doctor brennan


I think Pelant is framing Flynn


Because it’s what you believe

Whoa, wait a second, Bones, tha… that is not rational.

Certainly it is. You told that doctor that I couldn’t possibly be wrong about the number of remodeled fractures I found. Why?

Why? Because all the time we’ve been working together, you have never been wrong about something like that.

It is not possible that you are wrong about Flynn, so I’m being completely rational


‘cause there’s gonna be a day when you’re standing in the HALL OF FAME

Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day

If Destiel was a M/F pairing they would have been canon years ago... or maybe not. The slow burn TV couples.

Following on from my post The Show Made Me Do it (, I felt the need to speak again on a topic that seems to bounce around Tumblr all the time re Destiel – if they were a M/F pairing they would have been canon years ago.

All fandoms have ships and Destiel is not only one of the biggest but one of the most passionate. As I’ve said before and many meta writer’s have said (in far more detail) before me – it is there embedded in the show. Sometimes blatant, sometimes in subtext. But it is there.

I disagree with the notion that it is guaranteed that if they were a hetro paring they would have been canon by now. There have been many hetro (canon) screen couples who have had their relationships drawn out and explored over many years. All too often in TV hetro couples are thrown together within a series or two and then torn apart before coming back together again a few series later. It is a fairly standard trope - one used time and time again by SPN - but of course, it’s not romantic (whatever!).

But sometimes writers make interesting choices and there are canon couple/ships out there that have not taken the standard path…and the Destiel parallels are everywhere. Here are a few I love:-

The Doctor and River Song/Doctor Who

This is a brilliantly written relationship because it is known by dedicated fans and GA alike that they were a couple until her death. They loved each other deeply. She was one of the few beings in the universe who knew The Doctor’s real name. He spent 1 night (on a planet where that lasted 25 years in Earth time) with her because he knew the following day she would die based on their weird timeline, and he needed a way and time to say goodbye. Then, following her death he uploaded her memory into a computer so it was there for all eternity – it’s a beautiful love story told in reverse. Following her death he has kept her photograph with him. He finds it hard to talk about her and shuts people down when they try. But their relationship was not shown in a traditional light on screen. She is known as The Doctor’s wife, they even are shown getting married – however each time their relationship is shown, it is in the guise of something else. Although River was shown “marrying” The Doctor it wasn’t actually him. This was the same when she “killed” him. This follows a general theme of their on-screen relationship. What you see is not always what happened. The Doctor and River Song is basically all subtext but even if you don’t ship them you are not told you are delusional, it is accepted because it is canon.

Donna Moss and Joshua Lynam/The West Wing

There are soooo many parallels between Josh/Donna and Dean/Cas it’s unbelievable. Seriously, if you’ve never seen the West Wing (why not, it’s awesome and some of the best screen writing, ever) do it just for this.

So in a nutshell, Donna was introduced in the pilot as the personal assistant of Josh Lyman, the duty chief of staff of the White House. She was only meant to be a minor recurring character (like all the other assistants) but her on screen chemistry (mostly snark) with Josh meant her role was stepped up in S1 and then made a main cast member for subsequent seasons. They are also a big ship from S1 ep1.

Despite their snark and sass with each other, they care for each other deeply and are a great team. Their professional and personal relationships bleed over as time goes on as well. Over the course of 7 seasons they are on the same side, opposing sides, they fall out, they support each other, they are jealous when one is a relationship with someone else. They are not a canon couple until late in the final 7th season, but before they finally get together, it is common for their other love interests to ask the other party if they are “treading on any toes”. Third parties are always assuming there is more them because of they way they are with each other. Donna is directly asked in one ep if she loves Josh – we never see/hear her answer as the ep ends but her face says it all. When Josh is shot at the end of S1 she is broken. She doesn’t leave his side. When he survives, after a brief moment of longing looks they return to their old ways.

Interestingly enough; the writers (who had no plans to make Donna into the character she was, it was fan driven) deliberately kept them apart until the last season. Once the ship was known they slowly wrote two interesting characters who gradually came together with their endgame to become canon.

This is just a TINY insight in TWW writing of Josh/Donna but even so… the Destiel parallels are everywhere.

