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M̻͈̮̤͉̬̬͉͙̓́͛̔͘͢͠á̷͟y̨͞b̵̡͝͠ȩ̡̧̡  I̡͟ ś̨͟h͢͝͡ơ̢͡u̴̡҉l̶͎̠͎̺͉̈̅̈́͌̊̓͛̕͢d̗̘̙͔̞̈́̊͑́͌̒͆̕̚ j̛̘̫̗̰̙͌̀̅̿͐͢ũ͚͈̬͉͚̥̲̔͂̈͢͡ͅs̡̺̪̻̱̘͌͛̒͂̈́̏͘̚͞ẗ̷̜̹̘̞̰̤́̉̊̈̏͜͟ g̵̯̤̠̮͈̤̦̣̀̌̅͛̈́͐͌͛̃̕ḭ̴̧̛̻̫̝̖̳̲͌̑̏́̽̄v̸̹͎͎̞͎̰͐́͆̉̓̅̕̚͢ė̛̼̭̼̲̍͐̎̅̆̐͟͠ ǐ̶̡̼̳͉̺̱̦̈́́͆̐n̨̠̜̘͉͎̹̆̑̑̆͜͞….

You probably saw it coming but heres finally the last part =u= Always give CC the angst. I really should do something WITHOUT him glitching, thats 3 glitch comics now ahahah.

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this is terribly self indulgent and im so sorry

           “Can I be that selfish?”

           “Do you want to be?”


           His voice was barely a whisper as he lunged forward to kiss them. It was soft, smoldering with latent passion and hints of desperation.

           “One more,” he breathed, resting his forehead against theirs.

           The second kiss was slightly more urgent, lingering a bit more than the first. Their fingers threaded into his hair, preventing him from pulling farther away than what was necessary.

           “This is the last one.”

           The words were murmured against their parted lips before he closed the distance. Gloved hands resting on their hips hoisted them into his lap, knees resting on the wood of the dock on either side of him. They tugged at his disheveled waves, causing him to moan deep in his chest at the pain that prickled his scalp.

           Julian swore each feverish kiss would be the last, only relenting with his empty proclamations once there was hardly time to breathe between the meetings of their lips. He tensed when they pushed the cloak from his shoulders, but did not object, opting to discard leather gloves while they fumbled with the buttons of his coat.

           “Are you sure you—”

           They silenced him with another kiss.

           “You promised me tonight,” they said firmly, fingers seizing his wrist and gently pulling his hand toward them to press a kiss to the brand inked onto the back of it.

           He gaped at them as if wanting to say something, but only shrugged off his coat in reply. Their mouth met the skin of his neck, peppering it with soft kisses.

           “You can be rougher with me, you know.”

           “I know.”

           He waited for the eventual bite of teeth into his flesh, for them to mark him. It never came. Their touches were delicate; it was probably the most gently he’d ever been treated in his life.

           “Then why aren’t you?”

           Their hands on broad shoulders encouraged him to lean back, supporting his weight on his elbows as their lips trailed from his throat to his collarbone. He watched as they sat upright again, smoothing one of their palms over the plane of his chest and laying it flat over his beating heart.

           “Because I’m giving you something to remember me by; kindness, tenderness, affection. When you think back on tonight, I hope those stand out to you, and I hope you remember that they’re things you deserve, even if you can’t receive them from me anymore.”

           They smiled, moonlight twinkling in the tears that threatened to spill from their eyes. “You deserve to be loved, Ilya.”

