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Modern Greek Mythology

 Hestia comforts the children of broken homes, she appears to them as a school councilor that always has cookies. They cry in her arms, and she lets them stay with her for as long as she can. She stopped calling home, stopped making strongly worded comments to the parents. All there is left are broken homes and suffering children.

 Hera sits next to her sister, holds her hand and thinks about the broken marriages that lead to broken homes. She listens to the couples yelling at each other while she walks on the streets. She holds the crying women, she listens to the hopeless men. All of the power that a goddess of marriage possesses cannot help the people who were betrayed by their closest ones.

 After a long day, Demeter sits on the ground in her garden, holds a cup of tea in hands that have dirt all over them. She wishes that more people would remember what is under all of the concrete. She feels the dying of her world, and curses those who do not care for it.

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The Doctor Who Fan Show marks 50 years since the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in England and Wales with a special discussion of LGBTQ in the worlds of Doctor Who. 


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Seven)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with David Tennant in DWM 378

BC: Hello, David.  Are you scared of spiders?

DT: I don’t mind spiders, actually. I don’t love a lot of things like that, but spiders, for some reason, I feel quite comfortable around. Moths are the ones that freak me out. It’s something to do with the way that, if they get squished, they turn to dust. There’s something very wrong about that. It all feels a bit Gothic.

BC: What about weddings?

DT: I’m scared of weddings, obviously, yeah. [Laughs] Actually, I’ve always had a good time at weddings. I’ve missed a few friends’ weddings over the years, which is always disappointing, ‘cos this job isn’t one where you can say, ‘Ooh, I need Saturday off to go to a wedding.’ But ones that I’ve been to - in recent years, anyway - I’ve had a great time at. They’re happening less frequently, though, aren’t they? People don’t really feel the need to get married so much.

BC: Now that you’re famous, do you get invited to celebrity weddings of people that you barely know?

DT: I’ve never had that. Why haven’t I had that? Now that you mention it, I’m a bit annoyed about that. What’s coming up? Somebody from Hollyoaks must be getting married or something…

BC: According to this week’s Heat magazine, Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee are tying the knot. It is - I quote - ‘the pop wedding of the week.’

DT: Why haven’t I been invited? I’m not happy

BC: Sod ‘em. Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes is more up your street, isn’t it?

DT: But I wasn’t invited to that one either. They didn’t get in touch. My invitation probably just got lost in the post. 

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Just because BATES MOTEL is over doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to this KILLER cast. Here is where you can see them next! You’re welcome.

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Any fics that make your heart feel funky (in a good way)

Here are some newer one shots that made my heart feel fluttery and warm:

Title: Meet the Potters
Author: petalstofish
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Family, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: Prompt: this water fight was such a good idea but oops now your shirt is see-through and DAmn you look good –> Companion fic to “First Meeting”

Title: The Yeast I Can Do
Author: elanev91
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 12,186
Summary: Dr Lily Evans had an absolute shit day at work. Luckily, there’s a bakery nearby that offers a course that she hopes will take her mind off of things.

Title: Still Young
Author: amoretentia
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: There’s a party to mark the end of the summer before Seventh Year, and it’s the first time he has seen Lily Evans in two months.

Title: Untitled
Author: liiilyevans
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: wizarding war + ‘James is injured by a hex he saw flying at Lily who is largely annoyed because you idiot the wedding is in two days, any more near fatalities before the big day and I will kill you myself potter’

Title: In the Blood
Author: roxanncweasley
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: presenting: the jily royal au no one asked for someone pls validate me i hate writing long fics

Title: Untitled
Author: marionetteblues
Rating: Unrated
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: lily evans, twenty years old, resting on her side, looking small in a king-sized bed. spine curved over, and a frown buried deep in her face. without it, she looks exhausted and stressed, but happy. with it, she looks weathered, and much older than she is. 

I knew SJM was going to heal Chaol. It’s the entire premise for the book, so of course she would. I just had no idea it would feel like this.

I know I made a vague post about Tower of Dawn, but then I tried to go to sleep and realised I was still pissed so here’s a detailed account of what the phrase “get up” means to me, an actual disabled person, rather than SJM, an abled person who decided to write a disabled character being healed by nothing but those two magic words.

