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After my research project on honey bee parasites started getting so much attention, UMD asked if they could put me in their advertising 😅😅 soooo Check out the new face of “Fearless Research”  at the University of Maryland! Its definitely premature for them to say that my work “Saves The Bees” but I am holding out hope that it will be the breakthrough that gets us to that answer! 

sveltlanna  asked:

So 'tis been a while that I'm wondering, what can I do to save the bees?

Well, there are many things you can do to save bees, for every skill and dedication level!

Level: You’ve thought about bees once or twice.
Don’t kill bees! This takes almost no effort at all, just don’t swat them when you see them, try and open a window for them if they get in your house or car, don’t spray them with bug killer, in general, just leave them bee. Or, in the rare case where you might get a swarm in your neighborhood, call a local beekeeper to see if they can come and take them away without hurting them.

Level: Hey, you sorta like bees.
If you do any kind of gardening, try not to use insecticides that might harm bees.

Level: You think bees are quite important.
Signing these petitions to stop the use of harmful pesticides on commercial crops will really help bees, there is quite a lot of evidence that pesticides currently being used contribute to the falling bee population. And you could write to local politicians urging them to stop the use of them as well.

Level: You’re pretty sweet on bees!
Buy honey from a local beekeeper. Local beekeepers tend to care more about the health of their bees over profits, not to mention they allow their bees to forage for their own nectar and pollen which not only keeps them healthy and happy, but makes the honey taste ten times better than commercial honey that only feed their bees sugar water. It’s a little more expensive, but if you’re a person who has previously not really liked honey, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it changes your mind. And if you don’t like honey on its own, it can always be used in place of sugar, for your tea, coffee or your baking!

Level: You bee-lieve in bees.
Make a bee waterer! Bees can need a drink while searching far and wide for nectar, but drinking from a puddle or a stream is dangerous for them, they can easily fall in and drown! So, you can easily make a safe little area for them to drink from, all you need is some kind of bowl or dish, some pebbles or marbles, and water. The pebbles create little islands for the bees to land on while they drink, so there is no danger of them drowning.

Level: You really like bees!
Plant flowers that bees love! This helps them to easily get food, wherever they are. Here is a few lists of the kind of flowers bees like, and some advice on planting them.

Level: You’re a bee doctor!
When you see a grounded bee, a bee that is crawling on the ground because it is too weak to fly, sick, or possibly wet, give it a hand! Find a tupperware box, place the bee inside, you can use a piece of cardboard if you’re not feeling brave, and place it in a warmer area, in the sun, in your shed, or in your house if you’re comfortable with bees. And give it something to eat, you can pick some flowers and put them in the box, or mix up some sugar and water (do not use sweeteners or honey, sweeteners are inedible to them and honey can possibly contain viruses that will not be good for it in its weakened state) and place it near the bee. If it was just weak or wet it may dry off and bee able to fly away, but in some cases they’re too sick to help, but at least you tried!

Level: Heck, you’re a bee estate agent!
Some types of solitary, mason and bumblebees don’t live in hives, but instead make small nests or dig holes in trees, but wouldn’t you like it if you were going to build a house and someone gave you one for free? So why not buy or build a bee house! Here are a few tutorials to make one, and then you can watch the bees that might take up residence. But if you don’t have the time you can easily buy one online.

Level: You might love bees more than I do, if that’s possible!
Become a beekeeper! Yes, you can do it if you feel up to the challenge, I would advise reading up on it before you buy a hive though, here is some reading material to get you started. Not to mention you should be able to buy a Flow Hive soon, which will make it even easier!

Level: You are now fully assimilated into bee culture.
Hey if you like bees that much, why not just become one! Put on your black and yellow striped top, your bee wings and antennae, bug eye glasses, and start learning to communicate through the medium of dance. Hey, if Doctor Bees can do it, so can you!

Level: ?????
Watch Bee Movie.

Just do it.

Right now.

Today’s Tax Evader Of The Day Is:

Buzzbo, The Bee Movie! Buzzbo, The Bee Movie Tried To Hide From Their Taxes By Destroying Their Entire Homeworld And Populating A New One, However Their Crimes Could Not Escape Our Brilliant Detective Shreck Who Delivered Swift Justice To Their Entire Race! :O

Ever since I’ve heard of the confirmed characters in Sonic Forces (before Silver was ever confirmed), I thought that it would’ve been a great opportunity to introduced their classic variants in the same game (And wishful thinking, make the classic Chaotix as Sonic Mania’s DLC, please SEGA).

This picture is what I used to envision about the hypothetical Sonic Forces plot, with Eggman somehow changing the past, resulting with only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and the Chaotix being somehow the only ones who are still the good guys in a dystopian future, while their other friends are brainwashed by Eggman. As for the new character, before his reveal, I thought he would be some sort of reverse Shadow, being an ally at first, only to betray Sonic and his friend at the end. I also envision that Classic Sonic called his friends from the past in order to help the resistance. Can you imagine the interaction between them and their modern counterpart?

Of course, we shall see about the real story after the game is released.

I’ve spoke too much.


Still wondering what’s going on with the bees? Well check out this New Year’s Miracle: Doctor Buggs finally put out another episode! I finally got enough time to edit the video I filmed months ago discussing the honey bee health decline! Lemme know what you think ^_^


[image description: three pictures of a white 14 year old person standing in front of the glass front doors of its house at night. it has short messy brown hair and brown eyes. its wearing a black lace a-line dress, black tights, and black knee braces. it has neon pink crutches. end image description]

i finally got around to taking a picture of me with my crutches and braces and everything lol

i might get a wheelchair this week!! because my crutches are just fucking up my shoulders so much and im still in so much pain so thats a good thing plus i have pain clinic tomorrow and an mri of my knee soon which is gonna be FUN

this is what im gonna wear to homecoming!! my black dress + tights if its cold + a black choker + converse or maybe these heels i have lol

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