doctor abuse

autistic self diagnosis is valid
  • a person: i'm autistic. i don't have a professional diagnosis.
  • a neurotypical: you can't! self diagnose! autism!!! onLy a dOctor can do that!!!
  • most doctors: don't know what autism looks like in people other than nonverbal white cis boys
  • most doctors: recommend abusive therapies for autistic kids and teens
  • most doctors who specialize in diagnosing autism: refuse to evaluate adults
  • an autism evaluation for a minor teen who wants one: requires having supportive parents who understand that autism is not a tragedy and looks different for every autistic person, and that many autistic people can talk, have friends, do okay in school, and otherwise fake looking neurotypical
  • an autism evaluation for an adult: very expensive and often not covered by insurance in the U.S., also extremely difficult to get in France
  • an on-record autism diagnosis: can be used to deny you custody of children, to have your kids taken away, to forcibly institutionalize you
  • autism advocacy orgs that actually help autistic ppl like ASAN, AWN, AANE: Here are some resources for figuring out if you could be autistic. Professional diagnosis is a very personal decision and is not required for knowing that you're one of us. We support you as an autistic person even if you don't have a paper diagnosis.
  • a sincere autism self diagnosis: harms no one even if it's incorrect, enables the person to feel part of a community of people with similar issues and learn more about autism, a gateway to learning about autism acceptance movements, often the first step toward self acceptance and self esteem
Detailed List of Trigger Warnings for The Foxhole Court+

The series is called “All For the Game” but most people know it as “The Foxhole Court” on Tumblr. Here is the list of trigger warnings FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES, however, please feel free to click the read more for a more detailed description of how that trigger plays out without spoiling anything.

I’m sure there is probably a list out there already, but just in case if there is not. Also, if I missed anything, please let me know! Last updated 3/9/17.

-violence (male to female)
-mild assault
-drug abuse
-drug misrepresentation
-alcohol abuse
-counselors/courts prescribing medication
-violence (guns, knives, fists, cigarette lighters, etc)
-sport violence
-casual violence
-familial death (referenced)
-gang violence
-torture (semi-heavily detailed)
-abuse by a family member
-mentions of domestic abuse
-rape by a family member
-minor character death
-suicide mentions
-mentions of sociopathy
-mentions of depression
-panic attacks
-knives being used
-character in a rehab/mental facility
-abuse in a rehab facility
-bribery of authority figures
-albeist language / homophobic slurs
-mention of animal cruelty

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Eleventh Doctor Oneshot/ X-reader.

A/n: Sooooo, Doctor Who is on in a little while and I’m just real excited. I wanted to write something and I literally just came up with this hella fast so yeah, I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading. Hope you all enjoy the new season! 

Summary: Both the Doctor and reader have a crush on each other, the reader has been travelling with the Doctor for a year now and he wants to take the reader somewhere special. The Doctor finds this beautiful planet that made him think of you but little does he know what the events of that planet will conclude. 

Tags: Springtime, mild smut?

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol abuse, language, make-out session, mild smut? 

Words: 1.25K


You’ve been travelling with the Doctor for a while now, a year to be exact, and there has never been a time in the whole twenty-five years that you have been alive that you have loved someone to this extent.

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i'm still fairly youngish (im 16) and i'm a type one diabetic, so i visit an endocrinologist every once in a while, and every time i visit the endo they always go on about how my "weight is gaining to fast" you're a doctor don't you realize that i have had two growth spurts in height over two years? i'm going through puberty! i'm! supposed! to! gain! weight! and this weight gain they're so worried about is that i gained 20 pounds in the past 2 YEARS...right alongside my height growth?

It is not okay for doctors to talk negatively about young people’s weight.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that doctors avoid weight and dieting talk with their child and adolescent patients because such talk is harmful to young people’s health.  

Please share the scientific articles that are linked in the previous sentence with your parents so they can help protect you from this doctor’s ill-informed and dangerous behavior in future. 


