doctor blight

OK KO: let's discourse

I haven’t even seen the full captain planet crossover episode yet but people are already complaining that Lord Boxman had to “act straight” because he had a crush on Doctor Blight during the episode, acting visually flustered and trying to hold her hand*

 (some people think he was trying to touch her rear end but that’s a discussion for another time) 

Boxman wasn’t “acting straight” theres this thing called bisexuality and pansexuality ! wow bet that blew your mind just beacuse someone of the opposite sex are attracted towards each other doesn’t mean they’re automatically straight, I’ve seen this same thinking applied to Rad Likes Robots even though the fandom has pretty much agreed Rad is bisexual and we have canonical evidence for it too. 

It’s bi/pan phobic and I hope this discourse comes to an end soon.