William Riker and Deana Troi/Star Trek: TNG

This really shows my age! (FYI I was 7 when this series started, my mum was sooo excited Start Trek was coming back and wanted me to watch it too. I also loved it from the start.) This one is a little different in that in the pilot it is canon that Riker and Troi were ex’s who still had feelings for each other. Over the course of 7 seasons they were never “together” but they had this sub-textual under current. There was a lot of pining and long looks at each other with occasional kissing. Again there was a lot of jealousy if one party was involve with someone else.  When they comforted one another they refer as “Imzadi” meaning beloved. They continued in this fashion for the full 7 seasons and 2 films, only becoming canon again briefly in the 3rd film and following their marriage in the 4th film “Nemesis” -15 YEARS after the pilot.

Temperance “Bones” Brennan and Seeley Booth/Bones.

This is another couple that took 6 seasons to become canon – even then it was because the writer’s hand was forced. It was clear that the endgame was to make them a couple but their friendship was developed first. As such there were many of the traits mentioned above and shared with Dean and Cas. Their relationship was only made canon after Bones actress Emily Deschanel fell pregnant. They could have hidden it but the writer’s decided to bring their endgame forward. Writer’s are fluid like that – we can change the direction as and when required.

If in 4.01 Castiel had chosen a female vessel (and this was the ONLY) change to the narrative) no one would have an issue with believing this to be an epic love story. But because it’s two men, it’s dismissed. (Technically one man and one being of multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent without gender, but hey.)

As @tinkdw said in her post Cas and Dean could have been totally platonic, ( I would have loved this show even if Destiel was a “family don’t end with blood” story. The brother Dean chose. It would have been an epic love story of a platonic/familial kind and free will. But it has been MADE romantic. The actors, writers, directors, editors, set designers etc, they have MADE this a slow burn romance. It might not have initially been planned that way but that is how stories (and life) work – it’s all fluid.

Even if you take out the favourite argument for it never being canon which is “Dean is straight” (he’s not but I’m not here to dissect that, meta writers have done a much better job at that than I can ever do), you are basically saying “a person/character has no ability to change or have room for personal growth”. And let’s face it, even in canon Dean’s already subverted many of the character traits he’s known for – why not this one?

It’s not AS common to keep a couple from going canon for as long as Supernatural has Dean and Cas, but in the end, I believe they will make the wait worth it. There is precedence after all. This isn’t a long list of slow burn TV couples there are so many we all could list, but these are just some that strike me a good parallels and leaves me hopeful for the future of these two idiots.

Into The Dark - Part two

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Part One  -  Into the Dark Series - Part Three

Words: 1,128

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

A/N: Two things to say:

1. All the love the first chapter recieved was so surprising. It’s the most notes I’ve ever had in a post, so THANK YOU!! <3

2. I honestly don’t know if I should pair reader with T’Challa or Bucky so any feedback would be appreciated. Please!! <3


It was the middle of winter in New York when Y/L waited in line to get coffee, “It’s that you? Miss, Y/L/N?” a voice came from behind.

She turned around to find a tall man, old, with his white hair combed to the side, “Doctor Brennan!” she greeted, “How have you been?”

“Same as always, but tell me about you, how’s your life after graduation?”

“A bit slow, I have to admit. Few jobs here and there, but nothing that sticks.”

“Well, that’s too bad, you’ve are one of the smartest students I’ve ever had,” he said with a smile, “matter of fact, I’m working with this company and I think you would be a great addition.”

She smiled at the prospect of a job, “Really, what company?”

“Oh, one that’s stood the test of time, are you interested?”

Y/L woke up, slowly. She opened and closed her eyes trying to adjust them to the light. She was still in the jet, only now strapped to one of the seats and hands handcuffed, “what the hell?” she asked disoriented. Last thing she heard was the soldier’s voice before everything went black, but now he was nowhere to be seen, she was sitting alone to one of the seats, and for what she could gather, the jet had taken off.

“You’re awake,” said a man walking towards her,  he took the seat opposite Y/N and strapping himself to the seat. He was tall, deep skin, and big brown eyes. His face was serious and he had a slight accent. She took a while, but recognized him as the king of Wakanda. The one that was fighting alongside Stark. Which made her wonder why would he be hanging with Captain America now.

