting on the small velvet stool next to the shower, jumping slighting at the sight of you he quickly covered himself with a towel.

“What are you doing?”

“Ughh… N-nothing.” He stuttered as he adjusted the towel.

Raising your eyebrows to him you saw a slight blush begin to form on his face. Crossing your arms, you let out a little sigh. He attempted to give you a cute smile but failed as you held your ground.

He took a deep breath, and leaned slowly back against the wall, letting the towel fall to the ground he let you look at his dilemma.

You tried to keep in your laughter but you couldn’t. “If you wanted to go again, you could of just woke me up.” You walked towards him kneeling in-between his legs as you reached to touch his erection.

He quickly smacked your hand away, not looking you in the eye his gaze was focused elsewhere.

Your eyes widened as your mouth opened almost simultaneously, completely in shock at being rejected by him.

“No, no y/name it’s not you.”  He said, now looking down at his member. “It’s not that. It’s…just I…”

You placed your hands on his thighs, tilting you head slightly to look at him. “What’s wrong Gladio?”

“It… it hurts…” he mumbled still looking down at the floor.

“Hurts? How can it be…” your voice trailed off as a thought came to you. “Wait, is this… the same one?”

Nodding his head slightly he then looked up, making eye contact with you.

You could see the pain and embarrassment in his eyes.

In complete shock your mouth dropped open once again. “Did you… take anything?”

His shoulders started to droop. “I tried an ice pack, a cold shower” he mumbled almost so quietly you barely could hear him. “Nothing has helped”.

“How long has it been since you took whatever it is that you took?” You asked, unsure of how long ago it had been since this all started.

He glanced at the clock hanging above the toilet. “Five and a half hours.”

You sighed to his response as you stood up. “Okay, well we have to go to the hospital now.”

Gladio’s head quickly turned upright towards you his mouth agape. “What?!”

“You have to see a doctor if it last more than four hours.” You said calmly exiting the bathroom.

In a panic Gladio stood up too fast, only causing him to sit back down from the throbbing pain. “No, ahh dammit.  No! We… We can.”

Rolling your eyes at him you started to jokingly elaborate the effects of a prolonged erection. “We can and will go to the hospital. Because if you don’t and the blood stays in there for too long, it’ll form blood clots and then it could start to damage the tissue or the nerves. And then guess what happens? It probably won’t be able to stand ever again. And if there is too much damage ya know, they might have to cut some of it off.”

His complexion lightened in shade as his eyes closed tightly, he groaned. “Okay, fine! Let’s go.”

You put your hair into a loose pony and quickly slipped on a pair of jeans and t-shirt. You giggled quietly under your breath at the slight of Gladio getting dressed. You offered to help him but he wouldn’t let you. He struggled to get on his favorite pair of pants, so he changed into the baggiest clothing he could find, paired with a baseball cap to attempt to be as low-profile as possible. He glared at you before walking towards the door, ignoring your muffled laughter.

You drove to the hospital and walked into the ER. As you entered you noticed a few wheelchairs. Knowing that a chance like this was likely to never happen again you chose to pick jokes at your helpless lover.

“Do you want me to push you to the waiting room?”

Not wanting to feed into your corny teasing Gladio let out a sigh and continued walking towards the check in desk.

“Hi, can I help you?” the nurse asked.

You bumped Gladio when he didn’t respond to her, but then you looked at his face. He was just standing there, brow furrowed, his mouth clenched tightly shut. He looked almost frozen.

You leaned forward on the desk to talk to the nurse, you whispered to her. “He’s had almost a six-hour erection.”

Her smiled faded a little as she sat back slightly in surprise. Covering her mouth, she quickly held back a chuckle. You took a moment to glance at Gladio to see if he noticed. Completely oblivious, he was now staring at the entrance, most likely thinking of a possible escape and what the outcome would be of his manhood.

Turning back to her you then proceeded to answer the form she gave you about the ‘patient’ and his current condition.

“It should only be a few minutes.” She told you as she gestured for you both to sit in the waiting room.

You walked with Gladio towards the waiting room. You went to reach for his arm to walk next to him but he gestured for you to just walk alone as it would most likely only anger his erection further.

Sitting down in the uncomfortable chair you glanced around to see a few other people, it was pretty late.  You turned to look at Gladio, he was so tense, his hands covering his crotch. He was staring intensely at a particular part of the floor.  

“You trying to burn the carpet there Superman?”

He didn’t respond to you verbally; his hands however began to grip the handles on the chair.

You attempted to rub his back, hoping it would help him to relax. He didn’t move though; all his muscles were so tense and he was sweating lightly. You had to turn away quickly from the smile beginning to creep on your face.

A few moments later he was called back by the doctor. As you stood you thought he would want to walk alone since he gestured you off him earlier, but he quickly grabbed your hand to walk closely next to him.

The hospital gown the nurse gave him barely fit, his ass cheeks were complexly exposed. You offered to go get him another robe but he rejected by just siting promptly on the bed. You smirked at him but he just looked away as you let out a giggle. He glared at you as the door opened and the doctor came in. His face went pale when he noticed the doctor was female.

“Okay, Gladiolus. Says here that you have a prolonged erection with pain?” the female doctor asked still looking at the clipboard. She turned in her chair and reached over to the cabinet to open a drawer, grabbing a pair of gloves. “I’m going to need to examine you to see if there is any damage, and then we will go from there.”

Gladio gripped the exam table tightly as his head turned back slowly between you and the doctor.

