docs: all by myself

I just really want an internet friend right now. I need someone who can discuss my likes and dislikes on an intellectual level but at the same time make pun and stupid jokes. I want a lifelong internet friendship. Like maybe one day we’ll meet and it’ll be great because we know each other but maybe no one else knows that. It just…. I just really want a friend guys….

my uncle was like “oh you can completely use the kitchen here to cook!!” and honestly….lmao no

Hi! Yes come on, let me give you a tour around the TLC fandom

Welcome to the TLC fandom or as we like to call it, The Dumpster. 

To your left, in a constant estate of endless squealing and living in the most trashiest side of the dumpster, we have THE KAIDER SHIPPERS. Beware, these girls will go on full crisis mode at the mere sight of a lil cyborg foot.

Oh, that to your right? That’s the Wolflet shippers. Yes, they cry whenever they see a tomato and they go around carrying guns to protect baby Wolf but rest assured, they’re good people. Also, right now  they’re having the party of the century because… Well, you’ll found out later.

Ah yes! The most high tech part of the Dumpster! The Cresswell shippers live around there, you see they aren’t as loud as the Kaider shippers because they spend most of their time cringing at the two dorks the have as their otp. Also, on their free time they like to sing, dance and stalk handsome cadets─ eeerrr, captains.

We are getting to the end of the dumpster, the cleanest side of it. Yes, the Jacinter shippers. Small poblation, they used to cry over their tragic babies and now they cry because their tragic babies are so fucking happy they just─ I need a moment, okay? let’s keep moving on. 

That huge thing surrounding the whole dumpster is the Brotps, keeping this place safe and nice for everyone. Yes, you can go check them whenever you want.

Oh, that small amount of people sitting there? Those are the Winlet shippers but there’s so few of them, they have to tag along with the KaixThorne shippers. Yes yes, you can leave them a blanket, they are also good people.

As for  me? where do I live you ask? hahahaha… See that small box sitting alone in the corner of the dumpster? That’s my place.  How’s it called?



The Kiko shipper place.