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Bones... Thank You!

Starting this text it’s probably one of the biggest challenges that I’ve ever faced. And I want to start by saying that the reason I didn’t wrote anything on my #ThankYouBones posts it’s because I was waiting for this day.

There are so many reasons to be grateful for this show and not enough words to describe them. Bones has been, without a doubt, my safe haven throughout the last 9 years, and saying goodbye seems… wrong.

For me, 9 years of losses, of wins, of learning…  and the only constant in my life during all of those changes, was Bones. Bones was there.

Many of you already heard my story, and probably some of you are sick of it, but the reason I repeat it so many times, it’s because it reminds me of how Bones saved me, in so many different ways.

I don’t want to make this post about me, so I’ll try to be short:

I grew up without parents, they both died when I was 4 and 7, during the time I lived alone with my mom I suffered several kinds of abuse, and although I knew that she loved me, part of me couldn’t forgive her. I didn’t know that that was even possible. Then, when I moved in to my grandparent’s house, my grandpa got really sick with bones cancer, and my 10 year old innocent self wanted to help. That’s when Bones appeared.

One day back in 2008, I was watching Bones on my tv (here in Portugal “Ossos”), and initially I thought that it was a show related to bones diseases, as I kept watching it I realized it wasn’t what I thought, but by that time I was already caught.

The years went by, my grandpa unfortunatlly passed away, but I still kept myself watching Bones.

In 2011, I got really sick, I was diagnosed with a severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and I was also struggling with self-harm and bulimia (ed)… I didn’t know how to deal with all of what I was going through, I was only 13 years old and my life seemed to be over… that’s when one of my doctors told me “I know that you love being home, so while you’re home, you have to distract yourself, watch a show, read a movie, anything” and so I did. Bones was already a HUGE part of my life back then, but in that moment something clicked, something inside of me said :

“Okay Bones, you didn’t appeared in my life to save my grandfather’s life, you appeared so you could save mine”

As in that moment if I was experiencing a panic attack, I would watch Bones, if I was severly depressed I would watch Bones, if I was happy I would watch Bones, and the list goes on and on.

I started to realize that one hour a week, I would feel completely free. Every Thursday, Monday, Tuesday (whenever the show aired) I would be so happy, like I’d never been sick.

By the end of season 5 I stopped watching the show on tv and started to watch it livestream because I couldn’t wait, and, still today, I wait until 2am for the show to be on. I still remember the excitment of watching Bones live for the first time, I was completely in awe.

While watching Bones I realized that I had many similarities with doctor Brennan, on a personal level, and watching her character growth, helped me grow. I started by forgiving who needed to be forgiven, just like Brennan did with Max, I started to believe that maybe love did existed, just like Booth proved to Brennan, I started to believe that maybe sometimes heart over head is the right choice, just like Angela always teached Brennan, I started to believe that even the smartest has to have some psychological advice sometimes, just like Sweets teached Brennan…

But for me, the most important thing that I learned from Bones is that, the darkest paths have the brightest futures. That saved my life. Knowing that there’s hope, that life is so good if we put effort on it. Temperance Brennan taught me that.

I grew up with this show, I grew up with B&B. I’ve seen the loniest people becoming family, I’ve seen love and I’ve seen faith. I’ve seen all of that everytime I saw Booth looking into Brennan’s eyes, or when they where simply walking down the street. I’ve seen all of that when they got married and when they had kids. I’ve seen all of that everytime they were doing the job they love or when they were protecting each other. I’ve seen a world full of possibilities thanks to this show, to this couple and to all of the characters. 

Bones became my only constant in life, my happiness, my light, my home. This is my home.

Bones gave me so many great memories that it’s phisycally impossible to write them all, but I remember watching 3x13 and just brusting into laughter with the carpet joke, I remember going nuts with Booth throwing Brennan into a wall on 4x19, I remember bawlling my eyes out on 5x01 after Booth calling Brennan baby, I remember falling even more in love with B&B after 5x16, I remember hearing “Make you feel my love” on 6x23, and that becoming my favorite song ever (what lead me to my favorite singer aka Adele, thank you Bones), I remember crying so hard on 7x07 that my neighbours came knocking on my door, I remember felling so hard out of my bed in 8x01 because of Booth finding Brennan, that I broke my toe, I remember screaming so hard at Pelant that I would get a soar throat, I remember making my best friend watch 10x01 with me because I thought I would die… there are so many memories…. I also remember being so excited to watch ALL of the interviews of David and Emily, I remember that everytime the bloopers came out I would make EVERYONE watch them, I remember screaming and jumping on top of my bed until I broke it when Hart Hanson, Pej Vahdat and Kathy Reichs answered me on twitter. And my favorite memorie of all… I remember the feeling I experienced when I did my Bones tattoos (my first ones).

