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Anonymous said: Do u do monty imagines bc i rly need more of him
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Author’s Note: Because some of you asked so nicely.. enjoy my attempt at Montgomery. Also, much thanks to @jayadoreee for creating ‘Dating Montgromery Includes’ headcanons that sparked the idea for this ;) One headcanon in particular had me laughing, but as I was listening to a couple of songs.. inspiration struck! So go listen to ’Gangsta’ and ’Crazy in Love’ to get a feel of the mood I was in when writing this XD

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Montgomery de la Cruz. There was a lot to be said about this bad boy, a lot to dislike about him as well, but given that he’s been your boyfriend for the last eight months.. well you mustn’t find him all that terrible.

But that wasn’t the case once upon a time. Once upon a time you sneered at his attempts to intimidate fellow students, told him to fuck off one too many times to count, and even shoved him off Alex once when they got into one of their monthly fist fights.

His cruelty lessened when he turned his sights on you and every time you went to tell him off, you found that your amusement would spike. He noticed it, too, if his attempts to get a rise out of you almost everyday were anything to go by. Every curse you spewed at him was then followed by a smile and roll of your eyes instead of a sneer, and you found that Monty had wormed his way beneath your skin without even realizing it until it was too late.

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Never Tear Us Apart (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen part 4]

Hi, friends! I seriously meant to post this a few days ago, but life and illness made it difficult. Plus this is kind of a long chapter but I wanted to get it right. I hope I did! Let me know your thoughts. :)

Part Three: Evasive Maneuvers    Part 4      Part Five: Unavailable


Never Tear Us Apart (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen Part 4]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Steve, Tony, other Avengers mentioned

Summary: Progression of the relationship between reader and Bucky as they make plans, which get rudely interrupted. 

Warnings: fluffy fluff plus a little angst

This is along one! It might be my favorite, though. I really wanted to portray the passage of time and how “real life” intervenes in a relationship. Plus the music! I had to add that kitchen scene. :D Thankfully, I’ve figured out the “Keep Reading” situation, so it won’t clog up your dashboard. 

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Let me know if you’d like to be tagged or untagged in the future! Send me an ask. 


Sunlight fell across your face through a slit in the curtains. Turning away from the brightness, you opened your eyes and gazed into the still-sleeping face of Bucky Barnes. It must’ve been a restful night, his face relaxed with his lips slightly parted. Most nights were good but every once in a while he would wake with a furrowed brow and clamped mouth. You knew he still struggled with nightmares, but he didn’t like to talk about it. All he ever said was that it was always better with you there. Which is what made today so hard.

It had been a two weeks since that fateful night of Fraggle Rock and the following morning of bliss. You and Bucky fell into an easy routine of friendly interaction during the day and as much of a workout in the gym as either of you could handle before the REAL workout took precedent at night. You had moved beyond the wrestling mats by then and had just a little more self control in order to make it to one of your rooms before disrobing.

This particular morning, you were aware which room you had stumbled into last night in a instant. Bucky’s room still consisted of 4 blank white walls, a bed, and a small bookshelf with a lamp on top. You were all for the minimalist look, but it could use a little personality. In a moment of inspiration, you grabbed a black Sharpie from the bookshelf and uncapped it. Rolling onto your stomach and scooting up to the wall above the head of the bed, you began to draw.

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There was that one time they both got incredibly drunk and Peter forced Yondu to dance with him ;)

This is also posted on AO3: Come Dancing. Yep, it’s another fixit.

It wasn’t a sound or any other clue that drew Peter to that corner of the ship; it was really just instinct that he followed down to the very back of the Quadrant’s truncated cargo hold, and here he found Yondu, sitting with his back against the wall and a bottle of something high-proof and sharp-smelling, getting quietly and systematically drunk behind the ship’s tangle of life support equipment.

Peter hesitated behind the oxygen tanks, wondering if he ought to just go away, but he might’ve known he’d already been spotted.

“Come in or scram, boy.”

Peter came in. Yondu had a lightstick on the floor beside him, the kind that you snapped and then they burned for days with a cold blue-green glow. Otherwise it was dark back here, and cooler than the rest of the ship; it was all too easy to imagine the bitter cold vacuum of space on the other side of the walls.

There was a part of Peter that still expected to be menaced with the arrow when Yondu was in a mood like this. But of course the arrow was broken. Rocket had said he thought he could fix it, but in the meantime, there was something about Yondu that seemed smaller, somehow, without it.

