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it’s just really interesting being on tumblr and following all of y’all as someone who doesn’t care about anything dc-related and has no clue what’s going on

Reblog if you’ve ever read fan-fiction that actually set the bar higher.
Imagine having Thanksgiving with your favorite characters

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My tumblr experience
  • Me in the begaining: * what the fuck am I supposed to do, how does this even work?!?!
  • Me after a few months: *oh okay I found my interests and found other things I never thought I'd be into*
  • Me few years later: * tags everything like a fucking professional & makes shitty posts to get attention but internally am really proud of them*

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, (Y/N).” Barry said looking behind you at Iris.

“What? So you don’t realise that she is flirting with you? Because half of the time you flirt back!” You say with your voice slightly raising.

“I’m not flirting with her. I’m just supporting her over Eddie’s death.” Barry mumbled before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Barry, that happened over a year ago. And I hared her talking to Caitlin. Barry, she likes you, and I know that you will always lover her. You guys will be getting married in less than 10 so where does that leave us? I know you love me, but you love Iris more.” With that you stood up and walked out of jitters. Barry didn’t even try to stop you.

You headed to S.T.A.R Labs to get your things. The only thing that was keeping you in central city was Barry. You walked into the cortex and saw Caitlin and Cisco at a computer.

You just ignored them. You packed up your things and headed out. Caitlin knew why you were leaving and that’s why she didn’t say anything.

You walked out of S.T.A.R Labs and walked over to your car. Just as you unlocked it someone called for you.

“(Y/N), where are you going?” It was Barry. You looked up and saw Iris standing beside him. Holding his hand. That was fast you thought to yourself.

“Barry, I’m going back to Miami. I’m not staying here any longer.” You say before jumping into your car and driving off.

Part 2??

  • Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*

More John Barrowman Bromances!!!

Found more lovely pics of Barrowman collecting boyfriends from around the fandoms!!!

With Nathan Fillion, William Shatner, Karl Urban, Norman Reedus, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Original list here:


“Barry, what are you going?” You asked your boyfriend who was doing weird dance moves.

“Don’t worry I’m just getting started.” He replied before doing a wave with his arm. Your face started to turn red as some of your co-workers stared at the two of you.

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