I can’t thank enough to ANY of the people on this cast, people that make me feel blessed for knowing that their relationships out of the screen are what helped to built the perfect storyline. Because of them I am so proud to call this, my show.

I will never understand how can a show have so much power on somebody’s life to the point that literally saves it, but it does, so thank you Bones for making my life messy, and confusing, and unfocused and irrational and wonderful.

Bones also taught me that, there’s more than one kind of family. And I couldn’t end this text without saying THANK YOU to the people that became my family when I had none. And I do have to give a shoutout to @temperancebren because this girl really helped me so much and made our distance her bitch. Also a shoutout to @michaelaconlin because every liveblog I did I knew I could count on her “company” and finally, shoutout to @pookie—noodlin @imalwayscalmandobjective @like-you-it-makes-no-sense (talking to you has been amazing) @wellsbones @allowustofly @emm-doubleyou @daffodildaisyjupiter @bones-jeffersonian @cortexifansquint @jigsmave @peppernights , and many other people that allowed me to be their number 1 stalker.

Dear Boneheads (aka famiy), to you, I wish you happiness, love laugther, friendship, a prupose and a dance.

Thank you, and remember, this isn’t a goodbye, family is forever. And together I know that we will turn this pain, agony and overwhelming sadness a little bit more bearable.

Now, with my heart brusting out my cheast and with tears streaming down my face I tell you:

See you tomorrow. I love you.

“-The sun will come up and tomorrow is a new day.

-Two plus two equals four. I put sugar in my coffee and it tastes sweet. The sun comes up because the world turns. These things are beautiful to me. There are mysteries I will never understand, but everywhere I look I see proof that for every effect there is a corresponding cause. Even if I can’t see it. I find that reassuring

-And life is good again.”

 #ThankYouBones Week: Day 12 1 bones cast final thank you

Into The Dark - Part 5

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Part Four - Into the Dark Series Masterlist -  Part 6

Words: 1552

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Pairing: T’ChallaxReader

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sorry for making you wait so long! Also, sorry, Cap is kind of an ass here. Anyways, here’s part five. 


“Again, Y/N.”

“No. We’ve been at it for hours, look at him.”

“The broken it is the better. He can take it.”

“I’m giving him a break anyways.” she said, turning to leave. “It’s insane to continue with him in this state.”

The tall doctor grabbed her from her forearm, spinning her around. “who the hell told you it was up to you?”

She swallowed, “doctor Brennan, you know it’s best-”

“What it’s best,” he stopped her, “it is to do as you’re told - as HYDRA tells us. You don’t want to get on their bad side.”

She scoffed, “let them try. I’m not afraid.”

“Then I sure hope bravery runs in the family,” he shoved an iPad t in her hands, it showed a live feed of security-like cameras.  One showed her mom at work, one had a view of her living room, the were videos of her sibling and father as well. Hell, even her best friend seemed to be recorded from inside her car.

She dropped the device, feeling light at the same time her heart felt like it would leave her chest. She felt the cold plastic syringe being dropped on her palm, “this goes beyond you, Y/N. Inject him.”

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atlasbellamy  asked:

Bellamy & Clarke are reminding me more of Booth & Brennan every day. It isn't just the superficial parallels (Clarke/Brennan as doctor figure, Bellamy/Booth as soldier figure), but that they've had a similar storyline: starting off with animosity, gradually building into respect, a protective partnership that does result in them being parted for long periods of time. Same level of trust and faith, same head/heart dichotomy. Also I'm pretty sure B&B was one of my first OTPs.

Honestly? Bellamy and Clarke fit so many of the “slow burn” tropes that it should be obvious to anyone with eyes where there story is going.