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How neurotypicals think you get a diagnosis:

  • first, you have no idea you are sick at all, you are just a Normal Neurotypical going through life when suddenly you are sent to a therapist (because mentally ill people cannot have anyway of knowing they are ill)
  • you tell the therapist no! i am normal! not crazy at all! but the therapist knows better…
  • you are sent to a clinic or hospital where you speak to seven different psychiatrists, talk about your whole life in detail, have brain scans and are under constant monitoring with wires hooked up to you
  • doctors are pooring over texbooks and consulting other doctors and doing everything they can to find The Perfect Diagnosis
  • now, at last, your doctor returns. he tells you have a mental disorder. you cry a lot because now your life is ruined. the doctors tells you everything Will Be Okay. 
  • You are given a bottle of pills that will make everything better and of course you ALWAYS remember to take them. You are given therapy appointments three times a week with a doctor you trust who believes in you and your experiences and again you ALWAYS remember to go and never miss
  • Because of your special professional diagnosis, you are cured and are now functional in society and will never be bothered by your mental health again!

How I actually got all of my professional diagnoses:

  • “Hey doctor, I’m depressed”
    “Fill out this checklist” … “You have major depressive disorder”
  • “Oh by the way, are you ever anxious?”
    “You have generalized anxiety”
  • “Doctor, I hear voices”
    “Sounds like psychosis to me”
  • “Now my voices are controlling my body” (repeat this times 10 to a hundred different doctors who never believed me)
    “Oh thats dissociative identity disorder”

How I got my self diagnoses

  • Days/weeks/months/YEARS of research
  • Scholarly articles and peer reviewed scientific journals
  • Talking one on one with people who are diagnossed with it
  • Soul searching and trying to understand myself
  • Fighting myself on if I’m right
  • Cross examining the symptoms with other disorders I have
  • Finally settling in that I have this disorder and finding self help for it

The one and only wasteland beverage that doesn’t list radiation as an ingredient. [disclaimer: radiation may still be present in Sunset Sarsaparilla, and the Sunset Sarsaparilla company is not responsible for; mouth mutations, tumors, loss of brain function, decrease in memory retention, headaches, nausea, constipation, numbness in fingers or toes, sudden bouts of existentialism, or death, consult your doctor before drinking in Sunset Sarsaparilla.]


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Imagine Steve learning about magic and he's one of the few non magic users to understand it

Giving Steve’s apartment door a loud rap, the words died in Sam’s throat when Bucky popped it open. Beaming smile, Bucky greeted him warmly “How can I help you, buddy?” Though friendly, there was no recognition in Bucky’s eyes. Neatly styled short hair, creased slacks a few inches too high, starched collared shirt. Relaxed and happy, Bucky Barnes leaned on the doorframe. Able to see inside the room, Sam noted there wasn’t much inside. Simple vintage radio on an oak table flanked by two chairs, sofa, couple of books, and three paintings of Manhattan on the wall. All pre-war type stuff. Unframed, the paintings were done in Steve’s distinctive style. As Sam stood there dumbfounded, the smile on Bucky’s face began to slip a little, “You okay, Pal? You look like you need to sit down.”

With a sudden clarity, Sam knew what Steve had done. “No. Sorry, sorry. I’m at the wrong door… or…building.” Sam turned and fled down the stairs.

Steve was smart, Sam knew that. When that Doctor Strange dude appeared, and told them he was the Sorcerer Supreme, Steve immediately latched on like it was a lifeline. Sam should have seen this coming. Steve sucked in the information about Sorcery and Magic. Reading books at amazing speed, Steve even learned a few new languages to help with his studies. Everyone thought Steve had finally found himself a hobby.

Plopping down on a park bench, Sam had a view of the front of Steve’s brick apartment building. The windows to Steve’s back apartment faced the empty alley and the worn brick wall of the apartments beside it. Only seconds later, Steve came dashing down the front steps. He ran straight at Sam. Holding his hands out, Steve blurted, “It’s not what you think.”

“I think you want Bucky to be happy. To take him to a time from before he became the Winter Soldier. From before he even went to war.”

“Wow.” Steve’s eyebrows went up, and his hands dropped. “I guess it is what you think.” He looked embarrassed.

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Hey Tord! I could use a little comforting if you could, I broke my nose and jacked up my hand really bad. Any advice? *low key scoots in for hug*

He makes an annoyed huffing sound, but opens up his arms all the same.

