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Imagine one day Sara is super bored and she’s trying to find new Doctor Zone Fanfiction to read since she’s already read a lot of the good ones so she decides to look though the crossover section and somehow stumbles across this Doctor Zone/Ducky Momo fic. Now Sara had never watched Ducky Momo, she only knows that it was a cartoon for little kids. But since there was nothing really else to do and the doc DID include her favorite show ever, she decides to read it. After two hours of intensive reading Sara is blown away about how good the story turned out to be, and she leaves a long comment on the latest chapter gushing about how amazing the plot was and compliments about the writing style and the motifs that the author had sprinkled in. A day later the author responds to thank Sara for her kind comment. The two then get into a discussion about Their favorite characters and episodes of Doctor Zone and start to become fast friends. At some point Sara starts to watch Ducky Momo out of curiosity and then the discussion shifts to that show.
Over time Sara and the author start to talk about their own personal lives. The author talks about her brothers wild schemes and how their mother never seems to find out about them no matter what she did to get them busted. But even if her brothers are annoying they did try to help her out whenever she had problems that she couldn’t deal with them on her own. Sara talks about the curse th hat seems to follow her family, like how everything and she means EVERYTHING goes wrong when her brother is around and how frustrating it can get to live like that. But her brother is also one of the sweetest kids she knew and wouldn’t trade him for the world.
After about a year or so of messaging each other over the internet the two decide to meet in real life at the Tri-State Area’s Annual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention since they had at that point figured out that they lived relatively near each other.
When they day finally comes, Sara waits in the front lobby of the convention center wearing her hand crafted Doctor Zone costume on, just like she told the other girl. Suddenly someone wearing a giant Ducky Momo costume waddles up to her. The person takes off the top of the costume to reveal a tall read headed teen who smiles at Sara and Sara smiles back. And then she says “Hey, you’re Candace right? I’m Sara.”

Something Stupid-Part 1

Title: Something Stupid- Part 1 (title inspired by THIS song)

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: ~1427

A/N: Okay so this is a Prequel to a series that’s sort of been posted in pieces as one shots over the last month or so. If you aren’t in my NCIS tags and would like to be tagged for this series and the other one send me an ask and I’ll add you!

*updated with a new graphic by @yourtropegirl! Thank you my love it’s beautiful!!!

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Imagine buying Ducky a new bow tie for his birthday and it makes him really happy :) 

Requested by Anon~

You tried not to smile too much when you handed over Ducky’s gift. “I saw this and thought of you, Ducky. I know you probably have enough of them, though.”

“I’m sure I’ll love it darling.” Ducky lightly chastised, shooting a friendly smile before he carefully opened the gift. And sitting perfectly in the small box was a neatly-folded bow tie. It had a nice design; professional, but also something that just screamed ‘Ducky.’

The doctor looked up again, his smile widening. And yours did, in return. “This is a great gift. Thank you very much.”

Ducky was more than eager to hug you when you approached with open arms. And the hug lasted for a few more minutes than usual. “I’m so happy you like it.”

Cupcakes for Duckie!

Part two of the Fourth of July party posts belongs to Duckie from Virginia.

Duckie’s family wrote:

Kind Stuffed Animal Doctor,
Do you think you can assist in rejuvenating “Duckie?”  He is three years old and continues to be much loved by my 4 year old.   She has taken good care of him: no amputations, no eye enucleations, and no vivisection.   All his war wounds come from constant love and attention. 

We agreed Duckie would enjoy the cleaning, restuffing, and fluffing of a spa. Here he is on arrival at the hospital:

A bit gray, a bit flat… he started with a bubble bath, as many patients do:

But unlike many patients, the photo of Ducky in the bubble bath went to his little girl and I got another photo back, of her hugging the ipad photo of Duckie! :-)

While he was drying, a letter came from Duckie’s four year old person:

Dear Duckie,

I really miss you.  So much.  I got a little baby bear from Mary and Aunt Leigh Ann and his name is Baby Bear. And I really really really really hope you have a good time there and have lots and lots and lots of friends.  

Come home soon and have a good time there.  I still love you more than the baby bear.  



Of course, Duckie wrote back:

Hi L,
I really miss you too… but I loved my bubble bath and the doctor thinks I’ll get my heart in early next week.  Then I’ll be able to come home.
I love you too… maybe Baby Bear will be my friend.

This is a transcript of the response L’s dad sent me:

She loved the letter.   “How did he write that letter?”   “He didn’t write it, he told the doctor what to say and she wrote it.  Just like you did when I wrote what you said and sent it to Duckie.”  "Did Duckie really SAY that to her?“  "Duckie didn’t need to talk.  The doctor knows how to understand what stuffed animals are saying without their talking.  She is a stuffed animal doctor." 