[image description: light grey userboxes. first image: text says “this user is traumatised by severe illness.” the image is of a person with an ice pack on their head and a thermometer in their mouth. second image: text says “this user has been sick their entire life.” the image is the same as the first. third image: text says “this user is a victim of medical abuse.” the image is a simplified image of a doctor. fourth image: text says “this user is a survivor of medical abuse.” the image is the same as the third. fifth image: text says “this user is a victim of medical neglect.” the image is a simplified image of a doctor. sixth image: text says “this user is a survivor of medical neglect.” the image is the same as the fifth. end image description.]

do not use/interact if you are or allow interaction of terf/twerf/swerf, ace exclusionist, ableist, anti self diagnosis, anti otherkin/fictionkin/fictives, endogenic/osdd exclusionist, racist, transphobic, ddlg/cgl/etc (even sfw), petplay, or nsfw/kink blog

im a survivor of all of these lol so i decided to make some userboxes!! to any survivors/victims of these, yall deserve so much better, and i hope things get better/have gotten better for you. you deserve good medical care and to be comfortable. i made it inclusive to those that use either victim or survivor, because both are completely valid.

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when i was 15 my mom made me go to the gyno for the first time. i'd been on birth control since i was 12 for acne, and i needed a refill. the male doctor FORCED me into a physical exam (despite never being sexually active) and said he wouldn't give me my BC unless i let him do a full exam. it was so traumatizing; it hurt so much and he patted my knee and called me a 'real woman' after. i told my mom what happened and she's never made me go again. now i just visit a dermatologist for acne.

may that doctor get sued for malpractice

in general always change doctors if they mistreat you. I changed because one simply they didn’t listen to me and that’s their job.

anonymous asked:

So I'm a fat trans guy. Before I had top surgery, one of my doctors had to make sure I knew the surgery wouldn't solve all my life problems. But he kinda gave me whiplash when he suggested I lose weight despite my objections that dieting doesn't work long-term. He scolded me, telling me to look at it as "lifestyle changes". But if losing breasts won't solve my problems, why will losing 20 lbs? It feels like a punishment when I want to try and be at peace with my own body.

So your surgeon was transphobic and fat phobic. Double yuck. I’m sorry you were subjected to that. It is so much harder to cope with bigotry when you are vulnerable… ya know, like when you are about to undergo surgery.

Your body is just fine the size that it is. You deserve to be at peace, and I hope you get there. 


Let’s have a look at what Missy had to go through in The Doctor Falls and the end of World Enough and Time.

Missy was genuinely trying to do well in the Doctor’s little test. She went out of her way to explain shit to random snacks and actively tolerated people she’d normally kill for the lols. When she finally ran into herself you could clearly see that she was not amused at all. the look she gives the Master is a, ‘you better not be here to fuck up my day’ look.

Originally posted by onlylostphysics

When the Master starts to torment Missy with what he did to Bill she knows that all the effort she’s put in with the Doctor is about to crumble around her. She has to stand there and take what the Master says without showing her hand because she knows that biding her time and staying on the Master’s side is the only way that she can protect the Doctor.

Then she has to stand there with the Master while he verbally abuses the Doctor, knowing full well that the Doctor is going to assume the worst of her. She endures those sad eyes and who-knows-what in response from the Doctor.

Following that Missy must partake in the physical beating of the Doctor - someone she has clearly grown to love - if not actively in love with. If she doesn’t hit him, repeatedly, the Master will assume that she’s on the Doctor’s side. If she ends up tied up as well then there’s no hope - so she plays along - beating him with her umbrella. She does the best she can - knocking the Doctor onto the keyboard so that he can re-programme the Cybermen.

Originally posted by 3rddoctor

After that, on the balcony, she has to assist the Master in tormenting the Doctor verbally. This would be just as bad because Missy knows how much the Doctor’s companions mean to him and the longer she continues this charade, the more likely the Doctor is to never forgive her for the mistakes of her past. She probably already assumes that the damage done to their relationship is fatal yet she continues to try and save him the only way she knows how.

When she gets her chance to free the Doctor, she does. As soon as the Master wakes up, she has to try and ingratiate herself back toward the Master to keep an eye on him without risking a full scale confrontation.

For the next two weeks at the farm it falls to Missy to keep an eye on the Master. In order to do this she basically has to abandon the Doctor’s side and play mediator between them. She can’t be honest with the Doctor because the Master will sense her disloyalty and remember - Missy’s probably still trying to play the Master for their Tardis.

Originally posted by doctorwhogeneration

There are several other scenes scattered throughout with Missy’s changed behaviour shows through and then she quickly corrects it for the benefit of the Master (see her referring to Bill as ‘she’ instead of ‘it’).

