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Hi, when you become a junior doctor how many days a week will you have work? And can you choose what shifts you do? I want to be a doctor but not sure if i will be able to do it😕

Honestly I’m not entirely sure of the answer - it would probably vary depending on the hospital and what specialty you are rotating in. 

I don’t think it’s MAD hours - in the old days, junior doctors would basically work until they dropped. But now we have the European Working Time Directive, which means that for Junior doctors (from BMA website):

  • working hours have been reduced from an average of 56 per week to 48, calculated over a period of 26 weeks.  Doctors are entitled to choose to work additional hours if they wish.
  • a period of 11 hours continuous rest a day (or compensatory rest to be taken at another time if this is not achieved).
  • a day off each week , or two days off in every fortnight (or compensatory rest)
  • a 20 minute rest break every 6 hours (or compensatory rest)

So yeah being a doctor will be hard work, but it’s not ridiculous hours like it used to be. I’ve even spoken to some junior doctors who wish they had MORE hours. However be aware that although these rules exist, junior doctors can still be pressured to do more hours than they should.


I decided to make myself a TARDIS nightlight! It cost around $15 (basically just foam board, hot glue, and a shop light) and the entire process took about 25 hours! Although I probably spent about 5 of those hours trying to figure out how I would accomplish the next step. BUT I DID IT AND I’M SO HAPPY (this is really my first crafty project thing so I’m super proud of myself lol)

Anyways, here’s the video going over the entire process if you’re interested. Hope you enjoy!