Valentines Day Dates with the crows

Kaz & Inej:
- Kaz leaves a note by Inej’s bed before she gets up with a note that says Come to the rooftop. It is not signed, but she could pick out his handwriting 
- He has a bundle of black roses for her. Inej does not know where they came from. Ketterdam flower shops did not sell black roses.
- She gives him a knife, not unlike her own. For some reason he still uses the knife he ever had as a child. He smiles at her
- He still calls her wraith, but there is something different in his voice, love perhaps
- They sit and talk quietly, watching the sun rise over the harbor, and they watch the couples wander around Ketterdam
- Kaz occasionally attempts to compliment her. The first few times sound…less like compliments but they get better as the day progresses. Nonetheless he is still an awkward teenage boy in the end
- After a few hours they get down and wander the shadows of Ketterdam
- They end up at the docks on the richer side of Ketterdam. Kaz tentatively puts his gloved hand in Inej’s as if to test it out. She smiles at him
- They eat mediocre noodles and drink hot chocolate at a small restaurant in the South end of town. It had been one of the first places he had shown her when she arrived in Ketterdam.
- The two continue to wander around, looking into the windows of random shops, and reminiscing about little moments they had together, such as Kaz showing Inej where the generous shopkeepers were, or Inej showing a grudging Kaz how to braid
- When they get back to Crow Club he stops her and pulls out a small object wrapped in a red handkerchief. It’s an obsidian crow necklace
- Kaz pulls down his shirt to reveal a matching necklace. Inej can’t help but smile. Tentatively, she hugs him. He hugs back, but immediately lets go. She doesn’t push it she respects his boundaries
- They end up on the roof, eating the Crow Club’s signature bread and end the day with a shot of expensive whiskey. Inej rarely drinks,  except when with Kaz. The flowers sit on Inej’s bedside table. 

Wylan & Jesper:
 -  So much food oh my god
- Both ended up getting one another chocolate
- Wylan got Jesper a box of the fancy chocolates he used to have as a child, because he wanted Jesper to know more of his life than just the trauma he went through
- Jesper had somehow managed to hand craft a flute out of dark chocolate for Wylan
- The walk downtown and hold hands the entire time and casually joke about buying each other stupid little trinkets
- They go to a nearby bakery and each other boxes of pastries they think the other will like
- The pastries turn into their lunch
- Wylan has a fancy dinner prepared for them at his manor, with a hearty selection of meats and liquor for both of them to choose from.
- In the middle of dinner, Jesper pulls out a box. He gives it to Wylan. Inside is a ring with the Van Eck family crest on it.
- “This is yours, it belongs to the firstborn Van Eck of each generation” he tells Wylan, “I nicked it back before you showed up, figured Van Eck would want it back but no, it’s my honor to give to you, my prince”
- Cue Wylan blushing and almost crying
- Jesper learns Wylan’s alcohol tolerance is incredibly low
- They slow dance in the main hall, which is decked out in  
- They cuddle together on the couch. Wylan eventually passes out in Jesper’s arms.
- When he wakes up, Jesper carries Wylan up to the balcony, stopping along the way to allow Wylan to throw up. He smiles sympathetically. He himself had been in that position many times
- They sit on the balcony and watch the stars. There is a shooting star. Wylan leans over and kisses Jesper as it passes.

Nina & Matthias:
- Matthias had never celebrated Valentines Day in Fjerdia so Nina insists on going all out
- She buys him pink and white roses and some “inexplicably” end up braided into his hair. There is also a yellow tulip in the mix. Matthias assumes it got there by accident
- Nina constantly flirts with Matthias
- He responds by grumbling, blushing, and “grudgingly” saying I love you
- They go out for waffles. Matthias is initially reluctant to indulge himself but eventually caved in and ate double the amount Nina did
- The two teasing one another about coffee orders(Matthias takes his black and Nina thinks it’s disgusting, but she takes it with plenty of hazelnut creamer and sugar and he thinks it’s the devil’s semen)
- Nina wants to take him out to dinner.
- While Nina is prepping to go out, Matthias finds a small bakery and buys Nina a giant box of moon cakes.
- Matthias is in a midnight blue suit and a black tie that Nina tailored for him as a gift. It compliments his hair well
- Nina is in a gorgeous red and white silk dress
- Dinner turned out to be a nice upscale bar with plenty of good food and mead
- Both get drunk
- Nina also manages to go through 7 margaritas
- Somehow Nina convinces Matthias to sing Karaoke with her
- It turns out he can sing, quite well. Everyone is surprised. Nina is absolutely in love. 
- They sit at a booth in the corner of the bar with plate of various appetizers sobering up a little
- After a few hours, the two begin to head back to Crow Club. Halfway there, Nina stops and stares at the moonlight glistening off the water. It is beautiful
- Matthias leans in and kisses her. They kiss under the moonlight before heading back, hand in hand.
- They immediately pass out in Matthias’ bed once they return. Everyone else, save for the few, lonely drunks, was long asleep.

