doctor facepalm

I love Doctor Strange's costume, but...
  • Wong: wake up Strange we gotta fly other-dimensional beings are here to kill everyone on Earth
  • Strange: ok just let me get dressed
  • Wong: ...
  • Strange: ...
  • Wong: seriously dude the entire continent of Asia is pretty much a crater rn
  • Strange: I know, I’m almost ready. just six more belts and then the arm bands
  • Wong: ...
  • Strange: oh and my boot straps. but yeah almost ready
  • Wong: *facepalm*

I promise, it’s meant to do that.

Registrar: Okay, so why have you come into emergency today?


Registrar: …uh.


Registrar: … are… are you delirious? Confused?


Registrar: … have you tried a sandwich?

Diagnosis: Borborygmi/Tummy rumbles

over the outer wall

of ba sing se

(btw, watched republic city hustle again, which you can probably see in the designs. it was goooooood)

  • allistic: do you ever think about anything but your special interest?
  • me: yeah
  • allistic: what about?
  • me: my other special interest
Clara doesn’t see autistic!12 as a tragic figure at all.

The 12th Doctor can pass as neurotypical around people who aren’t familiar with autism. Passing for him is like doing mental sleight of hand over and over to hide his issues. There are days where he has to listen to people mutter about their autistic kids and how hard it is, but he can’t bring himself to say anything because he doesn’t want to risk outing himself. 

The Doctor is very accepting of himself and his autism in this incarnation, but he’s not ready to be super open about it to just anyone.

Only Clara sees the exhaustion when the Doctor goes off in private to stim all the tension out after a day of passing. 

Sometimes he melts down and Clara is there to hug him tight and help him pressure stim until he’s calmed down again. He either goes nonverbal, gets extremely hyperactive or just wants to take a short nap. 

Clara seethes whenever she hears someone say “you don’t look autistic” to anyone and will sharply reply “and how would YOU know what autistic looks like?” while the Doctor is facepalming behind her.

Clara’s image of the Doctor’s autism isn’t tragic. His autistic traits are the things that make him the Doctor to her.

  • It’s him suddenly waltzing her around the TARDIS because he’s happy.
  • It’s him nibbling the pad of his thumb as he’s trying to piece together a mystery. 
  • It’s watching his silhouette wave his fingers in the sunlight pouring through a window. 
  • It’s cradling him in her arms as he’s coming off a meltdown. 
  • It’s lying on top of him to help him pressure stim when he can’t sleep. 
  • It’s hearing him joyfully speak technobabble about something that makes him super happy. 
  • It’s exchanging their ritualistic Wednesday kiss, which is one forehead-to-forehead bop, two nose nuzzles and three pecks on the lips. 
  • It’s reminding him to eat and drink because he doesn’t feel his hunger or thirst cues.
  • It’s seeing him point out details she would’ve missed. 
  • It’s his one-handed thumb wiggle or his hands clasped finger wiggles.
  • It’s him not quite comprehending a statement until she rewords it a different way. 
  • It’s him stumbling over words or not being able to get a simple sentence out without rambling. 
  • It’s him tugging his coat lapel to smell his pocket chalk.
  • It’s him rocking back and forth while chewing his No Gloom ‘Shroom and looking blissful as he plays the same chord on his guitar over and over.
  • It’s him suddenly springing into action with a wild gleam in his eyes because he figured out a plan.
  • It’s him murmuring “Clara, Clara, Clara, Clara…” –sometimes he does it in his sleep.

Those are the things Clara loves about the Doctor, and those are the things she has taught him to love about himself.

BTS at the hospital


Doctor: Sir how did this happen?

Jin: It was just so beautiful, it was out of this world, it was like heaven…

Doctor: What?

Jin: My face in the mirror. ~❀◕ ‿ ◕❀~


*doctor comes in and shakes his head*

Suga: What’s wrong?

Doctor: You got a very severe case….of swag.