Tord: Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done for the nose. It will hurt no matter what you do. Something cold without too much weight will probably help you the most there. As for the arm, it depends on how bad the damage is.  Cold and immobilization are good first steps to take. Make sure it is protected and resting. I’ve known many soldiers to lose functionality in their hands because they would not let an injury heal fully.

Tord: I would highly recommend seeing a healer as soon as possible in either case. I know field care, but that’s not substitute for someone trained in the art of healing.

“No more Sad Bean” Spell

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Everyone gets sad, obviously. And sometimes, the sadness doesn’t always go away quickly, (Note: magick is not a substitute for therapy/medication/etc) and when that happens, you might feel a little lost. And no, I’m not talking about depression. Please, if you have depression, consult your doctor, get therapy, talk to a professional, and get medication  if you have to. Anyways, for this spell you’re going to need;  

○Blue candle(for calmness)

○White candle(for purification and light)

○Orange candle(for joy)

○Incense warmer

○Lemon peel(for joy)

○Orange peel(for rejuvenating)

○Rose petals(for love)

○Happy/relaxing music

~~~If you cast a circle, do so now. Turn on the music. Put the lemon peel,orange peel and rose petals into the incense warmer. Now, light the three candles. Put two behind you, and one in front of you, to make a triangle shape. Put the color (candle) you feel most attracted to in front of you. Now, close your eyes, and concentrate. Concentrate on the music, concentrate on your breathing, the smells from the peels and rose petals, concentrate on the heat from the candles. Stay perfectly still (but still breath obviously..), while being aware to everything you’re doing. Stay like that until you get fidgety. Once that happens, put your hand over the flame over the candle in front of you (or however you get energy from candles.)and soak up the energy. After you’ve soaked up all the energy you can from it, let the candle melt all the way down. But, blow out the other two behind you. Once done, relax. Every night (around the same time you did this the first time,if you can manage that) light the two other candles for 15 minutes until they burn down completely. Bury the candle stubs, if you want.

Happy Spells! 

Spoonie Sigils: sigil #2:

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long time no see. Here is the long awaited #2 in the Spoonie Sigils series (say that 3 times fast!)

Anyway, this sigil is titled ‘energy’ and is intended to give you a boost of energy when the fatigue is too real and nothing is getting done. Think of it as a coffee, but just the magical symbolic version. 

Remember, as with everything on this blog, this is not intended to replace your normal medical or self care routine, just to be used as well as. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns with your heath!

p.s let me know if you would like me to make a post on how I make and charge my sigils, and I will!

p.s.s sorry about the image quality, I don’t know how to make cool digital images or stuff like that! I’ll try more in the future to take clearer images :)


This stone is a stone for those needing confidence. Cuprite also helps to banish worries which could be affecting the user energies and due to this can be used as a grounding stone. 

Cuprite can also be used during meditation to try and revisit past lives and experiences as it has a strong connection to the spirit world. Also due to its connection with the heart chakra, Cuprite is able to aid in healing relationships that have become strained. Physically it can also aid the body’s blood management and any heart problems the user may have. 

This stone has a high copper content which could possibly be dangerous if consumed in large amounts. 


Assassin Preference: When You’re Sick

A/N: I’m on the last little stretch of school, so I can finally stop worrying about finals and homework! Woohoo!


Altair would give you space at first, not wanting to get sick as well, but if you didn’t recover on your own after a week he’d go consult a doctor and if the doctor thought it was necessary, he’d take you to a Dar al-Shifa, though he would try to bring you back to health on his own. He’s not really used to caring for sick people, so you may have to forgive his relative ineptitude for looking after you- he’s an Assassin, not a healer.


Ezio has had much more experience in dealing with this sort of thing, as he’s probably had to take care of (or live near) his sick siblings his whole life. He’d make sure you were well fed and comfortable, with a constant supply of water and medicines within arm’s reach so you wouldn’t have to move to get them. He would take a break from his Assassin work for as long as possible and if he had to leave for some reason or another he would make sure you were in good hands (probably Claudia, Yusuf, or Leonardo) before going, and he would come back as soon as possible once he was finished.


