Etsy designer Josefina Flello Martinez hand-paints style Doc Martins in a range of cosmic galaxy colors. She takes request for both shoe style and color. Based on the Doc Martins I had in high school, these might be the only shoes that have a shot at lasting for astronomical time scales. 

- Summer


Soo excited my final birthday present came today!!!! I have been drooling over the boots Carol on the walking dead wears since she first strolled on screen in them. But they are very far from cheap. After 2 years of obsessing over them, thanks to my dearest Chris hooking me up with a Amazon gift card and them being almost half price for 1 day!! They are now MINE!!!!!! They came today, not only to they look so freaking dope, but they are crazy comfortable. I’m so excited there are no words! ❤❤