Offbeat (Part Four) - Auston Matthews

A/N: Here you go! Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!! :)

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,402

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

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This summer, I’ve been working at a state marina with my sister. One day this year, the weather started out kinda okay, with 10mph winds, but quickly turned into 30mph winds with sideways rain within a span of 15 minutes.

A 50+ foot boat hails on our radio requesting a slip to get out of the bad weather. We give him a slip number and my sister, me, and another coworker head out into the rain to help dock him. We wait out on the dock for a good 5 minutes, getting soaked in the rain, before my boss radios to us that the boat was going to wait outside our break wall for a while, hoping that the winds will die down, before trying to come into the harbor. Wet, and slightly annoyed, we head into our fuel shack at the far end of the dock to warm up. We’ll get back to this boat later.

Our boss then radios us shortly after we get inside, telling us that another 50+ foot boat was going to try to come in and dock. The three of us go back outside to the finger pier one down from the fuel dock. The boat comes into the harbor, struggling in the wind. They go a bit passed the fuel dock and turn around to head down the channel before it. They end up hitting the back of their boat on the edge of the fuel dock, and the wind swings the stern hard towards the finger pier we’re standing on. My sister was toward the dock side of the finger pier, so she has time to book it off before the boat hits. My coworker and I are at the end of the pier, so we grab the pylons on the other side and hang on for dear life. The boat hits, knocking a corner pylon clear off of the dock, and almost knocks me and my coworker off of the dock. After struggling horribly against the wind for a good while, with the boaters screaming at us to get them docked quicker, we got their lines secured and we all got to look forward to filling out an incident report.

My sister and I head back to our main office, while three other coworkers fish the broken pylon out of the water. While in the office, the first boat calls back on the radio, saying they’re going to try and come in to dock now. My sister is on the radio with him, and the conversation goes like this:

Sister: Okay captain, we are going to put you into slip A4. Take the first channel as soon as you enter the harbor.

Boater: Copy that.

We watch from our office as the boat enters the harbor, and as he starts coming down the channel, he stops and hails us again.

Boater: *harbor name*, I’d like a slip in an empty well.

Our slips are big enough where two boats can fit as long as they’re not unusually wide. My sister looks outside, where we can see the well in question, and it clearly has no boats in it.

Sister: Captain, that well is currently empty, you’ll be fine.

Boater: But I want an empty well.

Sister: It is empty captain.

Boater: No, I can see another boat there.

Sister: That one is in slip A1, it’s not in the same well.

Boater: From here it looks like it is.

My sister is getting pissed off now, and I’m trying not to laugh my ass off. My boss is also here, also trying not to laugh. My sister then radios to my 3 other coworkers, who are at slip A4 to help dock this boat. She asks them if the well is empty and they say yes, so she radios the boat again.

Sister: Captain, our dock hands are at that slip and they say the well is empty, you should be fine.

Boater: But I don’t want anyone next to me, I might hit them.

At this point my sister is so angry she could probably murder this guy, so my boss takes the radio from her and basically repeats the same thing as my sister. The boater finally just continues down the channel to the slip we assigned him, the wind blows him passed so he has to back up and try again. This happens about three times before he tries to enter the slip, and he ends up hitting the finger pier as well, knocking off the second pylon of the day and also bending the shit out of the metal ladder at the end of the pier, giving us another incident report to file. 

It just boggled our minds that the second boater just would not believe us when we said the slip was empty. We were not busy and we keep track of everyone in our harbor on a huge whiteboard in our office. Damn people are stupid sometimes.

Fireworks - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Paring: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,972
A/N: Anon requested Stiles fluff turned smut so here ya go! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!

It was the morning of July 4th and you were a ball of nervous energy. Stiles Stilinski had asked you to “hang out” with him that night, and you were kind of excited. You’d been friends with him a long time, and your ‘more than friendly’ feelings for him had never exactly been a secret. But you’d never really spent time alone with him. Someone else from the pack was always around. This time, however, it was just going to be the two of you. It had been so adorable when he’d asked you. He had stuttered and blushed, telling you he knew a really good spot where you would be able to catch the fireworks show the county had planned. You had accepted right away, hoping you didn’t come off as desperate. He was coming to pick you up around 6, and you glanced at the clock nervously. It was only 12:30. You sighed and flopped back on your bed. What were you going to do for the rest of the day?