To no one’s surprise, Connor is quite experienced with the craft of healing. I mean, c’mon, he helped people with smallpox in New York WITHOUT getting sick himself! He’s also naturally caring for those he is close to, which means he’ll do everything he can to make you feel better. He’d consult Dr. White for some advice and medicine, and he’d make you nice home cooked meals to raise your spirits. Achilles will make remarks about how the boy is acting like a worried mother hen, but he doesn’t mean anything bad by it (Seeing as Achilles would also show a level of concern for your well being). You might be more-or-less forced into taking some bad tasting medicine, but once you start feeling normal again after only a few days you realize that Connor knows what he’s doing.


Haytham would make you stay in bed and give you a lot of peculiar medicine that was imported from England, and every time you got up- even if it was for something small like a tissue- he’d lecture you about how you weren’t supposed to be stressing your body out by moving around. Don’t try to argue that stretching your body was probably a good thing, or that you were sore. He wouldn’t be hearing any of it. However, if you played the “stop being a mother hen” card he may let you walk around, determined to prove he wasn’t overprotective (even though he very much is).


If you were sick and Edward was taking care of you, he’d most likely be handing you bottles of ‘medicine’ that suspiciously tasted like rum. Almost miraculously, you got better quickly, and Edward would proudly tell you, “See? I know how to take care of people” even though he really has no clue. He probably improves once he has kids to look after, but until then, I hope you like the taste of rum medicine.


Aveline would let you stay at her place, and wouldn’t be so strict as to keep you in bed. She would let you walk around if you wanted, and would get you anything you asked for, but she may not stay right by your side all day. She might leave to get supplies or to carry out some Assassin’s business, but she’ll return by the end of the day, with comfort foods that she knows will make you feel better in the emotional sense, at least.


Arno might be a bit clueless as far as what to do, but he knows that you shouldn’t be out and about, exposed to all those… germs. He would bring you coffee (if you liked coffee) but wouldn’t let you into the cafe theatre, keeping you upstairs and away from the people. You’d practically be isolated, but with all the craziness going on at the time, what with the revolution and all, a bit of quiet time probably wouldn’t be all that bad.


Evie is the twin you want to have taking care of you. She’s kept Jacob and Henry alive this long, hasn’t she? She would bring you medicine and blankets and let you stay in the train hideout. The sound of the train rumbling over the London tracks would probably put you to sleep, and Evie would make sure that you were safe and comfortable before leaving you to rest. She would check up on you every few hours, and if you were need of anything, she would be willing to get it for you.


Jacob is the twin you don’t want to have taking care of you. Not because he doesn’t care, or that he wouldn’t try to get you back on your feet, but because he would not know what to do at all. Evie would probably step in after he got sick trying to make you feel better, because the poor guy just got too close to you and you accidentally coughed on him. Looks like Evie now has two sick Assassins to take care of.


Thanks to modern medicine, Desmond doesn’t actually need to do much besides turn on the TV, keep stocked on tissues, and make sure you’re not hungry. He would let you nap and try not to bother you, but if you really wanted to talk to him he would be fine sitting in the same room (but not on the couch/bed that you were on) and chatting with you. He knows that when you’re sick that you usually aren’t in the mood to talk, however, so he gives you lots of space for the most part.

Today I made the semi-final decision to get my tubes tied, pending doctor’s consultation. And I’ll talk more about it when and if it happens, because that’s my way, but like the thing is–I’m only trepidatious about the procedure itself. I’m nervous about anesthesia and incisions. As for Not Being Able To Get Pregnant Ever Forever, I’ve been trying to talk about it like it’s a Big Decision because I felt like it was supposed to be, but it isn’t, for me! The fact is, I decided it a long time ago. This is just the means. I didn’t even decide it, really. I was simply never not sure, from the time I became aware my body would one day be one that could host another, to puberty when it became actually possible, to young adulthood when it was at risk of actually happening. The time until menopause was always a stretch to get through while managing that risk. This isn’t a decision. It’s just a way of accomplishing the life I’ve always known I’d have. 

And the fact that birth control may soon be harder to get doesn’t hurt the timing. And somewhere down the road, if we all survive that long, when I foster and adopt kids, they’ll know they weren’t my backup plan, that I wanted them and waited for them on purpose, and that’s an added bonus.


Playing with an octoling might be dangerous to your health.

Just poking fun of the fact that apparently some hacker(s) have been able to play online as an octoling and/or with unreleased weapons and thus managed to soft lock other people’s games if they exited the game before the hacker. Splatfest should reset this and fix the the game but it still sucks.

Stay alert people. If you see these hackers, stay in game until they leave.