doctor cosplayer

Who is this cosplayer?

She was quite friendly, asked if she could get photos together where she was tugging on my tie and I said sure, as long as I got some too.

Pauli seemed to recognize this female Tenth Doctor when I showed her the photos after we met up again.  But now I’ve forgotten where she might have recognized this person from.

It’s been bugging me since Emerald City Comicon last April.  I ask for no other reason than my own curiosity, and to maybe find another cool cosplayer to follow on social media.  I’m assuming she made the dress herself, and it’s brilliant.

Anyone know who this cosplayer is?


Sakura Con 2017 and yay better pictures! (My brother’s camera is better than mine.) It was far too windy in Seattle for me to wear the hat, sadly, but Nine had a nice little ride in my scooter basket and the effect wasn’t lost entirely. Putting gold makeup on my eyebrows was kind of a mistake, they disappeared a bit! I got so many compliments on my dress and hair and I had a lot of fun. More fun tomorrow! :D

Two mad men with boxes that are bigger on the inside. And bowties. And long pointy thingies. And - I see a pattern…

Me as Newt Scamander, @companion36 as Niffler and the 11th Doctor
Day 1 of Comic Con Austria 2017

I haven’t done my Eleven Cosplay in a while!


Our friends at Doctor Who: The Fan Show were at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles this past weekend. Check out these absolutely amazing cosplayers that they met! 

nightvaleanime413  asked:

Have you ever been to eccc? I posted a picture of a 10th doctor cosplayer from that con last year. But i'm not 100%sure It's you.

That’s me, all right! I did a lot of looking over my shoulder poses right by the glass.


In honour of Doctor Who Day, I would firstly love to wish all whovians around the world a big Happy Doctor Who Day. You’ve probably seen these cosplay images so many times now but I just want to share them again as it Doctor Who Day.

Matt Smith aka The 11th Doctor is my Doctor. I love his character so much and he has inspired me in many different ways since his debut including this cosplay of mine. He is very missed.

Whovians unite!


Lucy Crewe from Twitter put together this amazing video of Whovians from around the world wishing Peter a Happy Birthday. I am so pleased to have put in mine and my sister’s contributions (the charities/causes GIFs at 4:54 and 8:15). The best photo that came out of Gallifrey One was with that 12th Doctor cosplayer, followed by video of one of the Doctor’s previous incarnations to wish Peter a Happy Birthday. ;) Mission accomplished! :)