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I’m trying to not get too hyped for UNIT: Assembled because though I enjoy the UNIT audios a ton they never quite go the direction I wish they did, but damn, apparently Osgood and Jo are gonna spend the whole time together and that sounds delightful.

What is favourite MCU film/TV show and which film/TV shows are you most looking forward to?

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Can we make a petition for Oded Fehr to be cast as Doctor Strange? Is it possible because it needs to be done. Also he has a twitter so we should prolly tell him and Kevin Feige and the Marvel Office to make this happen. Twitter trend #OdedFehrForStrange and reasons why is should happen.

Also I want someone other than Jack Sparrow cosplaying as Sorcerer Supreme which is basically how it’s going to go if Johnny Depp is cast. Edit: FUCK BENADRYL CUMDUMPSTER AND HIS GROTESQUE RACIST ASS GARBAGE ALIEN FACE.

MCU Plans

So I just got a pretty good look at a leak about the tentative plans for the next MCU movies. Stress tentative. These are what the studio is planning and wants, but is in no way what will be executed. Enjoy.


The tipping point of the MCU. Captain America and Iron Man on opposite ends of the Superhero Registration Act, both trying to prevent HYDRA from attacking Wakanda and leading to an international conflict, while Captain America is also trying to protect Bucky from Iron Man. It’s a big movie with a lot of players. Neither Captain America nor Iron Man will be villains, that role is reserved to Baron Zemo and Gyrich, but they’ll be on opposite sides and come to blows. Spider-Man has a minor role, acting as an audience POV throughout the conflict. Captain America will die, which causes Iron Man to blame himself and retire.


Self-contained, though it introduces Doctor Strange, who will be a pivotal character in the Infinity War, and the Reality Gem. Doctor Strange’s powers are explained on vaguely scientific terms related to quantum physics and parallel Universes. The villain is Baron Mordo and Dormammu


One of the biggest lead-ins to the Infinity War, with the introduction of Adam Warlock and the Soul Gem. The Universal Church of Truth will be present, though they’ll be connected to Thanos. Nova Corps, Ravagers and Nebula also expected to return. From what I’ve heard, it’s a “chase the McGuffin” movie with all these separated groups trying to find Warlock’s cocoon


Not much is known, as Sony is developing it. It won’t be an origin story, Peter’s parents’ aren’t involved, Peter will be in high school and Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin won’t be done at first. Spider-Man is a “people’s hero” that looks after the common man, and has been active for a while, but will face his first true supervillain in the movie. Mary-Jane Watson will be in it as Peter’s childhood friend and soon-to-become romantic interest.


The Ragnarok is caused by Loki to settle his debt with Thanos, which is part of Loki’s larger masterplan. Thor is caught in the crossfire. It’s massive, and Surtur will be present. Several characters will die, and Thor will end the movie trapped in Hel.


Self-contained. T'Challa will be introduced during the Civil War, but become the Black Panther here, dealing with the political tensions between his country and the rest of the world over Vibranium mines and the looming threat of HYDRA. Killmonger and Klaw will be the villains, more might be added.


Thanos begins collecting the Infinity Gems to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet and subjugate the Universe. With Captain America dead, Thor trapped and Iron Man in shambles, Doctor Strange assembles Spider-Man, a revived Quicksilver, and Black Panther to join the Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Hawkeye (the New Avengers set up after AoU) to fight Thanos. As expected, they fail. Thanos, aided by Loki, causes a catastrophic event, but the arrival of Adam Warlock and the Guardians of the Galaxy allows them the heroes to survive.


Carol Danvers is being introduced in “Black Panther”, and Thanos’ actions lead to her developing cosmic powers. Her movie is about her accepting her role as a hero and being recruited to the Resistance against Thanos. I hear she’ll have a “kinship” with Black Panther.


The final battle. Although this is subject to change, it’s meant to be an all-out battle. Iron Man is brought out of exile, Thor is rescued and Captain America is briefly revived, as they rally all Marvel heroes, including the Netflix heroes and the TV show heroes, for a massive battle against Thanos. Loki’s treachery will prove vital to Thanos’ defeat, and I’m hearing it’ll all culminate with Iron Man sacrificing himself to defeat Thanos, with Captain America also returning to the world of the dead once Thanos’ is defeated.


Self-contained. Basically, it’s the Royal Family of Attilan dealing with the humans’ looming discovery of their existence and the intrigue between Black Bolt and Maximus. Crystal is the central character.


Further movies will deal with the ramifications of a world without its cornerstone heroes, Captain America and Iron Man. Spider-Man’s importance will only increase, as will Doctor Strange’s. Bucky will become Captain America and might get his own movie if proven popular. Depending on the public’s reaction to “Infinity War”, they’ll begin setting up another massive overarching storyline.