So here’s what get up means to me:

It started with sleeping in. It got harder to wake up every morning. My parents were convinced that I just wasn’t motivated enough, so they kept telling me to (guess what) get up. Because that’s what you say to a moody teen that won’t get out of bed, right?

Then, I started falling asleep in class. I developed a rash over my legs that made walking painful, and the pain felt like it seeped into my bones over time, leaving my legs painful constantly. I walked oddly, stiffly, around the house and at school, and it aggravated a knee injury I had from a car accident 3 years prior, one that I thought had healed within 2 months of the accident. I was wrong, and I’ve continued to be wrong to this day. The rash healed, but my knee did not.

Eventually, I stopped going to school. I tried multiple doctors until I found one that my mother liked. This doctor seemed to believe that I should be woken at 7am every morning, come hell or high water. She misdiagnosed me with an autoimmune disease (easy to do, given that CFS bears striking similarities in some cases) and subsequently viewed my chronic fatigue as a symptom of a greater problem, one she could treat with vitamins, antidepressants, a  better diet, more sunlight, etc, etc.

She was wrong.

I, being 14, didn’t get to say that she was wrong. I didn’t get to say that it hurt me when I went to physiotherapy under her orders and was forced onto the rowing machine. I didn’t get to say that it hurt me to do stretches sometimes, that it upset me when I was told to stop being lazy, to get up. I sure as hell didn’t get to tell my parents to stop trying to wake me up at 7am.

My fatigue grew worse. Soon, I got delirious when my mother tried to wake me, often having no memory of her waking me the first few times. She’d insist that I spoke to her when she woke me, that I acknowledged her, but I couldn’t remember. I’d wake at noon after 5 hours of being woken up every 10 minutes with no memory of being woken previously. I thought I was going crazy.

And through it all, I was told to get up.

Soon, I figured out that pain kept me awake. To stop myself from falling asleep in class and getting into trouble, I started beating my injured knee. It never bruised or bled, but it kept me awake. It helped me get up. I wasn’t to know that that would leave me with an injured knee to this day.

Soon, it escalated to me being unable to stay awake for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time. My school attendance was adjusted to only half-days, until even that grew too much for me. Sleep became painful, and I had to prop my knee up on a certain angle to keep the pain at bay for long enough to get the rest I needed, waking every time I shifted in my sleep.

Desperate, my parents and doctor cooked up a plan to admit me to a hospital for what they called “sleep therapy”. Basically, medical personnel would do exactly what my mother had, only they’d enforce a curfew, take away my laptop and electronic devices at night, force me into an exercise regimen, and, in my doctor’s words, “reset me”. After my experiences with physiotherapy, I was terrified of having no voice there.

Thankfully, we moved away at that point, and I lost touch with my doctor. Being admitted to that hospital became impossible given the distance, so I started at a new school with new kids. I had to explain my illness to every teacher I had, because none of them knew I was disabled. Apparently there’s no memo-type arrangement for that. It was mortifying. On my first day I was forced to walk the marathon track through the bush. I was 16, but I couldn’t articulate to them in a way they respected that it wasn’t just a matter of willpower, whether or not I could walk the track.

Turned out, it was. I willed myself through the track because I was embarrassed. I got through the day. Because I’m that strong and inspiring, right?

When I got home, I collapsed. I spent the next 24 hours in bed, unable to even get up to pee. All I did was take pain medication, eating when I needed to to take stronger doses. I barely remember the next 3 days after that, spending most of the time sleeping in bed, sleeping on the couch, or sleeping in the shower.

I received no apology from the school.

Eventually, I got up again. I went back. Months passed, and even though I only attended intermittently, I was soon appointed as a Student Leader. I have a loud personality, when I’m awake, so I guess they figured it would be useful in some capacity. I expressed concern about attending the student leadership training day, but was informed that I couldn’t become a student leader if I didn’t. So I went, having been assured that it was indoors.

It wasn’t.

First was a hike up a cliff. I almost fell over three times, convinced that if I did I’d never live it down. My knee gave out once, but I managed to stay upright. Several of my peers joked about me looking exhausted because I “wasn’t used to exercise”.

We sat down at the top of the hill, then. You know how, if you have an injury, it feels worse the next morning when you wake up? For me, sitting down without heat packs applied to my joints does the same thing. I’ll always hurt more when I get up.