“Missed you at the party,” Peter said quietly, sitting down across from him with his back against the wall.

“Ain’t that where you ought to be?”

Peter shrugged a little. He’d had a few drinks already, loosening up his inhibitions, which was probably what had made him go look for Yondu in the first place rather than just leaving him alone.

Music echoed down distantly from elsewhere in the ship: Earth music he hadn’t heard before. There was a part of him that twitched desperately to go listen to it. But there would be time. Rocket had uploaded the contents of the Zune into the Quadrant’s computers. The real thing was tucked safe in Peter’s pocket.

He had all the time in the world to go through every single song.

Yondu took another long gulp from the bottle. It looked like it was still about half full, but then Peter noticed another, empty bottle next to him, half hidden in the shadow of his long coat.

“You gonna share, or keep it all to yourself?”

Yondu gave him a look, then handed the bottle over. His hand shook a little, from drunkenness or something else, Peter couldn’t tell.

In the chill blue-green light, it was harder to see the gray, peeling patches on Yondu’s fingertips and the exposed parts of his face (chin, nose, ears) – healing frostbite, the only visible, lingering signs of those endlessly long moments in space before Kraglin and Rocket pulled them in.

The only signs on the outside, anyway.

Peter took a gulp from the bottle before he could change his mind, gagged, and handed it back. His eyes were watering. “Gah. I forgot how lousy your taste in booze is.”

This got a slight grin, a flash of jagged teeth in the half-dark. “I’m the one what taught you to drink, boy.”

Peter shuddered at the memory of hangovers past. “Don’t remind me. Just want to make sure we don’t end up dragging you to the medbay for alcohol poisoning.”

Yondu’s smile was brief and twisted before he tilted back the bottle again.

Intuition – and long experience with Yondu – told Peter not to ask why Yondu was down here instead of up at the “holy shit we’re not dead” party currently going on elsewhere on the Quadrant. In a way, while he hadn’t precisely been dealing with the urge to hide in a corner himself, he was finding the cool quiet of the cargo bay a relief. Finding out that your dad was a megalomaniac who’d murdered all your siblings and tried to kill you didn’t exactly set you up for a party kind of mood.

And Kraglin had let him know just enough of what had gone down on the Eclector that he was also really, seriously trying not to think about that, either. He’d been slowly severing ties with the Ravagers since long before he actually walked away, hadn’t even liked half those guys, but it had still been his home for more than half his life.

And it had been Yondu’s whole world for longer than Peter had been alive.

From some things Rocket had said, Peter got the impression that there was even more to it than the mutiny and subsequent destruction of the Eclector, things that went all the way back into Yondu’s past, and he just didn’t know –

– what you were thinking, you asshole, staying on an exploding planet, he wanted to say, and My life’s not worth more than yours, you shithead, but that got all tangled up with a messy ball of twenty-five years of things he’d never said, never even realized had gone unsaid, and that got tangled up with the part of him that actually did understand, because there had been a moment when he’d been fully prepared to stay there on Ego’s crumbling planet until he died, too, and it hadn’t seemed like the worst of all possible options.

Yondu wordlessly held out the bottle. Peter took it for another eye-watering swig of rotgut and handed it back.

This was turning into the worst “we’re not dead” party ever.

Peter sat up straighter and took the Zune out of his pocket. He also got out the little gadget Rocket had cobbled together in about five minutes from leftover pieces of tech dug out of his bag, because everybody had wanted to listen to it, before they got the bright idea of uploading it into the ship’s memory banks.

Yondu glanced up. “Whaddya doin’?”

“Wondering if you ever listened to any of these songs,” Peter said, flipping through the song list. Every one was a tantalizing mystery and an undiscovered secret. It was maybe the coolest present anyone had ever given him, and that blue asshole sitting across from him had just stuck it in his hand and then slunk off like it was nothing.

“Came with all the songs already on there,” Yondu said dismissively. “Why would I?”

“So you didn’t listen to any of these, at all.”

A shrug, which was tacitly as good as a “well, maybe,” but didn’t answer his real question, which was “And did you like any of them, jerk?”

Well, if Yondu wasn’t going to tell him, he’d just have to pick. Come Dancing, this one was called, by a band called The Kinks. That sounded promising. Peter stuck it into the little docking speaker Rocket had made, and when the first beats sounded, he grinned. Yeah, this was something you could dance to.