Suga: Damn….  /puts sunglasses on/


Doctor: Okay so tell me Hoseok, you said you were just visiting your family. How did this happen then?

J-Hope: Well you see I was attacked by a horse…

Doctor: But how did that happen? Did you and your family go to a farm?

J-Hope: They live in the farm….


/doctor walks in/

Doctor: So what’s wrong with you young man?

Rap Mon: I-I-I CAN’T SEE!

Doctor: Well maybe you should take off your sunglasses when you’re inside…

Rap Mon: NEVAHH!!


/doctors comes in/

Doctor: So how did you break your leg?

Jimin: I-I was trying to reach the jams and I finally had it when I fell…

Doctor: Well…you will never have jams young man.


V: /pouts/

Doctor: Why so sad?

V: Now that my finger is bruised I am not able to teleport anymore….

Doctor:  /facepalm/


Doctor: So what do we have here?

Jungkook: My belly hurts a lot /cries like a baby/

Doctor: Aww there there poor baby. Here, have some candy.

/Jungkook smiles and heads over to the kids’ playing room and starts coming up with plans on how to kill the other members/

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anonymous asked:

Exo reaction when you fall down the stairs on accident and hurt yourself really bad ㅋㅋㅋ

You wanna see them cry don’t you? I recieved a smilar ask “Exo reaction with gifs and words (if you want ) when you fall down the stairs and hurt yourself really badly” (maybe it was you?)

To make it easier for me I’d make their reactions when they wait for/with you at the hospital (I hope you’re ok with that).


Baekhyun; Makes dumb faces to make you laugh so you forget about the pain

Chanyeol; Tries to stay cool but he’s dead worried

Chen; Impatiently waits

D.O.; Doesn’t know what to do *helpless*

Kai; Dramatically exaggerated facepalm because doctors are too slow

Kris; Cries for you

Lay; Cries for you

Luhan; Tries not to cry (cuz he’s manly)

Sehun; Does gwiyomi to cheer you up

Suho; Cries for you

Tao; Cries for you

Xiumin; Does cute faces to make you smile


I hope you enjoyed it I’m sorry this is probably the crappiest I’ve ever made

Archaeologist. Love A Tomb. (Gallifrey Is Alive, Part 5)

Hey hey hey, it’s Theory Thursday! 

Let me open with this little epiphany: We all know that the Timelords are lost somewhere in the Universe, right? They are a lost civilisation. The Doctor is trying to find that civilisation.

And what do you need in order to find a lost civilisation? You need…

… an archaeologist!

Yep, I felt pretty stupid when I realised this. So today, I want to talk about how I think River will look for Gallifrey, and how I think she will find it. And I also want to talk about how I think she will mess up, big time. Poor River. But let me explain.

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If you feel that a work of fiction is discriminatory, ask yourself: 

Is this trope itself discriminatory?


Is the over-representation of this trope discriminatory?

Exhibit A: a story in which a woman is rescued by a man. 

It’s not unrealistic when a woman is rescued by a man. It’s not discriminatory for a man to rescue a woman. It’s not bad for a woman to need rescuing. It’s not misogynist for a writer to write a story in which a woman is rescued by a man. Unless the story’s moral is that every woman’s natural, inherent need is to be rescued by a man, the trope is not in itself bad.  

But it is a bit silly if most stories around you are about women rescued by men, and not a single story is about men being rescued by women. If that happens, it means that the trend is discriminatory. Not the individual works. The trend. Not the writers. But the discourse. The over-representation. 

There is no need to get angry at individual stories solely because of this. It is not okay to throw hatred at writers because they use a trope that is not, in itself, discriminatory. Aim your arrows at the over-representation of the trope, not at the trope itself.  

The trend can be fought by encouraging stories that offer different options. For example, by writing them yourself, by kindly telling writers that you’d enjoy seeing alternatives, and by promoting awareness of the over-representation.

This goes for just about every trope you can think of, in just about every fandom out there. 

This PSA brought to you by several years on tumblr and a lot of facepalming.