doctor and rose

Different reactions to fictional couples


Don’t like them

Really don’t care

Like them



I feel lost, like I’m in the wrong world. Because I can’t be in a universe without you my dear. I just can’t its too painful. I don’t belong in a universe where we don’t end up together. I don’t, I know I don’t, that can’t be our story. There are different universes out there where we, this, us didn’t happen. But then theres a universe out there where I didn’t lose you, where I was with you, and you were with me. Wherever that maybe be, thats the universe where we’re together, thats where my heart is, in a universe with you. And we’re happy.
—  I cant live without you, for you my dear are my world.//t.c
Doctor Who Poem

Roses are red
That much is true
Violets are purple
Not fucking blue

Blue is for TARDIS
Flying through space
The Doctor and Rose
Any time, any place

Some Roses are red
Others stand on a beach
In a parallel universe
The doctor can’t reach

Nothing but a hologram
In the void she fell through
He never finished that sentence
Rose Tyler…

I want a love like:

Ross and Rachel

Kim and Ron

Lizzie and Gordo

Fred and Wilma

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Ellie and Carl

Zoey and Chase

The Doctor and Rose

Amy and Rory

I want the love that goes through thousand years and never gives up, the love that comes from a great friendship, the love that can go through the hard times and still bounce back because of our love, the love that can stay strong thousand of miles apart, the love that can take being universes apart and still be in love, that can take death and still love each other. I CRAVE that love.

She would always come and go like a comet passing every few hundred years, never staying long. It was always wrong timing we would tell ourselves. Even when I knew she was galaxies away my heart would always ache just to be with her. When she was here she would kiss me and I saw consultations in her eyes, but when she left she would see stars dying in mine. She was great and terrible thing to have loved. She would tell me stories about her planet that we lived in different worlds; it grew harder to see our future, even the stars saw our tragedy. Our end grew closer, I always knew we couldn’t keep passing each other like ships in the night; it wasn’t fair on our hearts. She told me as she kissed me one last time maybe somewhere, in a different time, in a different place, in a different world, we were both stars in the same sky, we were together, she loved me and we were happy.
—  Star crossed//t.c
One day, I don’t know when, if it will be tomorrow, months, years from now. You’re going to see her holding hands with somebody else, someone who took your chance. You will see and remember this girl being the love of your life, yet she won’t notice you because she’s to busy laughing at the jokes he’s making. And it will break your heart seeing her beautiful smile and her eyes light up and you will finally realize that you’re not the reason anymore. That isn’t your place, that you lost that right ages ago. And then it will hit you, and when that hits you; it was her, it was always her.
—  She was the love of your life and you lost her.//t.c