“What the hell you doin’, boy,” Yondu sighed with the long-suffering attitude of someone who’d been dealing with this shit for way too many years, as Peter got up and tried some experimental steps to the music.

“Showing you how Terrans dance,” Peter said. “C'mon. You know you wanna try it.”

“You ain’t been on Terra since you was too short to see over my steering console, so how do you know how Terrans dance? Think I’ll stay here an’ watch you make a fool of yourself.”

Peter got the rhythm of it, settling into the beat that made him want to twirl, so he did, and he caught Yondu grinning, just a little, before burying that quick, sly grin in another drink from the bottle.

“Nobody’s watching,” Peter said, doing a complicated little sidestep that a Krylorian girlfriend had taught him from one of the country dances of her homeworld. There wasn’t much room in here, but he’d danced in tight spaces all over the Eclector and the Milano, so he was pretty good at it. “It’s just us.”

“That ain’t better.”

“Look, when I came down from upstairs, we’d managed to teach Mantis to dance, and she was teaching Drax, of all people, and if that’s possible, then why the hell not?”

“You ain’t dancin’, you’re just movin’ around to music.”

“What d'you think dancing is? Dance-off, man. You and me, let’s go.”

Yondu gave him a narrow-eyed look that was usually a precursor to the arrow coming out, and then heaved himself to his feet with a certain amount of effort, holding onto the wall. He really was drunk, a lot more than Peter had realized – Yondu never gave anything away; he wasn’t slurring in the slightest.

He was also perfectly graceful – deliberate, slow, but not at all clumsy – as he executed what Peter thought at first was a copy of his own little spin-sidestep, long coat sweeping out around him … and then realized was something else, something that looked like a stylized piece of formal dancing (completely alien to Peter) that the music happened to fit the beat of. “That, huh?”

“Well, ideally you’d do it more than once,” Peter said, trying not to grin like a lunatic, and not really succeeding. The Kinks song segued into another fast one – thank the gods; he really didn’t want to try to teach Yondu to slow-dance – and he picked up the new beat with quick jump steps, twisting his arms, shoulders – “You just let the music get into you. Let it move you.”

“Earth ain’t the only planet has dancin’, you know,” Yondu grumbled, swaying halfheartedly to the music. “I know what it is. An’ you ever tell anyone about this, I’ll –”

“Kill me, yes, I know. I’ve been hearing that from people a lot lately.” Peter gestured at Yondu’s feet. “What’s that one you did before? Show me.”

Two songs and another quarter of the bottle later, Peter had learned a few steps of what he guessed was some kind of half-remembered Centaurian dance, and he’d managed to teach Yondu to moonwalk, which Peter decided he was going to consider his greatest achievement in life. And Yondu was grinning, really grinning, and Peter couldn’t stop laughing as he tried to remember the steps of the Krylorian dance that his old girlfriend had shown him, and got his feet tangled up instead.

And the planet that had been his father, and the ship that had been their home, were nothing more than smoking pieces of wreckage in the blackness of space, but …

But he had a father, and they both had something like a home, and it was, just maybe, going to be okay.

A Thousand Years

Request: Is It possible you can write a Stefan smut? – Anon

Pairings: Stefan x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 1037

My first fic with Stefan Salvatore :) Enjoy the sappiness. 

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You smiled at Stefan as he offered his hand. He had just placed his phone on the speaker dock and played sweet songs. He placed a hand on your waist as he held the other. You slow danced with him, the music filling the room. “And what’s are we doing?” You asked, looking at him with loved filled eyes. “We’re dancing.” He grinned. You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Why are we dancing?” You asked. “Because I saw this beautiful girl who’s bored and I thought, it’s a wonderful opportunity to twirl her around.” He answered.

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back on the docked issue, have you tried using the speakers undocked? if not, give it shot. I know you said you looked online and that it said it would work but if your using an hdmi-dvi cable it most likely won't work because game systems (Xbox, PS, ect.) just have this really weird function to them

i dont kno what hdmi-dvi is (im using the cable that came w it, which afaik is just hdmi?) but like heres a chart of why im confused:


  • headphones: works fine
  • speakers: works fine


  • headphones: works fine
  • speakers: stabs my left lung

so i have to just fuckin sit 2 feet away from my monitor if i want sound which SUX and is BULLSHIT cuz they worked FINE with my wii u!


Summary: Stiles helps Derek revive a family tradition.