The nurse could see his frustration. “If there were any male doctors on call tonight I would call them in, but I’m the only one here tonight. And to tell you the truth I see this more often than you think, this isn’t something I have never seen before so try to relax.”

Not loosening his grip on the table he looked over to you again, but you just giggled. “You heard the woman, whip it out Gladdy”.

Clenching his jaw, he took in a deep breath and laid back.

The doctor examined him quickly. “So everything looks good, I don’t see any tissue damage or bruising.  To start I’m going to give you some medication to stop the blood flow and we’ll check on you in about 45 minutes and see if that works.” She gave you both a quick smile and then exited the room.

Gladio hadn’t moved from his position, still laying facing the ceiling with his eyes tightly closed. You pressed your lips together holding in your giggles as you rubbed his arm gently.

“I’m so glad that you find this so funny.” He grumbled.

“I’m sorry.” You said as the smile on your face grew larger.

Around an hour had gone by and you both were still at the hospital.

“Gladio, I’m bored. Oh I know, a game of baseball! You love baseball. You got the hat, and we can use those doctors’ gloves.  And look you already brought the bat and balls with you.”

“Shut up y/name.”

“I know how much you love camping, but did you really have to pitch a tent in here too?”

“Shut up”

“You know Gladdy? I read in this book once and it said that men have enough blood to flow to their brain and their penis but it never said anything about at the same time.

“Shut up!”

“I think we should test it out, it’s not like we’re doing anything else.”

“No.” he said as he sat up and scowled at you.

“Come on what’s five times five?

Just then the doctor came back into the room. “Well it looks as if the medicine isn’t doing its job, so were going to have to go to plan B”. She said as she started to search in her cabinet.

You leaned over to him. “Hey, what’s five times five?”

Gladio’s glaring intensified, so much that you were sure he was going to set you ablaze with those amber eyes of his. “You can go.” He growled.

The doctor turned to place her tools on the small table next to the bed. She started to unwrap a syringe and then placed the needle on the end of it. “Alright Gladiolus, I’m going to use this to draw the blood out.” She said nonchalantly.

You rose from your seat and were about to leave as you were told, but Gladio’s hand quickly shot up and grabbed your arm. He stared at you, in what you could decipher was pure panic and worry, his eyes were so wide and his face had lost all color.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to just stab you. I’ll numb the area first so you will just feel a small pinching sensation.” She said as she continued to prep the needle.  

A quick, almost bird like whine escaped from him as you attempted to wiggle out of his death grip. Your arm started to go almost numb from how tightly he was holding on to you.

“If this doesn’t work out, then we will have to go with plan C” the doctor said as she moved closer to Gladio with numbing cream.

“What’s plan C?” You asked biting the inside of your mouth, Gladio’s grip was beginning to feel as if he was tearing your arm from your body.

“Plan C is invasive unfortunately. I’ll have to make a small incision and put a shunt in to help to drain the excess blood.”

“Y/name, I think I’m gonna pass out.” He murmured, letting your arm go as he dropped his chin to his chest.

Rubbing your arm you sighed and then started to massage his head, toying with his soft hair. You smirked as you leaned in closer to whisper in his ear.  

“If your head drops any lower, you’re going to end up poking out an eye.”

“YOU. are not helping.” He said with rage in his voice, that soon calmed as he saw the doctor turn to him with the needle prepared.

As the doctor proceeded with the needle you stood by him. He gripped your hand tightly as your free hand was running through his hair.

“It’s almost as if you are giving birth. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a father.” You joked with the most devious of smiles on your face. “I think I like the name (babyname) for a boy and (babyname) for a girl, what do you think?”

“I hate you.” He hissed, griping your hand tighter.

A short while later the two of you were walking hand in hand out of the hospital. Gladio was walking as if he just got done giving birth, his steps were stiff and slow.

“Hmm, it too bad the needle worked, I was starting to get used to the more helpless version of you.” You said as you sat down in the driver seat.

He let out a halfhearted groan as he tilted the passenger seat back. “You just think you’re so fucking funny don’t ya?” He said as he lowered the bill of his cap to hide his face.

“Last time I checked, I just spent our anniversary night with you in the ER, I think I deserve to pick fun a little.”

He tipped the bill of his cap up and turned to face you. “Y/n. My dick. Got stabbed. With a fucking needle.”

You stared back at him frozen, but that quickly turned into raging laughter, so hard that your eyes began to water.

Rolling his eyes he crossed his arms and slumped further into the seat.

You tried to stop your laughing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Gladio, your right. You’ve had a rough night, my poor, poor baby.

Still avoiding your gaze he let out a tired huff and continued to pout.

“I know why you did it though. You wanted to make sure this weekend was special, even though you didn’t need to.” You said trying to sooth his bruised ego. You reached over to rest your hand on his chest. “You’re the best I’ve ever had and ever will have in bed, you don’t need a silly little pill to please me.”

While Gladio continued to ignore you, you started to offer some enticing conciliation. “We still have tomorrow remember? Let’s go home and get some rest and in the morning I’ll make your favorite breakfast. Then we can spend the whole day relaxing or doing whatever it is you want to do. Watch some of your favorite movies, cuddle?”

You leaned over to him, pressing yourself against his massive bicep. “I’ll make you some ramen with pork for dinner…”

His eyes quickly popped open. “You promise?”

You cupped the side of his face to turn his lips to yours as you kissed him softly. Sitting back you smiled sweetly at him.

“I Promise.”  

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