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Prompt: “Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn.”
Pairing: With Jack Sparrow
(Note 1: I always do all my reader-insert with a female reader. So, I’m sorry…)(Note 2: You can request a prompt here but there’s only a 50% chance I’m actually gonna do it. No smut or NSFW, please. That’s not my thing.)


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Today in Gundam History: November 11th

UC 0069: Kamille Bidan is born.

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UC 0083: The runaway colony’s course is changed to an earthward trajectory. The Albion launches in pursuit, accompanied by the Gundam GP03.

UC 0088: The Nahel Argama docks at Side 3 (L2) Bunch 24 (Tiger Balm/Tigerbaum). (ZZ)

CE 73: Battle of Berlin, death of Stella Loussier (Destiny, old timeline, date unverfied)

FC 39: George de Sand is born.

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Field of Stars

I took something that had been gathering dust for months in my WIP folder and re-worked as a short, super angsty drabble for Kaidan Appreciation Week. I don’t think this fits in any of the specific themes, but hey, I wrote something (finally).

This Shepard intentionally left blank.

There existed a place beyond pain, beyond grief, beyond even the shock of numbness. It was a void, a vacuum in the human emotional spectrum that lacked a name but lived in a fragile state between the spaces where love and loss normally were.

Kaidan had skirted around the event horizon of that spot a handful of times in his life.

The first time, he’d been seventeen years old, and he’d just killed a person for the first time to defend someone he cared about. Each scene, each frame of that day was indelibly burned into his memory. The sweltering heat of the practice room where Vyrnnus had kept them toiling for hours on a pointless drill. The unmistakable smell of dozens of sweaty teenage bodies as they gave their all in fear of what punishment they might receive if they failed, mixed in with the ozone smell of eezo. The strain—physical, mental, and emotional—of using his biotics for so long under those conditions without a break or so much as a drop of water. He could still remember the sound Rahna’s wrist had made when Vyrnnus snapped it, still smell the coppery tang of blood in the air, still feel the white hot boil of rage that exploded out from him like a supernova.

And he could recall the dead silence that followed as dozens of eyes all fastened on him in varying degrees of horror, admiration, and fear. When the rage had left him, when he realized just what he’d done, everything had just stopped for a while. And when the universe resumed, when Rahna had pushed him away, he could recall how empty he’d felt, like a deflated balloon left to flap in the wind.

The second time had been after Virmire. Hearing Ashley’s last words over the radio, seeing the blinding explosion and the bright mushroom cloud, knowing it could have been him….

Questioning why he was still alive and his friend and comrade-in-arms was dead.

I’m sorry, Kaidan. I’d never leave you behind. I couldn’t. You know that.

And now…now he was there again, staring out the tiny porthole window on the cargo deck of the SSV Armagh. His breath came in even beats, clouding up the transparent plasteel and receding just as fast as the anti-fog coating forced it to turn to condensation and run in tiny rivulets to the moisture collector at the bottom lip. His field of vision thus blurred with each breath he took, obscuring his view of the stars…and of the wreckage of the Normandy.

With a steady hand, he brought up his omni-tool again, and punched up his suit-to-suit radio with all the feeling of an automaton. He set it to broadcast on all non-essential frequencies, those not being used by the rescue pods that continued to comb through the ever-expanding debris field for survivors.

“Alenko to Shepard. Lieutenant Alenko to Commander Shepard. Please respond.” His roughened voice was calm, rehearsed, like he’d said those exact words twenty times already.

In fact, it had been twenty-three times, broadcast every hour on the hour since he’d stumbled listlessly from his escape pod onto the cold comfort of the Armagh’s deck.

And all he ever heard was the steady pop hiss pop of static.

As he watched the rescue pods putter back to the starboard side docking bays, he knew it was probably the last time, too.

A day. No more. After that we have to leave, or someone will start asking questions about what an Alliance cruiser is doing out in the Terminus systems, the Armagh’s captain had told him when he’d been brought on board.

Less than an hour later, the ship’s mass effect field came up, a rippling blur of blue light outside of his private little window.

Slowly, inch-by-inch, the details of the day etched themselves into his memory. His knees ached, and his head was starting to throb. The smell of his hardsuit stung at his nostrils—sweat, eezo, spilled coffee. The muted sobs and moans of the Normandy’s survivors behind him on the deck. The quiet, vacant stare Joker had given him before being carted off to the medical bay. The pop hiss pop of dead static on the radio.

