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Good night, dearheart.

A/N: So this is just a little something I thought about, and decided to write it real quick.

Genre: Fluff || Word Count: 949 || Characters: CarlislexReader || Warning: Awful fluff || Rating: PG

Summary: Carlisle comes home from work to find the reader sleeping on a stack of books.

The full moon glimmered through the newly washed windshield of Carlisle’s Mercedes and reflected right into his golden eyes. An amused smile etched his features, just as Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” started to resound from the radio. Even with the classical composition growing louder, he could still hear the distinct sounds of the animals in the forest, which surrounded the circuitous roads.

A familiar setting—half hidden by looming trees—welcomed him. He felt a sense of peace as he pulled into the garage, and relaxed as the engine fell silent, along with the sound of Beethoven’s sonata. He gathered his things and quietly made his way into the house just in case you were asleep. He hung his coat and scarf and garnered his surroundings. The house was mostly dark, with the exception of one light from upstairs that filtered its way trough the open house. It appeared to be coming from his study.

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Zooming in on David Tennant


Carlisle Cullen

“He knew what his father would do. The bodies would be burned- anything infected by the monster must be destroyed. Carlsile acted instinctively to save his own life. He crawled away from the alley while the mob followed the fiend and his victim. He hid in a cellar, buried himself in rotting potatoes for three days. It’s a miracle he was able to keep silent, to stay undiscovered.

It was over then, and he realized what he had become.”

Esme     Edward      Bella        Rosalie       Emmett        Alice       Jasper

You’re The One

Fandom: David Tennant, Will Burton, The Escape Artist

Wordcount: 2820

Warning: none, smut, some fluff

Summary: Will has some splish-splashy, naughty solo fun with a gift from his wife Katie.

So, I read on my timeline that yesterday was National Rubber Duckie Day. After seeing @whovianfloozy ‘s adorable ode, that’s all I needed to whip up this bit of naughty David fluff. The lovely gif used is hers.

The silence was silky.

He chuckled. It’s a weird way to put it, but it’s exactly how it felt. The flat was empty and dark. He didn’t bother to turn on the light in the hallway as he climbed the stairs and walked into the bedroom - the shadows, much to his surprise, were soothing.

He kicked off his shoes, tugged his socks off and curled his toes into the lambswool throw that Kate had on the floor off her side of the bed. It looked silly, but it felt delicious.

She’s a treasure, he thought, then lay back on their massive bed.

She took the boy to her parent’s in Scotland. He worked late, so they agreed he would drive up in the morning. It was nice, these moments alone. The silence would surround, then eventually, he would miss them - just a wistful ache, and no more.  Tomorrow, he’d be seeing them before noon.

He rolled over and pulled one of Kate’s pillows into a hug, taking a deep breath. It smelled like her shampoo. He sighed and sat up.

He should take a long, hot bath.

He was the shower type, so usually, any time he had the opportunity to soak, he was sharing the tub with his wife. It was good fun, but having the bath to himself put him in good spirits. He took off his suit, carefully put the pants in the press and his tie in the special hanger in the walk in closet to air out. He was proud of the fact his wife didn’t have to micro manage his wardrobe - Kate always bragged that his good taste was built in. If anything, she was the occasionally tacky one. Maybe it was true…but it’s also yet another reason why he adored her. She wasn’t afraid to be herself, regardless of their circumstances.

He went downstairs in his pants for a tasty bottle.

“Wine or whiskey?” he whispered to the vintage Big Boy cookie jar on the counter.

He looked at the bottle of amber liquid, but decided on an American Malbec. Kate despised it. She said the tannins were a horror, but he liked its inky richness. It had balls.

He popped the cork and brought it upstairs with a tumbler. He promised himself he wouldn’t work tonight. He wanted to cleanse his mind of all the filth he picked up at work before spending the long weekend with his family.

He saw a flash of nursery yellow on the bath tray as he walked into the bathroom. He put the bottle down and took a closer look. He smiled, slow and wide.

A glossy, brand new rubber ducky. There was a handwritten note tucked underneath it.

If I know my hubby, you’ll be secretly glad to have the bath to yourself for once. I will have a cuppa with Mum, a play argument with daddy, kiss our boy good night and think of you, all wet and slippery, and, well, you know.

Her name is Lady Licksalot. Have fun.

K xo

ps - yes, of course you can burn one of my expensive candles. I know you want to.

He giggled. He did want to burn the magnolia candle, his favorite flower scent. He loved its vegetal sweetness. He poured the wine, lit the candle then sat at the edge of the tub to run the water.