Notes: I’m not sure what this is exactly, but I think it’s mostly just a giant pile of fluff. You’ve been warned. (On AO3)

Stiles swings by the loft on a Tuesday afternoon after his lecture, and is surprised to find that Derek has finally bought more furniture. Surprised, but also secretly pleased, because that means Derek is planning to stay.

The most obvious addition is a huge oak dining table, which fits well in the empty space of the loft. Derek’s evidently been cleaning and fixing things up, too, because the windows don’t look grimy anymore, and the whole place smells faintly of fresh paint. The loft is starting to look like a place a normal person would live, rather than the home of a tv-show vigilante who has no time for personal comfort.

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She Steals the Sun and Shuts Out the Light

“Are people in your realm truly so little-educated in dancing?” He seems genuinely curious. “It seems everyone learned in the Enchanted Forest.”

Post-5B, super-fluffy domestic… uh, fluff. ~2600 words.


Emma takes time off. They take time off.

The first few days are a haze of sleep and soft sheets and making love and fucking (Emma’s noticed a distinct difference between the two depending on how desperate they are for each other at any given moment and relishes them both). They hardly come up for air at first, scarcely leaving the bed for the odd shower or trek to the fridge, but it never lasts long before they come together again in a dance of lips and tongue and skin.

The fog slowly lifts. They drink in their fill of each other again and again and again until it’s nearly been a week and they realize they haven’t really seen the sun in days, only soft light filtered through heavy curtains. As loathe as she is to leave their house (their house – it’s such a big idea that settles so easily in her heart) there’s something to it, walking down the street hand-in-hand to meet her family at Granny’s and then a detour to the grocery store on the way home.

It’s so simple, family lunches and perfunctory shopping with the man she loves.

She’s waited 28 years for this, to do these things. It’s been far longer than that for Killian and her heart aches at the happiness on his face, at how he’s relaxed and easy in a way she’s never seen before, his kisses no longer desperate, his hand at her back less protective and more content.

It’s like they can finally breathe together. It’s like they were meant for this.

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I Got You

Request: Could you do a Dean x reader where she calls him on the phone and she’s really horny, so he talks her to orgasm. And then when Sam and Dean get back from the hunt he fucks her senseless. Thank you! Love you so much! – Anon

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, phone smut

Word Count: 2670

I’m hot and bothered. I also used new words, well, like I’m getting comfortable with explicit words :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

The hunt was pretty easy and also pretty near, didn’t need three people, so you decided not to go, prompting to just help with the research back at the bunker. They’d call you every now and then, asking you to look for a certain something in a book. You had gone and did a few chores when you weren’t doing anything. The laundry, organizing the books in the library, and cleaning here and there.

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((I promised I would have a Joshua Scenario out tonight and I delivered! This wasn’t a request, either, but I just had to write it! I hope you guys enjoy it and that some of you will become inspired to send in some requests. I do have them open!))

Pairings: JoshuaxReader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3,309

Summary: Rumor has it that Joshua has a crush on you, but why on Earth would the school’s most perfect boy want a trouble maker like you? It doesn’t make sense and you refuse to believe it. Looks like he’ll have to take matters into his own hands.

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Words Don’t Come Easy (Wonho Smut)

Title: Words Don’t Come Easy
Genre: Smut/Fluff
Member: Shin Hoseok/Wonho
Word Count: 1629
Rating: R

This wasn’t requested, but Shin Hoseok is the love of my life so

“Well, look at you, Mr. Superstar!” you teased as you removed your killer heels with one hand and locked the front door with the other. “Four awards in one night! And you’re still nominated for stuff at another show in a few days. How does it feel to officially be a legend?”

“Stoooooop,” he whined, loosening his tie. You smiled and teased just a little bit more because though he’d been playing humble all night at the awards show and the after party, he hadn’t been able to wipe off his proud grin no matter how he’d tried. You couldn’t blame him; he’d been working so hard for so long and now he was finally being recognized.

“I know we just ate, but are you hungry?” you asked, making your way to the kitchen for a quick snack. An arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you astray from your path.

“Well, I suppose you could say I am hungry, but not quite for food…” he raised a suggestive brow.

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Grumpy Old Man//Tate Langdon

(A/N): Tate interrupts reader during an embarrassing moment…

Warnings: none

Your hips swung to the fast beat as your arms moved around sporadically in the air. The loud music encouraged your spontaneous movements.  When your favourite line came, you belted it out into your imaginary microphone. You laughed as you continued your personal dance party, but what you didn’t realise was the pair of eyes observing you from the hallway.