Ducky got his heart as promised, yellow to match his fur:

 And then he was restuffed, enough to sit up a bit more but not too much to hug and squish.  And his fur was fluffed:

Duckie’s people planned a party for his return home too, and they sent photos!  Here is the entire gang waiting for him (including some older duckies and a brand new one who acted as a substitute huggee while Duckie was in the hospital):

And just in case you’re hungry, here’s a closeup of those cupcakes:

Duckie isn’t in these photos because he’s busy being hugged!  I have many photos of that too, but as you know, I don’t put humans on the blog without explicit permission… but the photos are in the hospital to encourage all future patients!

Duckie’s family wrote:

"He’s just right.”

dontmooatmeyo  asked:

hidden au: ducky getting various smooches by ld for the rest of her life

Yes. I accept this AU. 

“Alphaaaa~ Pay attention to me,” the lavender haired concubine whines as she stretches across the naga’s lap like a cat. 

“Hush, my dear, in a second,” they demon simply pats her head and returns to their spellbook. 

Ducky pouts childishly, but waits. And waits. And waits, til she can’t stand it anymore and tackles her alpha into the cushions of the couch, knocking the book out of their hands. The Love Doctor hisses, their forked tongue flicking in and out of their mouth as they scold the little concubine for interrupting them, and the potential dangers of improperly weiding a spellbook, but Ducky pays no attention. Instead, she giggles gleefully and and kneads their large breasts, and rests her head on them, purring like a kitten and wrapping her arms around their body into a tight hug. They’re so soft and squishy, she just loves how well she fits into them. 

LD huffs in response, shaking their head. What did they expect honestly? Besides, it’s kinda cute, but disobedient concubines must be punished and they have the perfect punishment just for her. They first stroke her soft hair, missing her trademark teal flower crown that day, and she coos louder, clearly enjoying the affection that she’s receiving. But without warning, LD wraps their arms around her back, lifts her up, and throws her on the other side of the couch and they hover over her, their positions now reversed. They allow Ducky to recover from the sudden movement for a minute. Once the birds stop swirling around her head, the concubine looks up in confusion….and in arousal. But the Doctor doesn’t give her what she wants today. Instead, they go for her neck, trailing sweet kisses all around her, while tickling her sides with their hands. Ducky laughs out loud and squirms, trying to push her alpha away and begging them to stop, but their strength is too much. 

“You wanted attention didn’t you? Well you’re getting as much attention as you want for the rest of your life,” the Love Doctor purrs and returns to kissing Ducky’s body, leaving no inch unsmooched. 

“T-This is not what I meant!” tears spring from her eyes, but her laughter rings loudly, her soul drumming as she’s filled with continuous joy. 

“Be careful what you wish for my dear,” LD flicks their tongue and curl their tail around her body, adorning their concubine with the love and affection she asked for. 

Ducky has no regrets.  

stanathanxoox  asked:

Please if requests are still open can you please do 3, 5 and 10 with LaSalle x reader? Love your prompts 😍😍



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Summary:  Leaving New Orleans is heartbreak.

Pairing:  Christopher LaSalle x reader

Warnings: Pure angst!

Word Count:  266

Reading Time: 1 minutes-ish

Request: Prompt list requests are closed - new prompt list coming soon.

Prompt:  #3: “Please don’t walk out of that door.”
#5: “Don’t you love me?”

A/N: ♥ I am so sorry for this angst fest! And thank-you for editing your prompts ♥ Feedback is always  welcomed and requests are open (no prompts), and you can be added to the tag list XoX

Tags: @emilyymichelle @lucifersagents @ncisfanficsandmore @spaceemonkeyyxd @of-badges-and-guns  @criminal-navy-writings 

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Imagine being Jimmy’s little sister, and getting badly hurt on a case, and Jimmy freaking out when he finds out, and Ducky having to calm him down? 

Requested by Anon~

“I knew this was going to happen sooner or later; I knew it!” Jimmy paced back and forth, fumbling around with his gloves, trying to get them off. “I have to go to the hospital. No, wait, I have to call our family and then go to the hospital.”

“Mr. Palmer…”

“No, I’ll call them when I get there. Somebody really should be there-”

“Mr. Palmer!” Ducky’s louder tone instantly silenced Jimmy, his attention turning towards the doctor. Ducky approached, placing his hands on Jimmy’s shoulders. “Slow down. Take a breathe, for God’s sake. Jethro said she’ll be fine, and she will.”

Jimmy nodded his head, forcing himself to calm down. And he finally pulled his gloves off. Ducky was right; you were strong. You’ll be okay.