So, sitting on the hard ground for half an hour listening to some camp counsellor talk wasn’t ideal. When it came time to leave, I knew I’d be so much worse.

It took me several tries to stand. Several people deemed it necessary to tell me to get up.

We walked back to the main house and sat inside for a while, talking. I was not provided with a comfortable chair, as they were few and far between and I was lagging behind the group. No one offered me one. I was the last to arrive, so I sat on the floor. Because that’s fair, right?

Later that afternoon, we were broken into groups for a scavenger hunt around the woods. I objected, informing a teacher that I was tired, but he told me that if I stayed in the house someone would have to stay to supervise me, and everyone was getting involved in the hunt. The same teacher that promised me there was no physical activity involved in the trip made me feel like my pain was a burden while I was trying to learn how to be a leader.

I got up.

I went through the motions of the scavenger hunt, sitting down on the ground and rocks where I could. Not because the pain would stop, but because my legs felt like jelly and the amount of time I could spend on them was decreasing. The more we walked away from the main house, the more panicked I got. What if I couldn’t walk back to the house? I didn’t have a wheelchair, or anything to help me get there. I voiced my concerns to the other members of my group, but they informed me that I was being dramatic and it was “just a little bit longer”.

I did make it back to the bus. I limped into my mother’s car at the school where we met up, and fell asleep immediately.

When we arrived home, I had to walk out of the car and into my bedroom, which was up a flight of stairs at that time. I fell over at the bottom and bawled my eyes out, practically crawled up them, and had to have food and water brought to me for 3 days afterwards.

All because they told me to get up. Get up from the ground, get up from my chair, get up the cliff–I had to do it, right?

I received no apology. I dropped out of high school a few months later.

Get up doesn’t cure disabilities. It puts us in danger. I don’t get up anymore. I roll out of bed after 12 hours of hibernation, but I don’t get up. I don’t set alarms. People don’t wake me (deliberately). Physically, I don’t really get up anymore. Not like this. Getting up for me means sitting up, tying my hair back, and getting to work on my novel. That’s getting up. Sometimes I can’t even do that.

I knew SJM was going to heal Chaol. I’d accepted that. I just had no idea it would feel like I never want to get up again.


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Eight)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s “Bad Reception” article in DWM #378

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Donna Noble’s reception. The room is adorned with decorations, party balloons, and a banner that says, somewhat prematurely, ‘Congratulations Donna & Lance’, but wedding presents, streamers, and sausage rolls lie strewn across the dancefloor, tables and chairs are overturned, the air is thick with smoke, and four artificial Christmas trees (watch out - they’re swines) are standing about, all menacing-like. Over there in the corner, chatting to a pageboy, is Donna herself, actress, comedienne, and famous lady Catherine Tate. In a wedding dress.

“How do you manage to run in that dress?” asks the pageboy.

“I know, it’s a bit tricky,” she answers. “Do you want to know a secret?” She hoists up her dress, but lowers her voice, “See, I’m wearing trainers!”

“Nice trainers,” nods David Tennant, the Doctor. “You should wear ‘em in wide shots!”

“Here we go, then,” calls out Peter Bennett, the first assistant director, “for a take. Nice and quiet, please. And turn over…”

Donna and Lance, her would-have-been fiance, climb out of hiding from behind a table. “You all right, sweetheart?” she asks, stepping over the wreckage of her wedding reception. “Michael? Connie? Sunita, do something useful -”

“Who’s Sunita?” asks Euros [Lyn, director].

“I’m making it this lady here,” replies Catherine, stroking the arm of a supporting artiste wearing an absurdly large hat.

“I thought Sunita sounded more like a bridesmaid’s name,” says the lady in the hat. […]

“I want this to happen at my wedding,” jokes Don Gilet, who plays Lance.

“That can be arranged,” says Any Effects’ Mike Crowley, the special effects supervisor.

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I like weird people…The black sheep, the odd ducks, the rejects, the eccentric, the loners, the lost, and the forgotten. More often than not, these people have the most beautiful souls.

