He wished to say he was impressed by the selection of tributes for the deranged games they were about to play, but quite frankly, he couldn’t. Most of them looked thin; a few of them seemed to be completely oblivious to the violence that will surely tear them to pieces later on.
Still, he was far more interested in the way they dressed.
Ignoring year’s worth of etiquette classes that shaped him into the blunt, yet somewhat polished person he’s become, Icarus simply stared at some of the tributes without so much as glance the other way.
“So what’s your district like? Is it shit?” He asked with an upturned twitch of his lips,


I wasn’t around for the hype leading up to the big reveal, but I think Chuck had admirable intentions- and I, admittedly, am developing a word-crush on him. 

Seriously though, the beauty of the Homestuck fandom, when united, is brilliant. Although I’m not sure Chuck really had to make a whole new account, just to recreate the uniting sensation that accompanied the startbeta incident? It was great and all, and gave everyone an amazing rush, but it seemed a bit unnecessary to try and remake it. I honestly think he could’ve just put that (well-worded) letter into a text post and sent it out into the world. 

Obviously, however, fake sburb accounts are going to become a thing now. Which pains me, because I think it’ll lessen the beauty of startbeta, of the one that started it all. Of that first raw, glorious time where it seemed so real, where we thought it was actually going to happen- the world really was going to end. 

I hate how, by trying to remake the attention and drama and uproar, the Homestuck fandom will grow progressively duller and duller in excitement, in belief and majicks and wonderment and thrills.

     The best thing about living right along the sea was knowing that a vast amount of space was so close by when you need an escape. In an enclosed tube hurtling at high speed down a track with several other peers, escape was hardly something to remember being real. As was being alone, which Honora so desperately wanted. Maybe she should have been making friends, but instead she looked at the person close by her little claimed corner with a hard stare. “Yes?” She asked softly, voice not hard, but not welcoming either. “I’ve claimed this corner, I believe. Unless you, too, or looking for peace and quiet on this… this thing.”

         “What a dinosaur,” Dighmonde muttered, her idle channel-surfing of the train’s TV growing less so each time she flipped to a screen full of static. “I don’t think it’s even HD. Where’re the 3′s when you need them?”

To Aussie and Bec,

I honestly had a great time tonight.
It was filled with laughs and code hacking and just A GREAT TIME OKAY.

It was fun pretending I was going into a session and grabbing the things I needed.
It was great and talk to my friends and chat with them about it.
It was so much fun.
I had a great night.
It made it ten times better with my mom being oblivous of what I was doing online and running around the house to do chores and talk to people. LOL

The blog StartBeta was amazing fun.
Docstart is a great name for you both.

This is a day I will remember and a lot of the fandom too.
Thanks for a great time! :D