Lady Licksalot.

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  • Carlisle: It's a children's story, about a young shepherd boy who gets lonely while tending his flock. So, he cries out to the villagers that a wolf is attacking the sheep. The people come running, but of course there's no wolf. He claims that it's run away and the villagers praise him for his vigilance.
  • Aro: Clever lad. Charming story.
  • Carlisle: I'm not finished. The next day, the boy does it again, and the next too. And, on the fourth day a wolf really comes. The boy cries out at the top of his lungs, but the villagers ignore him, and the boy, and his flock, are gobbled up.
  • Aro: Well, that's a little graphic for children, wouldn't you say?
  • Carlisle: But, the point is, if you lie all the time, nobody's going to believe you, even when you're telling the truth.
  • Aro: Are you sure that's the point, Doctor?
  • Carlisle: Of course. What else could it be?
  • Aro: That you should never tell the same lie twice.
How To Show Affection to David Tennant’s Characters

Alec Hardy: Show him affection by gently brushing aside his bangs and giving him butterfly kisses on his eyelids and the rest of his face.

Hamlet: Show him affection by wrapping him in your arms placing your chin on top his head holding him closely.

Casanova: Show him affection by wrapping yourself around from behind and kissing his neck softly while whispering sweet nothings to him. 

Tenth Doctor: Show him affection by giving him a hug to show him things will be okay and that he is not alone.

Peter Vincent: Show him affection by placing your hands on his shoulders  before kissing him to let him know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Dave Tiler: Show him affection by holding his face in your hands letting him know things will be alright while kissing his forehead.

Benedick: Show him affection by grabbing his face while rubbing his nose with yours and then kissing it in order to make him laugh.

Richard II: Show him affection by sharing a tender kiss with him and then letting him hold you in his arms.

Kilgrave: Show him affection by being rough with him. Push him back play with  him a bit show him who is really in control. 

Aiden Hoynes: Show him affection by embracing him and holding him closer towards you while brushing your fingers through his hair.

Arthur Eddington: Show him affection by wiping away his tears and then letting him rest his head on your chest while you hold him in your arms.

Will Burton: Show him affection by lying on his stomach and placing your arms around him while he messes with you in order to get you to smile.

Emmett Carver: Show him affection by wrapping your arms around his waist from behind and resting your forehead on his back. 

 Alan Hamilton: Show him affection by wrapping him in your arms and kissing the top of his head while holding him tight.

Peter Carlisle: Show him affection by looking into his eyes and stroking the side while smiling and telling him your secrets.

Jean Francois Mercier- Show him affection by luring him towards you so you can shower his scars and heal all his battle wounds with kisses.

Worth A Try

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Emmett x Reader (A Little Carlisle)

Warning: Trigger Issues (Eating Disorders)

Writer: rightwhereiwantyou (AKA Me)

Requested By: hellonheels-x

Request: Yay! :) Could I please request a Twilight imagine where the OC is in hospital and Carlisle is treating her for complications caused by an eating disorder & she meets Emmett when he comes to visit Carlisle at work one day? Then mutual feelings develop but she doesn’t think she deserves him and he’s terrified of hurting her? ^_^ Please let me know if this isn’t ok and I’ll request something else. xx #

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338 Years Away: Part I

Okay so I will get back to all of your requests, but I had to get this out of the way. While I was clearly avoiding my writing, I was playing weird adventure games instead. And from that, this idea was born. It’s incredibly corny and has been done before, just not with Carlisle, I think. This is my first Carlisle x Reader fic, so it sucks. I’m not used to writing in this POV, tbh. And I would honestly prefer my first Carlisle x Reader fic to be something I thought up, instead of a request. I’d hate to let anyone down.

I also wrote this fic very fast and didn’t put much thought into it. This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever written, haha. I rushed it and my writing is messy and lazy. Oh well. I was in such a rush to write this, I didn’t even bother creating a GIF for it. I just used a random old one I made a while back. :) Enjoy anyway!

I needed this story to take place in London. I’m not from England, and I’ve never been. So sorry if anything is wrong.

Summary: In the attic of your uncle’s old London townhouse, you discover an ancient amulet that takes you back to 1678 where you meet a newly changed Carlisle Cullen. Together, you follow a map left by your uncle; that will lead you back to your time. Rule number one of traveling back in time? Do not fall in love.

Word Count: 3,269 | Characters: CarlislexReader | Rating: PG |

2016  London, England

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