Unknown Author

Trying to recover from the heartbreaking last chapter and bumped into a quite beautiful quote randomly. Somehow first thing that crossed my mind after seeing it was that I could imagine this quote for Luffy. He knows every one of his dearest nakama carries a hole in their heart and that none of them is perfect. But still he never judges them for what they’ve done, he always stays loyal to them, no matter what kinds of ups and downs they have faced. 

He truly loves all of them, just the way they are.

Squee!  Thank you!  ^___^  Ah, yes!  Good.  I needed the happy after all that angst!  (Reference to this post)  I’m sorry this took so long.  I did the first two ages ago and then just… forgot what words were, I guess.  XD

Optimus:  Since he’s so large, he has a hard time with the actual construction of the pillow fort.  However, he makes for a great support structure.  He’ll gladly let you secure a blanket tent around his legs so you can have the biggest pillow fort ever!  You stuff the inside of the tent with dozens of cushions and curl up against his foot as you pop in a dvd to watch.  Optimus doesn’t mind sitting still while you enjoy your cozy fort, provided there’s no Decepticon activity that day that is.

Ratchet:  He’s a bit perturbed when he sees you stacking pillows against the wall of his medbay at first.  (Why are humans so weird?)  When you explain the concept of pillow forts to him, he scoffs.  “You call that a fort?  Give me those cushions!  I’ll show you what a real fort looks like!”  He spends nearly an hour building a veritable fortress for you out of couch cushions. He’s so in the zone, that he won’t even let you help, despite the fact that it was your idea in the first place (you’d just mess up his masterpiece.)  The end result makes it all worth it however, as you now have the greatest pillow fort ever constructed.  Be sure to take lots of pictures and tell Ratchet how awesome he is.  He’ll appreciate it.

Bumblebee:  Next to cowboy movies, pillow forts are his favorite thing for you two to do together. He’ll help you gather up all the cushions and blankets around the base and build a massive fort for you two to watch movies in.  He likes to try and stack the pillows as high as they will go, which often leads to the whole thing toppling over and having to start again.  You don’t mind though, as the little giggle-ly buzzing noises he makes when it happens are utterly adorable.  Once your fort has been successfully completed, the two of you curl up for a marathon of your favorite movies.  Anyone passing by can hear soft whispers, giggles, and happy bleeps coming from inside the mass of blankets.

Arcee:  It’s not something that she’d come up with herself, but she’s happy to help you build the perfect pillow fort, mostly because it’s a good way to spend some quality time with you.  She looks on in interest as you stack the cushions on top of each other, occasionally holding the pillows in place so they don’t fall over.  Arcee also has a real knack for figuring out where to secure the blankets so you guys can have a totally rad, boho, indoor tent to hang out in.  The different colored blankets give the inside a soft, comforting glow.  Arcee suggests adding faerie lights or some sort of star projector to complete the scene.  The result is probably the most beautiful pillow fort you’ve ever seen; you totally need to blog that later because holy scrap!  Aesthetic!!!  But for now, you’re content to doze against her frame as the soft twinkling lights glimmer overhead.

Bulkhead:  He’s always happy to spend time with you, no matter what the activity is.  He chuckles as he attempts to stack a large pile of pillows on top of each other.  “Heh.  I’m used to knocking things over, not trying to build ‘em.”  If you wanted to, he’d let you use the back of his alt mode to build your fort.  The smaller area makes it easier to keep all the cushions in place, plus it’s way more cozy.  You build a nest out of blankets and curl up like a happy burrito.  You can’t be sure, but you’re pretty sure you hear Bulkhead softly chuckle something about seekers.  Once your nest is complete, he turns on his heaters to just the right temperature and plays your favorite music station for you.  If you end up falling asleep, Bulkhead will stay in alt mode with you until you wake up.

Wheeljack:  He’s sees you trying to put together a pillow fort one day and is instantly intrigued.  He offers to let you use the Jackhammer as your base of operations, to which you eagerly agree.  Wheeljack watches you work in quiet amusement, always lifting a hand when needed, or bringing you more raw materials.  After a while the gears in his mind start whirling and he turns to you with a sly grin.  “You know what would make this even cooler?”  Ratchet is jolted out of a much needed stasis nap by the sound of music blasting from somewhere outside.  He angrily marches over to the Jackhammer to find you and Wheeljack huddled in what looks like an armored pillow fort, complete with a massive-sized big screen tv and super sonic subwoofers blasting the climax of your favorite action flick.  Ratchet slowly closes the door behind him and walks away, having resigned himself to his fate a long time ago.