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Imagine Dean catching you singing while working out..

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Lyrics for “Hit me with your best shot.” By Pat Benatar in BOLD. Not mine only borrowing. :)

You walked into the workout den, an old storage room that Dean and Sam had repurposed as a training center. A good padding covered the floor and you had helped with the two punching bags and the kickboxing dummy set up in a lazy triangle to “upgrade” the room from dull to functional. Along with a music dock speaker in the corner because music makes everything better.

Your first stop, as always, was the music dock where you selected your workout mix then seated your iPod and hit play. You pulled your thin hand wrap gloves on as you swayed to the drums and bass blasting from the speakers. You continued your groove over to the long punching bag in the middle of the room. You stretched your hands, double checking the gloves fit, then a few jumps before tilting your head to each shoulder and getting into a good stance. By the time the vocals filled the room, you were throwing your first punch.

You went through your routine of basic punches then a mixed combination before weaving in some kicks. Fifteen minutes in, you felt loose and warmed up. You used a smooth tuck and roll over to the kickboxing dummy to your left then popped up and started with the always satisfying roundhouse kick right to the face. You continued your assault mixing punches and kicks (rather fluidly, not to brag) then twirled over to the second punching bag to your right starting your assault with a strong elbow strike.

Forty minutes in, you were sweaty and starting to ache but your workout high was hitting just in time to help you round out your last ten minutes. Right on time, the beginning guitar riff of your favorite workout jam rang out. With endorphins coursing through you, you turned back to the punching bag in the middle and started singing as you got into a defensive stance.

“You’re a real tough cookie with a long history.” You maneuvered around the bag, your fists blocking your face. You threw a combination of punches then blocked your face again and used a side jump into a tumble roll to the punching bag to your right. You popped up, “that’s okay let’s see how you do it!” A swift knee strike then a spin into a side kick before bouncing back away blocking your face.

You glanced over your shoulder and spun with a round house kick to the middle punching bag. “Hit me with your best shot, fire away!”  You threw a couple of elbow strikes then added a knee strike for good measure before turning to the dummy. You rolled to the ground and jumped up with an upper cut. “Knock me down its all in vein, I get right back on my feet again!”

“Hit me with your best shot!” You spun around at the other belting voice behind you. Dean stood just in front of the middle punching bag pulling off his flannel and throwing it in the corner leaving him in his tee with the sleeves cut off and gym shorts with a cocky smirk on his face. “Care to play with someone that hits back?”

You brought up your fists in defense and sang in reply. “Hit me with your best shot!”

Dean maneuvered toward you and threw the first punch. You countered with you forearm, knocking his fist to the side before returning with a side kick to his chest knocking him back. “I said your best shot, Winchester.”

His eyes glittered mischievously and the grin covered his shock. “Touché.” His fists came back up and you noticed the tension in his arms that deliciously highlighted his muscle tone.

“Mmm..That’s more like it.” You were back in your defensive stance maneuvering to the side. Dean sprang at you again and you took the first strike with a sweeping side kick and he moved out of way just in time and almost grabbed your foot. He took another swing and you spun out of his range.

“Before I put another notch in my lipstick case, you better make sure you put me in my place.” You sang with a grin as you moved behind the punching bag in the middle of the room. Dean stalked toward you then you rolled out and swept his legs out from under him with your leg.

He fell to his back but didn’t stay there long as he flipped himself up into a crouch. “Playing dirty?”

“Realistic.” You said with a grin then sang tauntingly, “hit me with your best shot!”

Dean rushed you and grabbed your arm to stop the jab you were throwing. You spun quickly into him, throwing your back against his chest while kicking your leg back against his to unbalance him then bent over pulling his arm with you, forcing his forward momentum over your back and onto the ground.

He stared up at you from his position flat on his back. You grinned, “you fall for it every time.”

A full smile bloomed on his face. “Because this is the best view in here.”

You straddled his stomach and leaned down bringing your face over his. “You keep telling yourself that.” You pressed your lips to his. He hummed against your mouth as his hands slid up your arms. You chuckled, “didn’t you come in here to work out?”

“You’re my favorite workout.” He murmured against your lips as his hands framed your face and pulled you back down to him.


Little Dunbar II » Brett Talbot

For part one //

Requested by: sladjanastrbac, the alpha aka martins–scream + more!
Pairing: Reader x Brett

It was Friday, a day I had been both dreading, but also secretly excited for.

