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Reasons why I’m in love with Ardyn Izunia

Okay I needed to do this because of reasons

1. He’s majestic af

Did you see the way he moves? Did you hear the way he talks? He is so regal and at the same time he’s this kind of “jester” type of character. He is extremely versatile and can go from memelord to daddy in 0,001 seconds. And he does it so well.

2. His style

Again. The way he moves and the way his clothes and hair both sway along… So dreamy. His garments are so over the top and the way he just puts his hand on his hip while standing around, he’s so extra. Also, his haircolour is my fetish. And when he pulls out that umbrella, hoo boy. Yes please.

3. His voice

Do I really have to say anything here? His voice is absolutely GORGEOUS and I’m saying a big thanks to his voice actors, because he sounds good in literally every language. (Even in German and I usually don’t like German dubs, because they all sound a bit artificial to me)

4. His car


5. His story

This might be a bit of a long point so I’ll try to keep it short. I love his tragic backstory. I’m a whore for tragic backstories and his hit me right in da kokoro. I have already made a post on how he has done nothing wrong, because basically everyone betrayed him. If I was him I’d want revenge too, especially if I had millennia to plan it. But it’s the little lines that hurt me the most. Like “I have lived in darkness for AGES!” and being erased from history once more. You can really see that he suffered all this time and I just want to give him a hug and be there for him (although I know he is full of demons and there is probably only a very small part of the former him left but hey).

And in the end he got all he wanted. It went all according to his plan. 

Ugh. I love him. 

There are of course more reasons, like, he’s super mischievous and nails it, his face when he gets all demon-y (!!!), his fedora, his ability to shift time (Doctor Who reference? Fedora and scarf anyone?), his fucking chuckle, okay you know what his entire character seems tailor-made for me and I’m just so happy we got him. Thank you, Square Enix. 

Christmas in the fandoms
  • Whovians: So, what did everyone get?
  • Sherlockians: We got a video that made us sympathize with Anderson, of all people.
  • Supernatural fandom: *grins*
  • Whovians: Ugh, ew. The guy who lowers the IQ of the whole street?
  • Sherlockians: The very same.
  • Supernatural fandom: *grins*
  • Whovians: Well, we got the Doctor regenerating. No more Matt Smith for us.
  • Sherlockians: Ugh, fuck the BBC.
  • Supernatural fandom: *grins*
  • Sherlockians: What did you get, Supernatural?
  • Supernatural fandom: Renewed for season ten.
  • Whovians: FUCKING WHAT.
  • Sherlockians: FUCKING HELL.
  • Supernatural fandom: *grins*
  • Whovians: How did you pull THAT off?
  • Sherlockians: You made a Crossroads deal, didn't you?
  • Supernatural fandom: .....Maybe.