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Don't do unauthorized surgeries on your patients and don't treat your employees like sh*t - it will cost you.

My mom has been a nurse for almost a decade now. 8 of those years she worked at the same hospital on one of the most busy floors to work on until she finally had enough of the piss-poor management. Before she left, though, she exacted an amazing feat of revenge that got the hospital into a LOT of trouble.

As I said, Mom worked on what was probably the busiest floor in the whole hospital. This particular floor is severely understaffed and many times there were only three or four nurses working, each one having to care for 10 or 11 patients each (sometimes even more). Lots of times it would be pretty much impossible to get everything done in a 12-hour shift when you have to pass meds, tend to, and chart for that many patients.

My mom is a GREAT nurse. She is extremely smart, a hard worker, and she really does love her job. Usually she would be the first nurse to get done with all of her work and then help other nurses with their workload so everyone could leave on time. Her co-workers there loved her like no one’s business. This kind of work ethic landed her a position as a charge nurse.

As a charge nurse, it was her job to see to it that all (or most) of the paperwork is done properly and faxed, that nurses were getting their charts in on time and passing meds when need be. It was her job to interact with the doctors and fill orders and direct in case of an emergency. Now, at this particular hospital there are a lot of Residents who are fresh from med-school and have very little experience in a real hospital setting. Sometimes they would give orders that were unnecessary or not the best solution for the health of a patient.

Mom - being so respected - would often times coax the doctors into changing their orders to something more suitable as she has a lot of real work-experience. But then, some doctors would disagree and tell the nurses to go on ahead with his instruction. Then, when something goes wrong the blame would go on Mom and there was really nothing she could do about it.

She finally had enough when a doctor ordered a heart catheter on a patient who was extremely drunk and in no state of mind to make decisions for himself. My mom tried everything to get the doctor to not go through with it because the man really didn’t need to have a heart catheter at all!

This doctor was all the time ordering ridiculous treatments for patients because that is how he makes his money. He convinces this drunk man to sign the surgery papers and sends him to OR where he was basically receiving an unauthorized surgery seeing as his decision making was impaired.

After that, my mom decided to start applying for jobs at other hospitals because she couldn’t stand to see any more patients being abused and mistreated by the place that is supposed to have their health in best interest.

When she finally landed another RN position, she gave her notice and worked to the end of her term. After she recieved her last check they tried to tell her she was overpaid and she would have to pay back some of the money. Obviously she didn’t, and was appalled at the way they were treating her after 8+ years of loyalty to this hospital.

So, she started plotting her revenge. Before quitting, she contacted JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and told them about the unauthorized surgery. This is a big no-no. It is something that can make a hospital lose their accreditation and be closed down permanently.

She gave them the name of the patient, the file number, the case number, the name of the doctor and the name of all other parties involved in the surgery. She was very thorough. The day after she quit, a close friend of hers that worked the same floor said that a JCAHO rep came and did some investigating almost entirely unannounced (they do warn the hospital before they come, but never give them enough of a notice to change anything beforehand).

About a week after their initial investigation (one or two people had gone and interviewed staff and look at medical records), they came back again. This time they came with A LOT of people. They pulled EVERY SINGLE FILE to review and see if any other sketchy practices had been preformed under the radar.

For every breach of HIPAA and OSHA protocol, they were fined THOUSANDS of dollars. The doctor and all staff involved in the cardiac catheter incident were fired, and the doctor lost his license and can never get it back. They threatened to close the hospital if the fines weren’t paid, which added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course the family of the man found out about the surgery and sued the hospital (spoiler: he won) and had to pay him off, too.

To this day JCAHO visits the hospital frequently to make sure no more unethical practices happen again.

Don’t treat your nurses like sh*t, and don’t treat your patients like sh*t or it will come back and bite you in the ass.

todays an emotional day sorry for the long post

~~~Trigger warning!!! picture of scar from surgery and slightly detailed description of medical procedure/surgery~~~

Hey @taylorswift ! you don’t know who I am but id like to thank you for inspiring me and keeping me sane for most of my life.
My names Ashley but I go by Ash.

I’ve had cardiac issues my entire life since I was born premature but the doctors could never figure out what was the cause of it all. I would have intense chest pain, I had episodes where my heart would just start racing randomly, and I couldn’t really do much because with any physical activity I would almost pass out. My older sister Kaity ( @d0dgedabullet )  and I would always listen to your music. shes one of the reasons I became a fan.

When I was eleven they thought they figured it all out. They thought I had an extra electrical impulse so we scheduled a cardiac ablation. On this day in 2012, I was terrified walking into a hospital to lay on an operating table. Listening to Picture to burn because it’s my very favorite song. Waiting Red to come out in a few weeks was one of the only things that I was looking forward to. A Cardiac ablation is a procedure to scar or destroy the tissue in your heart that’s causing the incorrect electrical signals. Diagnostic catheters are threaded through blood vessels to your heart where they map your heart’s electrical signals.

I had a great doctor. he had done this procedure a million times successful every time. but everyone has bad days. They needed to thread the diagnostic catheter through a vein in my left arm by my brachial artery. but due to me being a premie my veins are very small. unfortunately smaller than the catheter. The doctor pushed anyway and completely blew the vein and dissected my brachial artery. The doctors lost a pulse in my arm for Four and a half minutes. I could’ve lost my left arm if they didn’t get it back when they did. They obviously couldn’t finish the procedure using that vein and they tried again with a vein in my hip. luckily everything went smoothly that time but when they finished it they found out that I didn’t even have an extra electrical impulse. So the entire thing was completely unnecessary.

When I woke up I was in intense pain and couldn’t move my arm. what was supposed to be a quick procedure and going home the same day turned into a five day stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, And another surgery to fix the mistakes of the other doctor. After two days of postponing the surgery and me being in crippling pain, they finally did the surgery. Removing two golf ball sized blood clots in my arm and doing their best to patch up my arm.

Three more Days and I was out of the hospital. With a huge scar, still in serious pain, and not being able to move my arm or do anything with it I tried my best to resume a normal life. it took months and months of Physical and Occupational therapy to be able to even start using my arm again.

My arm is mostly fully healed now. I have RSD because the lack of pulse in my arm messed up my nerves and I still have a huge scar as a constant reminder.

Taylor, you have always been a huge inspiration to me and I would just like to thank you so much for helping me through the hardest times in my life and just being an amazing person.
When I saw you in Chicago on the 1989 world tour it was one of the best days of my life (tied with when I saw you at the formula 1 race)

I am so so so so looking forward to reputation and tour. It’d be a dream come true to talk to you or meet you (i think I’d drop dead tbh)

I love you Taylor!!!!!!!!!

My scar 1 month after the procedure

My scar today… 5 years later


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