The date was tonight, and I couldn’t help but overthink and be overly self conscious. I couldn’t help it. It was like my thing.

“So.. We have officially created pizza night as tradition every other Friday,” Scott announced, walking over to me as I placed books onto my hands from my locker. “You in or out?”

The pack was right behind him, all looking at me with hopeful eyes.

“Well, of course she’s in,” Liam assumed. “She has no friends but us. No friends no plans,”

I rolled my eyes at Liam’s sarcastic comment. “You’re funny, Li. It’s a good thing you’re my brother.”

The pack was sent into a fit of laughter before Stiles, who had his arm draped around Malia’s shoulder asked finally, “So, you in or out?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to take a rain check this week,” I shut my locker door closed, while walking along with them because our first period classrooms were near one another, despite them being seniors and me as a sophomore.

“What? Who are you ditching us for?” Stiles whined, teasingly.

“Mmm, nobody important. You guys don’t know him,” I shrugged as they all followed behind like curious little puppies.

“It’s a him?!” Scott shouted. “When were you going to tell us? And when can we meet him?”

“Yeah, I’d like to meet this guy my sister has been dating,” Liam commented defensively.

“Okay, first,” I stop and turn around on my heels. “We are not dating, and second, like I said.. You guys don’t know him,”

“Lying!” Malia called out immediately. “Your heartbeat rose,”

I rolled my eyes and groaned. “I hate you guys and your wolf senses. It’s unfair.”

“Oh my gosh! So, it is somebody we know,” Lydia practically shouted, enthusiasm in her voice, making me earn a few ooh’s and aah’s from the rest of the pack, although Liam wasn’t feeling it. “Who is it?”

“Nobody!” I repeated, and groaned once more, for what felt like the thousandth time that morning. “Let’s let go of this.”

“It’s Brett!” Malia guessed loudly, making Liam shoot her a look, and then shoot me another look of disgust.

“Malia! No!” I responded quickly, making it seem unbelievable.

The pack gave me a glare, some good, Liam’s bad, and some a little shocked.

“Soo,” I felt Lydia grab my forearm and pulled me towards her. “Where are you going?”

“To class,” I answered and reach out for the door handle, but I was quickly stopped when Lydia pulled my arm back.

“No, you know what I mean! Where are you guys going to for your first date?” Lydia asked, nudging my side a little.

“Places,” I rolled my eyes. “It’s none of your business,”

“But it is mine,” Liam added, he was still clearly angry I had gone for the “enemy.” Although, it was all unintentional.

“And mine!” Stiles poked his head in.

“It’s none of yours!” I barked back angrily.

“Come on guys,” Scott sighed. “Give the girl some space,”

“Thank you,” I sigh. “Somebody who understands.”

I feel Scott crouch down to my height. “But I am meeting this guy, right?”

I rolled my eyes and entered class before anybody could say anything else.

I spent the entire day agitated, and skillfully avoiding the rest of the pack the entire day.. Which worked. Mostly.

I went home, but once I entered my room, Liam was already in it, tapping his foot impatiently. “So this date with Brett, will people be there?”

I gasped in shock and instinctively threw the pillow nearest to me at him. “Oh my gosh! Liam! Get out! Get out! Get out!” I had managed to hit Liam with all the pillows I had in my room until he left. I sighed and pushed my face onto the last remaining pillow, my face flushing in embarrassment, I didn’t have to look into the mirror to see that.

A half an hour into shuffling through the closet and Liam knocking onto the door and demanding his entrance, my phone was plugged into my speaker docks and I only turned the music up even louder to silent out Liam.

I picked out a few outfits and tried all of them on and off and on and off.

Before picking one finally. One that didn’t scream trying too hard or too casual. I never thought I’d be one of those girls that would spend hours upon hours preparing for a date with some boy, but here I am.

I opened the door of my window, seeing as I didn’t want to face Liam. He would just complain that my daisy Dukes were too short, or that my every inch of skin was showing.

I avoid making noise, and hurriedly get into my car, reving up the engine and backing out of the driveway and driving away just in time to see Liam get out of the house and flail his arms around and do a little freak out dance type thing at his failure. I chuckled to myself at it, before shaking my head.

As I slammed the breaks and parked, I got a text in perfect timing.
“Message from Brett
text me when you’re here”
I pathetically sat there stupidly, waiting a few minutes to reply to the text. I didn’t wanna come off clingy.
I waited a good three-four minutes before texting back and jumping out the car a little too excitedly.

