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now that I got your attention , I know this always confuse some people cause I post art in both of my accounts , but this account is more for reblogs and personal shit , do you only want art? please feel free to follow my art blog (I must warn you , it’s NSFW) and well if you want to follow this blog , this is just some reblogs and personal shit , so yeah that’s all 

Art blog (NSFW) here : 



I’ll be lying if i say I’m not excited about this , I mentioned lately that one of my comics (Well my first comic to be honest) will be in dokkun magazine #07 , well today i got my copy of the magazine and i cannot avoid to jump and screaming like an idiot , I’m so excited to see one of my works in a magazine and share with one of my favorite artists  and the person who made this possible i dont know how many i’ll say thank you but thank you so much @fabrissou !!