Smokescreen:  He’s all about competition, so more often than not it turns into a contest of who can build the best fort.  Both of you like to play dirty when it comes to wining, whether it be one of you stealing the other’s cushions, friendly trash talk, or even the occasional pillow fight.  It’s like watching one of those competitive reality tv shows, but way more fun.  You two have even managed to rope some of the other autobots into being judges on occasion.  Most of them take it seriously, but then you have Wheelkjack (who watches a lot of those competitive tv programs) who will take advantage of his nonexistent power.  “Alright!  Challenge mode!  Y/n has to complete theirs blindfolded and Smokescreen has to only use his altmode!”

Ultra Magnus:  As longs as you’re not in the way or making a mess, he doesn’t mind you building the occasional pillow fort around the base.  (Though, he would prefer you not build one in the main hangar in case agent Fowler or somebody else dropped by.)  If you asked him sweetly enough, there’s a good chance that he’ll give you some great pointers on building the perfect fort.  He won’t actually build one with you, but he might be willing to hold a blanket or two in place for you as you work.  If you’re interested, he’d love to tell you about some of the buildings he’s seen on Cybertron, and how even their shortest structures are four times higher than your planet’s tallest building.  Mags enjoys these rare moments of downtime.  It’s nice to find someone who actually likes spending time with him for a change.

How many ‘love’ lines are there between the Doctor and Rose? About six! And yet it’s talked about as the central spine of the series. Well, that’s a bit disingenuous, because that’s what I wanted, but we didn’t really have to try.
—  (Shipper) Russell T Davies [Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter, Chapter 4]
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genre: smut, holy hell, the most gentle and soft baekhyun i could put up, i loved writing this i cry

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 |

The car drive was silent, if not for the music playing on the radio and the occasional voice of the radio host. Both you and Baekhyun didn’t speak, a gentle smile was spread on his lips and his look was ethereal.

Halfway through the drive you slightly turned in his direction, trying to understand what streets he was taking to arrive at his house, but you ended up staring at his face, enchanted by his features. You already scanned him at the infirmary, but now he looked slightly less intimidating and professional, but still, he looked adult, way more than you were.

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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Six

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

[on trying to film during a sandstorm]
“Not only was what we were shooting looking horrible,” James tells DWM, “because we had no light… and this massive desert landscape, you couldn’t see it… I mean, we could have been in a car park at Upper Boat… but also sand was being blown in our faces constantly. The actors couldn’t open their eyes.”

“Problem is,” says make-up designer Barbara Southcott, “it’s on high-def, so you’ll see every bit of sand on their skin.”

“You’ll have to paint it out,” make-up artist Steve Smith teases The Mill’s Dave Houghton.

“Frame by frame,” nods Dave, “grain by grain.”

“I know it’s not easy, guys,” calls out John [Bennett, First Assistant Director]. “Let’s just do what we can.” But David’s hair has turned blonde. (Daniel [Kaluuya, who plays Barclay] dubs him “Barry Manilow”.)

The sand is sticking to everything. Worst hit is Tracie Simpson, whose lips are actually yellow. This is her first episode as Doctor Who’s producer. It’s a baptism of fire - no, of wind! Of wind and sand and lipstick.

Forgetting that Dubai is four hours ahead of the UK, DWM decides to text a message of support to Russell T Davies in Cardiff - you know, something encouraging and inspiring. But somehow we manage to send one that says: “SANDSTORM! CODE RED! ABORT! ABORT!” Surprisingly, Russell messages back: “I’ve got you texting with ‘SANDSTORM!’ and Julie [Gardner, executive producer] phoning with ‘SANDSTORM!’ I’m hooting. Save yourself, Ben.” Perhaps we should hide in a Portaloo until it’s all over? (We don’t last long. It stinks in here. Besides, a queue was forming.)

Back outside, the majestic crane shots intended for this morning are abandoned. The crane is dismantled and taken away. “I thought, let’s shoot everything that we can against the bus,” James explains later. “…but the actors all looked like they’d been tarred in sand and dragged through a hedge.”

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