I spot Brett approaching me with a bright smile and I tried to keep my cool and smile back, but I knew my cheeks were red and now, my fingers sweaty. I’m not sure why I was so nervous and flustered over him. I had been on more than plenty of dates before and I was never this way, the way I was around Brett.

“Hey,” we finally met, and he had easily cracked a few jokes and already starting the date off on a really good note.

Brett was such a distraction to what was actually happening, I didn’t stop myself from rambling and rambling, not realizing we had moved past the movie theater.

He stopped by a fancy, and classy restaurant. I stopped as well and stopped talking, shooting him a confused face. “I thought we were watching a movie?”

“Are you kidding? Movies are horrible for first dates,” he asked for our seats, as we were directed to them not long after. “Especially if you want there to be more than one date.”

I found myself looking down and smiling to myself. I looked up, before saying, “You want there to be a second date?”

“And a third, fourth, fifth,” Brett continued. “And a lot more.”

We ended up getting ice cream and Brett and I got to know each other even more.

He walked me to my car and I opened the driver’s seat. “This is where the date ends.”

“Yes, it is,” Brett clarified. “Listen, Y/N, I had a lot of fun today and I could tell you did too.”

“I did,” I confirmed, but before Brett could offer, “Can we do this again sometime?”

“It’s like you read my mind,” Brett chuckled and towered over me with his large frame. He leaned down a little, and was several inches from my face. Before I could process anything happening, he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

I wasn’t use to boys asking me if they could kiss me. Usually they just do. But, seeing confident, popular guy Brett ask, made me get all flustered on the inside. It was like his little soft side. I nodded almost instantly, before wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him down to my height, closing the space between our lips.

I know once I got home Liam would be all frantic, and give me a huge speech on why Brett wasn’t a good guy, this that, but this kiss clearly said different.

sorry if this one dragged a little i haven’t written in so long!
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The one where it starts because of a song

A/N: Can you do an Austin Carlile imagine where we are dancing around the house like idiots on a Sunday? And Sex by The 1975 comes on and then it leads to us making out then finally doing the doo…

“Y/N!” You heard my best friend and roommate Austin call from down the hall.

“Yeah?” You replied.

“What are you doing? Why is the music so loud? I’m trying to sleep!” He yelled back. You walked over to the stereo and turned it up louder smiling to yourself.

“Sucks to suck Austi! I am cleaning because someone else never does!”YouI yelled back only hearing a groan from his part.

You had your IPod plugged into the dock and the speakers were blaring all throughout the house. The song Old Time Rock and Roll came on and hell , you would be lying if you didn’t say that was your jam.

You were cleaning in only a long sleeved button up shirt you had kept on from last night and your panties. You had socks on because let’s be honest, feet are disgusting. You laughed to yourself and walked over to the kitchen taking a look at the polished floor. Hell, why not you thought before you pushed yourself sending you sliding across the floor and into something hard causing you and whatever it was to fall.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Austin laughed.

“I was trying to be in a music video okay?” You laughed back at him.

You to lied there laughing about the events that had just unfolded when Austin stood up and took your hand. He pulled you to your feet and went to the stereo and turned it up even louder.

You laughed at him as he started to dance. He grabbed your hands and started making you dance with him. You danced for what seemed like hours changing positions and areas of the house completely forgetting that you were even cleaning. The two of you were laughing and giggling when the song Sex by the 1975 came on.

It became quite between the both of you. You looked up at Austin who was already looking down at you. You looked at the position you were in. The only thing between you was clothes. His hands feel from the middle of your back to you waist. Your hands travelled up his back and landed around his neck.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He asked in a low husky voice. You shook your head.

“Why tell me when you can show me.” You said surprised by the sudden confidence you had gained.

Before you could register what happened Austin pressed his lips onto yours. You melted into the kiss letting what you had wanted to happen for years happen. He liked at your bottom lip for entrance which you granted. Your tongues fought for dominance but his won almost immediately. His hand traveled down to your butt resting there giving it a small squeeze causing you to moan. “Jump.” He groaned into your mouth.

You did as told and wrapped your legs around his waist. He walked you to his room never letting the kiss break. He set you down on his bed pulling away only to take off his shirt. You did the same. He marveled at your beauty for a second and then started his attack along your neck sucking and kissing, making little purple-reddish marks. His hands reached around undoing your bra and tossing it aside.

