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Five Disney Film Meme
  Favorite Disney Male (½) - Dr. Delbert Doppler

“Dangit Jim, I’m an astronomer, not a doctor!! I mean I AM a doctor but I’m not THAT kind of doctor, I have a doctorate; it’s not the same thing, you can’t HELP people with a doctorate, you just SIT there and you’re USELESS!”

iiriecadence  asked:

For the ship thing, Dilbert and Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet XDDD

OH MY GOD okay i’m sorry this took so long iirie basically i am trash (but you love meeee)

Gives nose/forehead kisses:  Typically Delbert, because he knows Amelia is more prone to private (*cough*SENSUAL*cough*) displays of affection and he likes catching her off guard.  However, Amelia likes the whole “two can play at that game” thing and tends to get in soft little pecks when she thinks he’s still asleep or he needs some kind of reassurance.  (He’s usually not fully asleep, and the gentle pressure of her lips makes it nearly impossible not to smile.)

Gets jealous the most:  AMELIA.  Definitely Amelia.  Because let’s be honest - she may be a badass feline, but she’s still a cat, and she still wants to be sure that nobody else gets their paws on her man.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive:  Amelia.  It doesn’t take much to get Delbert drunk.  He’s such a lightweight it’s laughable, and she usually does laugh when Jim spikes the doctor’s supposedly-virgin punch with a few shots of sweet liquor.

Takes care of on sick days:  Delbert.  Amelia’s immune system is usually a fortress, but if anything manages to slip through, it knocks her flat.  She likes to curl up against him and doze when she feels terrible, and he runs his fingers through her hair in a gentle caress when she starts to stir.  (She won’t admit to liking his coddling, but he knows her well enough not to need words.)

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day:  Delbert.  He is a dog.  Amelia is a cat.  Enough said.

Gives unprompted massages:  Both.  Amelia is somewhat more sensual with hers, but Delbert knows how knotted she gets when she’s tense and digs his thumbs into her shoulder blades without question.

Drives/rides shotgun:  Amelia tends to drive, but every now and then Delbert will make the “I KNOW I KNOW WILL YOU JUST LET ME DRIVE” joke and she rolls her eyes and lets him.  (At least they’re not fleeing an exploding planet anymore, right?)

Brings the other lunch at work:  Both.  Amelia tends to do it more since Delbert does most of his research from home, but every now and then she realizes how glaringly domestic it is and stops out of mixed pride and embarrassment.  Delbert understands and teases her about it, but he has been known to bring her lunches down to the docks on Montressor, and he loves watching her ears turn pink when he presents the food with a bow.

Has the better parental relationship:  Amelia was orphaned at a young age and Delbert’s parents passed away peacefully of old age.  So neither, I guess?

Tries to start role-playing in bed:  Oh God.  Delbert.  He tried to be all suave and crap once and Amelia was laughing too hard to continue with the fun stuff.  (He’s never tried again.  She likes him just the way he is.)

Embarrassingly drunk dancer:  Delbert.  Because he’s such a lightweight.  He’s a great dancer when sober.

Still cries watching Titanic:  Amelia.  She watched the Treasure Planet equivalent of Titanic once and wept throughout the whole sinking portion.  That night she dreams of death and ships splintering into pieces and supernovas and Arrow, and Delbert holds her while she shudders out years of trauma he doesn’t yet understand.  (She never watches the film again.)

Firmly believes in couples costumes:  Delbert.  Amelia is never amused.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas:  Both.  It’s not until after they realize just how far outside the budget they both went that they start panicking.

Makes the other eat breakfast:  Delbert.  Amelia is a woman on a mission and she tends to forget things like food when she’s got something on her mind.  Delbert practically shoves a breakfast tray into her face and refuses to get out of her way until she eats its contents.

Remembers anniversaries:  Delbert.  Amelia is good with ships, not calendar dates.

Brings up having kids:  Both?  I just see them both blurting out something about children at exactly the same time and turning all red and laughing and being adorable.  I need fluff in my life IS THAT SO WRONG

Thank you darling!!  (I had no idea how many latent feels I had for these two until now…)

I like how in Treasure Planet when Jim just found the back door at Ben’s place and is telling Dr Doppler that he has a plan and is about to jump through it that Doppler is just like “Wait! No! Ugh…woof” like just cause he’s animated as a dog and is frustrated, you’re gonna make him say ‘woof’? A+++ Disney :p