dock eleven

(It’s a fleeting urge to run)

An indulgent mix for the ship that never docked, even after eleven years.


I still love him - Lana Del Rey // Quiet - Lights // Who We Where With - Paradise Fears // If My Heart Was A House - Owl City // Make Love - Daft Punk // Finding A Leaf In Your Girlfriend’s Hair - Lullatone // No Story Time - Smallpools // Disappear - Parachute // Thirty Lives (Acoustic) - Imagine Dragons

(Cover Art)

Adults: Prologue is posted!

Jessica Fields solemnly believes that Harry Styles is, and has been, out to get her ever since she accidentally pushed him off the dock when they were eleven years old. But now that they’ve both come back to be camp counselors at the place where it all started nearly a decade later, they’re trying to put all of that behind them. They’re both just trying to be adults about all of this, for real this time–or, at least that’s what they’re claiming.

a three-part summer camp minific about kissing on the dock, fraternizing with the enemy, color war battles, and acting your age.

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