The way the universe just stopped when the words he refused to say came unbidden to his tongue:

Good-bye, Shepard.

He swallowed those words hard, kept them tucked in his throat back in that place where the aching void of Shepard’s absence was only starting to seep through the numbness.

His stomach clenched as the ship’s inertial dampeners kicked in, putting the laws of physics on hold to avert the crush of gravity under acceleration. Fatigue and loss weighed on him almost as much as an undamped field. But he stayed upright, watching the light of the Amada system shift to red as the ship accelerated to faster-than-light speeds.

If only we’d had more time.

But there was no more time. There were no long talks by his station. No more late night visits to Shepard’s quarters. No more laughter, no more planning for a shore leave that would never come.

No more.

Kaidan put his palm on the window, a vain attempt to touch what couldn’t be touched anymore.

Shepard was gone, lost in a field of stars. And Kaidan was left staring at the edge of the void left in that wake.

Smoke Rings

Summary: Word prompt from @fictober ,cigarettes. 

MSR angst set between IWTB and the Revival, S10

Tagging @today-in-fic Thanks for the support!

Rating: PG

AO3: Smoke Rings

Mulder has always known Scully smoked on the sly, on those days when he or a case or her life became to much to bear. She didn’t keep things from him but this was her secret, her sanctuary and he could never bring himself to break that confidence.

He always knew when it happened even before he could smell the sweet scent of cloves and tobacco that lingered on her clothes and in her hair. There would be a look just before her ’I’m fine’ in response to his question, ‘Are you alright?’ a look of utter despair or maybe longing for something that is always just out of reach.

Scully had her hiding places, her secret spots that she was sure Mulder knew nothing about. The large tree planter across the street from the main entrance of the Hoover building or the loading dock on the north side were her favorites but roadside gas station restrooms and dumpsters behind random motor lodges worked too.

Early on, Scully’s ’breaks’ were few and far between. Quick lapses to settle her nerves when she didn’t want him to see how shaken she really was but three, four or five years in and it wasn’t just mutants or Mulder’s crazy theories that drove her to the occasional cigarette but rather abductions, bees, Diana  and the heart wrenching sadness her association with him had brought.

Mulder tried to ease her mind on days he knew were particularly hard. He wanted to tell her to let him in, that she didn’t need to hide her feelings behind smoke rings but instead he was on his best behavior. He brought her green tea and dark chocolate. He would order takeout and show up at her apartment just as Scully finished her bath. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t but Mulder always tried.

It had been years since Mulder thought about Scully smoking. Once they became lovers he figured she worked out any lingering frustrations she had with him or her life in the bedroom and by all accounts he believed she stopped, until today.

Mulder realizes it’s been days since he’s seen her and at this point he’s not sure if she has even been home. For weeks now, she has been staying at the hospital during the week, she tells him because what’s the point of coming home if he won’t leave his office or shave or even bathe.

The final straw he figures was last month when Scully came home early, made dinner and sat alone at the table for an hour before throwing everything, including the dishes in the trash. It took him two days to realize it was their anniversary and instead of apologizing or asking for help or trying to get better for himself and for her, he drank a fifth of whiskey and passed out on the porch.

So much for trying, Mulder, he thought, as he pulled himself up off the old green couch in his office and went to find her.

Scully slips past him and his nose twitches at the strange but familiar scent of cloves and tobacco. He had been in his office when she came in and headed upstairs. He wants to tell her he loves her, he wants to ease her mind but he just stands in the open doorway of his sanctuary. She’s in the living room now taking a few pictures off the bookshelf. Mulder blinks and rubs his eyes wondering what is happening. Why would she be taking pictures?

“Hey Scully, you alright?”

She stops, pauses a beat then turns to face him. Mulder swallows at the look of utter defeat or longing, he’s not sure which, in her eyes. In a second it’s gone and Scully heads for the front door, suitcase in hand.

He watches her pull the front door open and step out, a slight hesitation before continuing. In that moment, he sees her left hand on the doorknob. Her pale fingers wrapped lightly around the cool metal and it hits him, her wedding ring is missing.