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Title: Overdue

Pairing: Tony x pregnant!Reader

Word count: 592

Warnings: talk of pregnancy, implied pregnant!sex, fluff (I think that is all, PLEASE let me know if I missed anything-still learning as I write and post)

A/N: Okay, so I pulled inspiration from the episode(s) of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Rachael is overdue with the baby for this.  I also have a weirdly inordinate amount of pregnancy & birth knowledge because my mom is a Labor & Delivery nurse and well she always talked about it and I found it fascinating.  So, I’m pretty confident on what I depict here, but have no personal experience, thus no guarantee of accuracy.  Also, if you ever notice I’m missing certain tags, please send me an ask so I can correct them.  I’m still learning :)

Mid-July was not a friendly month at just over 40-weeks of pregnancy.  Y/N was miserable, and all the walking didn’t seem to be bringing Baby Girl DiNozzo any faster.  

Her maternity leave had started a week ago and with no baby yet, she was going stir crazy.  In an effort to keep her spirits up Tony called Y/N and asked her to come have lunch with him since their day was pretty slow.

Mrs. Anthony DiNozzo was a familiar face at NCIS and was able to get inside quickly.  Exiting the elevator as quickly as her body would allow she headed for her husband’s desk.  “Hey babe,” Tony beamed as he saw her approaching.  He stood and kissed her, wrapping one arm around her shoulders and the other hand rested on her belly.

“Hey,” she exhaled with a small smile through her exhaustion, “Hey Ziva, McGee—“she nodded to the other agents.  “Babe, do you mind if I sit?” she pointed to his chair.

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you meet luke at the hospital between his rounds. he had been working near 24/7 since beginning his work study program and you just wanted to see him. he comes walking up to you in his scrubs, blue eyes glassy with exhaustion and you smile a little, leaning in to kiss him. “i brought you dinner,” you say, sliding a box into his hands. he kisses your cheek. “you’re the best,” he tells you.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some Darcy x Bucky fanfics? :)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m not good as this recommending fics business, because I have a lot of preferences and things, but let me tell you about the best on ao3, in my humble opinion. I like big fics and I cannot lie, I’m patiently waiting for a 100+k fic tbh.

That Which You Seek,
45.801 words, WIP, one chapter left:

The man in the booth before Darcy stares down at his pancakes with suspicion.

A few days after Bucky discovers his true identity, Darcy encounters him in a diner 50 miles outside of D.C. having apparently transformed from a handsome long-dead war hero into a creepy, scruffy, pancake-hating serial killer. So of course she tries to help him.

and I wonder (if everything could ever feel this real forever)
15.371 words

Steve tells him that Darcy’s harmless. Bucky imagines, on paper, Darcy isharmless. HYDRA wouldn’t give her a second glance. But he does. He can barely keep his eyes off her. He’s not sure he wants to.

18.145 words

The Winter Soldier is on the run and no one is more surprised than he is by the fact that he is accompanied by a little boy who seems convinced that he is his father:

“What’s that, Papa?”

Papa flinches and looks at Stefan. “It’s called a Kalashnikov,” he says, in a strange voice. “You’re not to touch it, okay?”

in the blue dark
14.344 words

“Even in the darkness, she can see him fold in on himself. Just for a moment, she wonders if he’s lonely; she wonders if it’s hard having Steve as his only friend.”

Fury sends Darcy out with Bucky as mission support. They find out they have more in common than they thought.

Waiting For My Real Life to Begin
series, 18.596 words, WIP

As far as Darcy was concerned, James Barnes was a monster and it had nothing to do with the metal arm.

Or, Bucky becomes Darcy’s personal trainer and wont stop pissing her off.

Five Things You Can Do With a Cybernetic Arm
6065 words, part of a series

Darcy helps Bucky find things to do with his cybernetic arm that don’t involve killing.

Not that he asks her to.

The Worst Loneliness
4970 words

“’s not my first bottle. Besides,” he continues, his voice rough, “I’m not Steve.”

There’s so much in his tone. So much conveyed in those few words that, even someone who doesn’t know him, someone who’s only heard rumors and gossip, can put together the pieces. He isn’t Steve. He wasn’t frozen for seventy years, only to be thawed out, pristine and clean. He’s been used and he’s been the one who has done the using.

Bucky’s tainted and dented and tarnished.

shameless self promotion: I wrote one too :)

Doctor Stranger is ending this coming week.

Us LJS fans will be left without seeing him regularly on our screen yet again.

Despite the controversy regarding this drama, let’s just remember that these are the last two episodes. Let’s just enjoy the ride and fawn over him, shall we?

He always deliver 110%.
He is always stellar.
He is Lee Jong Suk.
I am always.. a proud fan.

“I expect a rendering of dat Capaldigan soon.”
“I’m working on it.”