His mouth traveled down your chest continuing it’s attack there. You moaned as his mouth got further and further down your stomach. He kissed along your pantie line and then made his way back you to your breast. He started to suck and kiss at your nipples making you moan and become needier and needier by the second.

Austin made his way back up to your lips and gave you a gentle kiss before letting his hand travel and rub you over the thin layer of fabric. “A-Austin, d-don’t tease.” You moaned into his mouth. His mouth traveled back down and and his fingers hooked onto you underwear.

“Are you sure Y/N?” He asked making sure you knew what you were getting into. You nodded your head and he pulled them down and tossed them aside. His fingers rubbed over your sex making you moan out in pleasure and buck you hips into his hands. Before you knew it he was sliding a finger into you. “So wet.” He mumbled as he placed his lips to your clit making you moan.

You reached down and tangled your fingers into his hair pulling his face further in. His fingers worked their magic as so did his tongue. He slid another finger in and started pumping faster. “A-Austin, I’m close.” You moaned.

He pulled his fingers and mouth away making you moan wanting a release. He pulled his pants down along with his underwear. He stroked his member a few times before sliding a condom over it.

Austin spread your legs further apart and stood between them. He looked at you and you nodded as he slid his member into you making you feel fuller than ever. You would be lying if you didn’t say Austin was the biggest you ever had.
“Damn Y/N, you’re so fucking tight.” He breathed as he started to make a rhythm. You moaned and arched your back at the feeling.

“F-faster.” You breathed. Austin didn’t miss a beat as he started to slam into you faster and harder, hitting you deeper than you thought possible. He angled his hips a few different ways before you screamed out in pleasure earning a smile from him.

He kept that angle and pounded into you even faster hitting your g-spot every time. “A-Austin, fuck. I-I I’m close.” You moaned.

“Me too babe, hold on a little longer.” He breathed taking one of his hands off your hips and took his hand into your intertwining your fingers into his and placed your hand above your head.

“I-I can’t much longer.” You moaned feeling that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

“Let it go babe.” He whispered pressing his lips against yours. You released all over his member moaning into his mouth as he released into you. “Fuck, Y/N.” He groaned out as his thrusts started to slow.

He pulled out of you and walked to the bathroom and disposed the condom. You just layed there in shock of what had just happened.

Austin walked back in and crawled into bed with you pulling you closer to him so you could cuddle. His chest was pressed against you back and your knees fit perfectly together. He wrapped his arms around your waist making you smile but you couldn’t help but wonder what was to come of this whole situation.

“Hey Austin?” You asked.

“Mhmmm.” He replied into the crook of your neck.

“what does this mean for us?” You asked cautiously.

“Shh. Let’s not think about that right now babe. Let’s get some sleep and talk about it when we wake up.” He said pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Okay Austin.” You said before you whispered something daring. “I-I love you.” You whispered hoping he wouldn’t hear.

“I-I love you too Y/N.” He whispered back kissing you on the lips full of passion this time.

You didn’t know what was to come for the two of you but you hoped that there would be a point in time where you could say he was yours. You would be lying if you said that you didn’t love him. Hell, he would be lying if he would say he didn’t love you back. From that point on you knew things were about to change for the better and not for the worst.

I’m back bitches! I hope you really enjoy this one because it’s probably shit. I liked this request because it was cute and I tried to add some fluff at the end. I hope you like it my darlings. I’ll try and write another or maybe two. Have a wonderful rest of your day/night. I love you my darlings. :) -Lee

a fool to believe

Happy April Fools Day, everyone. Everyone lives AU.

Derek scuffs his feet nervously on the welcome mat and brightens when Stiles opens the door. “Hey, Derek, what’s going on?” Stiles furrows his brow a little, like he’s expecting a supernatural emergency.

“Hi,” Derek says, his heart pounding. Stiles looks at him expectantly, eyeing the arm Derek has hidden behind his back suspiciously. Derek just decides to go for it, he’s already here. Maybe the flowers was a little bit too much, but whatever. He brings the daffodils out and offers them shyly to Stiles. “So, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re great, and I like you– I have, for awhile– and do you –would you like to go on a date with me?”

When Derek imagined all the possible ways for Stiles to reject him, he really isn’t expecting Stiles’ mouth to drop open, his face to turn an alarming shade of red, and to angrily shout, “What the actual fuck, Derek,” and slam the door in his face.

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