“Scully?” he calls. Panic evident in his voice, certainly more emotion than he’s shown in years.

She steps out the rest of the way and pulls the door behind her, just before it latches he hears.

“I’m fine, Mulder.”

Rookie Season

Blindspot fanfic. Set somewhere in the time period between the end of Sandstorm and Jane taking up mountain climbing.

I have no idea what this is or where it came from. Welcome to my subconscious, sorry for the mess.

Jane got shot exactly 7 days after joining CIRG as a full Special Agent, and 10 days after graduating from Quantico.

Not that it really qualified as a bullet wound, she decided, eyeing the scratch on the outside of her left arm critically. 

The dock around her was a buzz of activity, now that the drug traffickers had been subdued and their FBI backup had finally shown up to haul the surviving members into custody.

“You okay?” asked Tasha, breathless after dashing across the dock to her side.

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Indiana Jones and the Hand of Vecna

Images for a 1930s based fantasy setting:

Gnomes in oily overalls tending to a sleek steam train.

An orcish professor with bushy sideburns and a tweed jacket is asked for his papers by elvish soldiers with rifles and jackboots.

Elven “art nouveau fascist” as an aesthetic.  Curly stylised trees in bold red-white-and-black.

A dwarven zeppelin pulling in to a giant art deco zeppelin dock carved into the side a of snow-capped mountain.  Dwarves queue up in their finest furs for the trip while a team of conjuration engineers do routine safety inspections on the warded balloons that keep the air elementals contained.

A half-elf P.I. huddling into her trenchcoat as the tiefling mob boss tells her “the devil always keeps his promises” from the other end of a tommy gun.

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Imagine Jack and Bitty trying merge holiday traditions for the first time.

Jack and Bitty wanted to get their parents together for a holiday that wouldn’t turn into a big fight about who was hosting, and whether their sons were coming “home” for the holiday or staying “at school”.  So the only option was to pick a summer holiday and combine.  Canada Day happens to fall three days before the Fourth of July.  Perfect.

Bitty and Jack conducted some very quiet research and decided on a large sprawling house on a lake nestled way out in the Poconos.  It was warm, and mildly remote, set in the forest, surrounded by trees, down a few dirt roads, but close enough to a town that they could go in for food and a pharmacy, and the occasional movie if they were so inclined.  It was directly on the lake, the back porch opening out to a small yard that sloped down into a sandy beach and a deep dock separated by a rocky outcropping. There was a speedboat docked behind the house and a few canoes and a paddle boat for fishing or crossing the lake for ice cream.  There were about 10 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a huge renovated kitchen with a huge window over the sink looking out on the backyard, a large yet somehow cozy dining room, a game room, a library/living room and a screened in back porch.  An outdoor shower and a little boathouse capped it off.  It had the feel of an old, handbuilt victorian, with all the individual charm, the built in shelves and the very specific rooms, but updated religiously, boasting an almost professional chef level kitchen and top of the line wifi.  Jack was planning on buying it for Bitty as soon as he watched Bitty fall in love with the “elegant old southern belle”.  

When Bitty called his parents to invite them his mother was terribly worried that paying for the house all by himself would put Jack out terribly.  She fussed and hemmed and hawed until Bitty just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mama!  Jack makes a very good NHL salary even for a rookie ON TOP of his sponsorship deals! It’s fine.  Please don’t worry about it.”

Jack rented it for the entire month of July and the latter half of June.  He and Bitty stocked the house with all sorts of games, both board games and video, all the food they would need, all the pool toys and the rest of the beach and creature comforts they could think of.  Bitty’s parents got there first and came bearing food as their contributions to the festivities.  Bitty, as always, was never happier than when he was baking with Mama.  But there was something a little extra special about baking with Mama with Jack around, and doing it in such an idyllic setting.

It wasn’t more than 2 days later that Jack’s parents made it to The Cottage, as Bitty had taken to calling it, and boyo did they arrive.  Bitty’s family for all it’s southern ways, has always been fairly…quiet.  Soft music floating through the house, hushed voices at night and in the morning.  Yelling for all that it was part of Coach’s job, was never a part of his homelife.  A slammed door in that house meant a serious problem.  Jack’s parents….were not.  They were a whirlwind of activity, louder voices, happy, joyful, boisterous.  The quiet could be said to have been shattered.  That didn’t mean that either Coach or Mama did anything but enjoy thier time with Bob and Alicia but it was a bit of an adjustment.