Then she has to put up with the Master’s overt sexual overtones toward her while she is effectively baby-sitting him to make sure that he doesn’t do anything like kill the locals for the hell of it. She ends up showing her cards by giving the Master the device to fix the Tardis. In order for Missy to survive to reach this point in her time stream she knows she has to get the Master out of the spaceship. Considering everything is about to go to hell she basically nudges him on his way.

Originally posted by timclady

Worse, she is faced with the prospect of killing herself in order to make sure that the universe is not left with the violent version of the Master loose without the Doctor to keep him in check. She knows that there is a very good chance that no one is making it off the ship alive so at least this way, Missy knows that the only version of the Master that survives is her - the version that sought out the Doctor instead of burning the stars.

One of the worst things she had to face is the goodbye to the Doctor. She wants to do as promised - to stand with him - but she has to turn him down to make sure that the above happens without the Master becoming suspicious of her motivations. You could see how much it hurt her to say no to the Doctor.

We know she planned on coming straight back to stand with the Doctor but never got the chance. So as the final part Missy died alone, killed by herself and knowing full well that the Doctor, whom she lied to in order to protect, would think the worst of her.

Throughout the entire experience she showed at tremendous amount of fortitude and courage. She faced her darkest demons - alone - and won. I can’t help but think that when Missy said, “I know I’m going to die.” I think she meant her real death - her end - because part of her remembers what happened or at the very least had a feeling that this was coming. Like a storm.

It’s the age of question - if you play a game of chess against yourself - who wins?

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David Tennant and Christian O'Connell

Photos from David’s various appearances on the Christian O'Connell radio show(s) down through the years

- December 2006 - Christmas Panto
- November 2008 - Einstein and Eddington Promo
- April 2009 - Lie Detector #1
- September 2009 - The Christian O'Connell Solution
- November 2009 - The David Tennant Breakfast Show (3 days)
- October 2010 - Single Father Promo
- October 2010 - David Hosts (lie detector #2, Copacabana, Single Father)
- February 2011 - 5Live
- September 2011 - Fright Night Promo
- November 2011 - Beer and Cake Show
- March 2012 - Pirates Promo
- December 2012 - Nativity 3 - Dude Where’s my Donkey
- December 2013 - Zombie Claus

Edited Post to add:
- January 2015 - Broadchurch Series 2 Promo
- November 2015 - Jessica Jones Promo
- December 2015 - Christmas Panto (Star Claus)
- March 2017 - Broadchurch Series 3 and Don Juan

did I really see Discourse™ about how the Doctor trying to rehabilitate Missy in the latest season was abusive, or did I just hallucinate that

I cannot believe Tumblr’s definition of abuse is so warped and twisted that redemption arcs qualify now… this is some next level bullshit

Imagine That

Sort of a Drop Dead Fred AU

Mentions of violence and past abuse.

“He’s an idiot.”

“No, he is not.” Rose Tyler ignored the voice coming from in front her as she played on her phone.

“You have a horrible taste in men.”

“I do not.”

Rose Tyler had a problem. Well, maybe it was just a quirk. The thing was, she had had an imaginary friend when she was a child that suddenly reappeared in her life after a bad relationship with a man named Jimmy Stone.

He simply called himself the Doctor and he was currently lounging across the seat of the booth where her date had been sitting only moments earlier. He wore a pinstriped suit with a long brown duster that he claimed he had received from Janis Joplin once upon a time. Were you her imaginary friend, too, she’d asked him. He’d scoffed and said, Don’t be ridiculous.

Roe still didn’t understand why he was back in her life again. The last time she’d seen him was right before her tenth birthday when he’d announced that she no longer needed him. She’d cried for days afterwards.

And then, suddenly, he was back. It was right after she’d had a nasty fight with Jimmy where he’d stormed off to find somewhere else to sleep for the night, probably another girl’s place. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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@avveh is a cruel mistress who is forcing me to write smut until my fingers bleed. Just so you all know, I am doing this for your own good. She is nearly done with a fantastic Jungkook smut and won’t post it until I deliver on a story I told her I would write a couple months ago. This is me until further notice.

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porcelainmaiden  asked:

if whom ever mercy was interested in was addicted to drugs do you think she would use that against them to make them stay or would she make them come clean on the other hand do you think she would use drugs to keep her love complaint

The night Mercy caught you with cocaine up your nostrils she was heartbroken! She just had to get you clean! It was her duty as a doctor and your girlfriend to make sure you were healthy. When she forced you to go cold turkey you relied on her to take care of you more than you ever have with anyone. You were very lucky she had a medical license and that she didn’t put you in rehab. You honestly didn’t know if you would ever make it alone if that were to happen. 