By the beginning of that weekend however, the house was really starting to fill up, and that was definitely Bitty and Jack’s favorite part.  Shitty and Lardo had made it to the cottage and demanded the two bedrooms next to each other with a “secret passage” through the closets.  Dex and Nursey took the bedroom with the window seat and bay window overlooking a lovely poplar tree on the dock side of the house.  Ransom and Holster took the bedroom directly in the middle of the house wanting to be close to everyone.  Kent and Alexei took the bedroom closest to the bathroom with the only soaking tub outside of the ensuite master bath, Kent had eyed it with undisguised interest as soon as he became aware of it’s existence.  

The Lakehouse experiment was a resounding success.  Even the day or two that it rained everyone enjoyed their time inside, lounging around, mostly on top of each other, reading or playing video games and board games. One of the days the Samwell Contingent decided to canoe over to one of the islands in the lake and explore, they brought a picnic lunch with them and  spent the afternoon hiking around and exploring the island together.  An entire afternoon was spent sprawled on their backs on the dock, drinking sangria with fresh fruit and debating social justice issues. Every night they set up the firepit on the beach and made smores.  Danceoffs were conducted and judged on performance getting from the bathroom door back to your bedroom after a shower.  

Rsnsom and Jack set up a rubber ducky course for the rubber ducky race that they held midway through the first week.  Everyone would get a rubber ducky and they dropped them into the water The finer points of sailing were hotly debated and the outdoor shower suddenly had a minimum occupancy of two.  

Jack and his father, Coach, and Dex went out on the speed boat for fishing one morning.

Kinder eggs start showing up hidden around the house.  Everyone tries the ketchup chips and the fully dressed chips.  Bitty cooks perfect burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Jack learns how to throw the perfect spiral.  Bitty spends a few days with Alicia in the kitchen learning how to make traditional Canadian dishes.   Everyone learned to make tourtiere pie.  On the Fourth they all take the speedboat over the the island and either watch the fireworks from the island or our on the boat rocking gently in the surf. And bright and early the next morning the boys paddled themselves over to the ice cream parlor for some early morning hangover ice cream.  

Years later, looking back Bitty and Jack would realize that this had been their true first holiday together and even though they mostly started out with the same summer traditions, by the time they packed up The Lakehouse to go home, they would see that they had started a whole lifetime’s worth of summer traditions right there together, with their entire family.  

The rest of the family was only too glad to come out to The Lakehouse the next summer, now that Jack and Bitty owned it outright, not only to help reinforce those traditions but also to add news ones.


Nero AE Sestertius. Rome mint, AD 64. NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, laureate bust right, with aegis / AVGVST SPQR OST S-C, Port of Ostia with eight ships within the harbor, at the top is a pharus surmounted by a statue of Neptune, below is a reclining figure of Tiber, holding a rudder & dolphin. Cohen 38.

Trajan AE Sestertius. 114-117 AD. IMP CAES NERVAE TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP COS VI P P, laureate, draped bust right / PORTVM TRAIANI, the basin of Trajan’s harbor at Porto, octagonal in shape, surrounded by warehouses, ships within, SC below. Cohen 306v.

This week, we look at two coins of the same denomination relating to Roman trade and depicting a major public works project undertaken by a Roman Emperor. These coins, roughly 50 years apart, that commemorate improvement projects on the infrastructure of ports outside Rome.

Nero commemorates a project begun by his adoptive father, Claudius, the improvement of the port of Ostia. Trajan records his own deeds, in the refurbishment of the port of Portus, a site founded by Claudius to help supplement Ostia. Claudius had also built a lighthouse at Portus, according to Suetonius (Life of Claudius, Ch. 20), that imitated the Pharos lighthouse at Alexandria. The coins show two similar harbor structures. Both sites had breakwater docks that extended into the sea, supplementing the natural harbors with additional space for ships to dock. Ostia favored a curved structure, while Trajan seems to have favored an octagonal shape, which also supported dock-side shops. Both depict boats, shown at larger than life scale, a feature that demonstrates the challenges of reproducing a bird’s-eye view on the small surface of a coin.