Some days were good and some were bad. On the worst ones you’re constantly throwing up and trembling in need for a fix. Just a small amount would do! But Mercy kept you in check and no matter how much you screamed and cursed at her due to being in constant pain she never left you or lashed out.

By the time you were finally clean Mercy was a tad disappointed that you wouldn’t rely on her as much. Despite the pain you went through she very much enjoyed your dependence on her. The fact that you needed her and only her always makes her heart melt. When you grew distant she felt her stomach sink. Now that you were independent it felt like you didn’t need her anymore and she simply couldn’t allow that. Against her better judgement as a doctor, she introduced you to Vicodin to keep the pain at bay from the damage the drugs did to your body. Lucky for you she could easily prescribe the perfect amount since she knew you so well.

The pills felt good. You didn’t feel any pain and you felt a light euphoria that kept you on your toes. Mercy seems delighted with this and every day she congratulates you for being another day sober. You feel proud of yourself as well but sometimes something deep down inside of you doesn’t feel quite right. Perhaps you should take another dosage.

Chronic Illness and Gaslighting

Editor Diane here, and I want to share a story and an issue that affects all of us.

A few weeks ago, I made a very big life decision. I had thought about it for a good long time, and only took action when I was 100% sure of myself. I approached my doctor for assistance… only for him to misunderstand my intent, despite multiple explanations and rephrasing. Not only that, but he consistently encouraged me to do the exact opposite of what I’d planned. He brought up the fact that I should consider cognitive behavioral therapy, despite the fact that my concerns were physical, not mental. 

You know how this story ends. I doubted myself. I wondered if I was truly making the right decision, even though I had thought about it for ages, even though I had just been feeling incredibly self-assured… I believed in myself, and it only took one person to shut that down. Now, my plans are on hold as I search for a doctor who will take me seriously, and I am constantly thinking things like “maybe I was just being a wuss, maybe he’s right, maybe I’m going about it all wrong, maybe I’m imagining it, maybe I’m just being dramatic.“ 

Like I said, this is probably very, very familiar to you.

True story: after about two years of chronic illness, I no longer trust myself and my judgement. And it’s not because my judgement has turned out to be wrong–in fact, my judgement has been proven correct 99% of the time. But with the constant contradictory input I receive from others, that confidence just collapses. 

Enter the concept of gaslighting. Wikipedia describes gaslighting as:

a form of mental abuse in which information is twisted/spun, selectively omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception and sanity. Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

Now, as much as I’d like to believe it, there is no conspiracy, no underground group of people committed to messing with you. In most cases, there isn’t even a plan or an intent to abuse. Nonetheless, this is still abuse, and the dynamic described here is spot-on: spoonies are incredibly likely to experience gaslighting, and its emotional impact, throughout their medical journey.

Think about all the times a few words from a doctor or a loved one have left you wondering if you were just imagining your symptoms. Think about all the times when you’ve pushed yourself to do something you know you can’t do, because someone else told you you could and should. Think about the state of your self-confidence when it comes to your health. It may stand tall, but it topples at the slightest of breezes.

You are being gaslit. By doctors, by society, even by friends and family. Every day, the small contradictions chip away at your confidence, your belief in your ability to determine what’s best for you.

So remember this the next time you don’t trust your own judgement. Remember that your judgement is digging through layers upon layers of self-doubt to get to you. Respect all that it’s overcome to give you whatever signal you’re getting, and listen to yourself above all others.

There is a difference between self diagnosing and seeing that you have one symptom that coincides with the disorder you think you might have and then telling everyone you have that disorder.
Mental illnesses are not coins you collect. They are not badges. They are not things that you *want*.
Also to the people who are against self diagnosing bc you could misdiagnose yourself : doctors misdiagnose literally all the time. I have been misdiagnosed by a doctor multiple times and am still dealing with the very real consequences that come from having a professional diagnosis. Self diagnosing is a safer way to seek help in many complex and diverse situations. You were lucky enough to have safe, trustworthy doctors. Not everyone has all the privileges you do.

twofingerswhiskey  asked:

tfw "you should have been diagnosed as a kid!" but as a kid, your doctor just prayed over you and assumed you would grow out of the Odd(tm) and also would use scare tactics like grapefruit diets (which is harmful to me cos i also have adhd which she also missed) because apparently me being Odd(tm) was from being chubby. :/